Bowling for Columbine Analysis Essay

Purpose: Michael Moore’s documentary enlightens Americans, especially the youth, and the world on gun control. The film does not depict what the producer calls for precisely; however, it implies that lenient gun laws are an issue. Moore attempts to use the entertainment platform to condemn violence in the U.S. Therefore, the purpose of the document is to use Hollywood to investigate and mitigate gun savagery as well as the lack of regulations regarding firearm ownership.

The Uniqueness of This Project: Utilizing Moore’s film is a unique project as it uses bias, prejudicial techniques, and analytical features. Through the musical grasping sounds, Moore’s documentary captures attention. In addition, the skillfully edited appalling, violent, and loud clips combine aural as well as pictorial footages that influence viewers’ perception of gun violence.

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Again, the author integrates explosive newsflashes, sardonic twists, animations, and frustrated interviewees to position viewers to accept his perceptive (Moore). This design retains attentiveness by manipulating the target audience.
Why the Project is Necessary: Adopting gun control through the film is essential as it targets the most vulnerable population, teenagers and the youth, to build an explicit knowledge as to why firearm crimes are rampant yet dangerous.

Cost: Sensitizing youngsters on gun violence shall spend half of the Congress provision on NVDRS, which shall amount to $7.5 million (Tharp et al. 292).

Time: The project will entail a 5-year implementation and campaign strategy.

Stakeholders: Entertainment personalities such as celebrities, producers, and actors will be core partners. Additionally, learning institutions, and guidance or consoling groups shall aid the government in enacting the project’s initiatives. Once completed, the venture will directly impact the American youth on safety.

Return on Investment: Studies affirm that for every invested dollar for safety, returns may range from $2 to $6 (Morrison).

Equipment: To complete the project, forming an online campaign and youth forums, which shall be championed by the State governments and celebrities, is necessary.

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