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The subject of cohabitation is a popular one among many college campuses, primarily among the upperclassmen. Many people consider living with their significant other before getting married to see if whether or not they are compatible. Just as many other people oppose the idea for several reasons, one main one being religion. However, people that do cohabitate have many arguments as to why living with the person they think could be “the one” is the right thing to do. Many studies have been made as to decide which is the better choice, cohabitate or just get married?
It is considered that unmarried couples that live together encounter more stress than married couples.One of these reasons being that there is less commitment when a couple is just living together than when they are married, trust is a major issue. Studies have also shown that most couples living together before marriage either split up before they are married or wind up in divorce.

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Evidence also shows that unmarried couples do not discuss important or troublesome issues with their relationships. Roland Johnson, III states that, “Studies have found, that somewhere in-between 30 and 40% of college students are cohabitating at any given time.” He also says that only one in five cohabitating couples actually get married and female college students that are cohabitating believed that they were actually going to get married, they call it a trial marriage. In 1998, a survey had shown that ten percent of all households in America were cohabitating couples and that the average time spent living together was 1.3 years. Sixty percent of these couples end up getting married and unfortunately sixty percent of these couples end up in divorce. Many problems that cohabitating couples face are parental disapproval, lack of common purpose, division of labor, and money.
These couples that do live together do happen to have a few points as to why they believe it is beneficial for them to live together. Many couples say that it is impossible to know if whether or not the person they wish to get married to is the “right one” without living together first. There are many instances where a couple will not get married until they have lived together a certain amount of time as a “trial marriage” so to speak. There are two main reasons that cohabitating couples give as to why they prefer living together to getting married. First, they mistrust traditional dating patterns as a way to gain important knowledge about a potential spouse. They view dating as a game, whereas actually living with the person is acknowledged as a natural, revealing relationship. Cohabitators believe that being with a person all day and all night every single day is the only real way to get to know them. The second reason that couples give is that it is the only way to test the compatibility of the relationship.

It is easy to see that the main reason people choose to cohabitate before marriage is so that they can try to ensure a lasting relationship. It seems as if these people are either insecure or cowards when it comes to commitment. What these people need to look at is the fact that these couples live that together before marriage try to get to know the person to ensure a great relationship and then get a divorce. Cohabitors have about a two hundred percent chance more than couples who do not live together of getting a divorce. Cohabitators like the idea of having the freedom to back out of the relationship at any time with no hassle. I believe that when the right person is found, a “trial marriage” will not be necessary.

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