Clothing Brand Essay

Stone Island is an iconic European clothing brand, known as an integral part of the European streetwear culture. This company is already a significant player in the global clothing market. At the same time, there are still numerous opportunities for leading it to a new level. Therefore, I would take the position of a marketing consultant for Stone Island in order to make the enterprise more popular worldwide.

Even though the brand has an Italian origin, it is more associated with British fashion. Stone Island was founded by Massimo Osti in 1982; however, nowadays it refers more to the name of an entrepreneur Carlo Rivetti (Rivetti, 2019). Nowadays, this person plays the role of both president and creative director of the analyzed company.

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Stone Island is an international brand with a well-developed network of commercial relationships in different parts of the world. The company’s designers claim themselves to “blur the boundaries between technical wear, streetwear, and high-fashion” (Abraham, 2017). Such issues make it a unique and popular brand with a long history of success in Europe.

The observed brand is frequently associated with British soccer hooliganism of the 1990s (Leach, 2016). This issue has a rather controversial impact on the image and development of the brand. On the one hand, it attracts more attention to it. On the other hand, such a state of affairs also makes Stone Island associated with such negative issues as vandalism and racism. At the same time, in recent years, the brand has become more popular in the U.S. The fact that some iconic American celebrities, such as Drake, wear it, makes Stone Island more interesting for people interested in hip-hop streetwear style (Leach, 2016). I believe that such a state of affairs creates opportunities for the successful popularization of the brand; therefore, I would like to present my vision as a marketing consultant at Stone Island.

Subsequently, it is important to pay attention to new realities within the organization. Stone Island is already a significant international brand, which has a wide range of companies from different parts of the world as its stakeholders (Abraham, 2017). Therefore, the company has to stick to its image of a significant international brand, which is successful all around the globe. According to Abraham, in 2015, Stone Island generated €87 million ($97 million) in global sales revenue, a 10 percent increase on 2014″ (Abraham, 2017). Such numbers are rather positive; however, in order to keep its investors satisfied, the company has to keep on showing high levels of profitability, which presupposes a continuous development. This point means that strategic thinking is essential for the proper development of the observed enterprise. After all, the management of Stone Island has to show the ability to analyze the global market, its tendencies, and opportunities.

The analyzed a brand has a wide range of possibilities for the collaboration with other clothing companies, as well as notable celebrities. At the same time, a proper choice, in such situations, means a lot for the further success of Stone Island. It is also important to point out that while being a consultant for the observed enterprise, my primary aim would be making people within the organization understand that my vision of the enterprise’s development promises profits. Therefore, I have to provide a concise analysis of the market’s tendencies, as well as the opportunities they bring. Another significant point is to present open-mindedness and readiness to take into account the opinions of other company’s workers. Only in such a situation, I can get their engagement and make them willing to follow my pieces of advice.

In this case, a perfect variant for the company would be a successful entrance on the U.S. market. The enterprise has to acquire a certain perception in American society. It should become an integral part of the country’s streetwear culture. The primary purpose is to make Stone Island a significant brand that will be associated with American hip-hop culture, and, thus, will spread across the world with its popularity. We will know that the initiative is successful after more American celebrities follow Drake’s example and start wearing clothes of our brand. Another indicator of the success would be significant growth in profits from the brand’s sales in the U.S. Therefore, according to my vision, Stone Island is an immense clothing enterprise, known as one of the leaders of the world’s streetwear market along with such corporations as Nike and Champion. The company becomes known and popular among a more significant number of people, which brings it recognizable profits.

Consequently, I would like to try myself as a marketing consultant for Stone Island. It is already a famous clothing brand with significant opportunities for becoming more popular in the U.S. market. At the same time, the company has to keep on showing high levels of profitability, which requires its further development. In such a situation, a good variant would be the promotion of an image of America’s popular streetwear brand. The result of such affairs would be the understanding of the fact that Stone Island reaches the level of such brands like Nike and Champion and embraces a new category of customers because of its association with hip-hop culture.


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