Essay on Awareness of Road Safety

According to statistics, every year road accidents take the life of about a million and half people.

About fifty million people are injured. For each fatal case there are about twenty people receiving serious injuries, many are disabled. The number of people killed in road accidents around the world is comparable with the number of deaths from well-known infectious disease such as malaria or tuberculosis. Road traffic injuries became the leading cause of death among young people with 16-28 of age, and the second leading cause of death among children and adolescents with 5-14 of age.

The increasing challenges in the field of road safety, as a result of which about three thousand people die every day on the planet are of concern to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Injuries from traffic accidents, are today one of the global problems of the international healthcare, requiring a special attention.

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To reduce the number of deaths, the majority of which are that of young people, it is necessary to take urgent action. It is known that road safety in countries with low and medium levels revenue will continue to deteriorate unless there is intensive and urgent activity concerning the road safety issues. In developed countries, the situation on the roads is getting better, but there is no cause tranquility – this positive trend will require continuing attention and support. National Red Cross and Red Crescent societies have already held active and consistent work on promoting awareness of road safety: they draw the governing bodies’ attention to the issue, educate young people and the rest of population, organizing training courses on the first aid. All of these measures are taken in accordance with the Red Cross and Red Crescent pertinence to alleviate human suffering, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable groups of the population. As it is a known, the latters constitute a large proportion of road traffic accidents victims around the world.

Speaking of road safety, it is necessary first to figure out how to change the behavior of road users in order roads and highways to be safe place of public use, and not a territory where violation of the rules and the traffic crimes are possible. There are cost-effective solutions of the problem, and we have collective responsibility for their widespread implementation in order to save lives.

What is happening on the roads should be a common concern. We must adopt without delay additional measures to overcome the trend of increasing mortality on the roads. National Red Cross and Red Crescent are willing to do more and better in this direction by combining their efforts with those of Governments, the private sector, civil society, and international organizations.

Today the choice is up to each of us and for all together.

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