Essay on Cyberbullying

Chris shook with fear every morning when her mother knocked on the door for his to wake up, and prepare for school. He knew well that he was stepping out into the world that was unbearable for him. As the mother’s knock became louder, Chris sprung out of bed and murmured, “Mum, I’m up, heading to the shower right away mum”. His mum remarked, “You should have showered already”.

Chris stood on the bathroom shortly before he opened the shower knob and let the water flow. He wished her parents could relocate to another town or move him from the school he was attending. Thoughts of shame, loneliness, and to some degree, a slight level of depression had started sneaking into his life because of what his classmates were talking about on their Facebook accounts as well as on Instagram.

The ridicule had started when Chris’s love letter to Amanda leaked to the entire class because Mr. Betty read the letter before the entire class as a way of discouraging him from writing further love letters to Amanda. Indeed, Amanda has raised concerns about the actions of Chris and felt uncomfortable about them; consequently, she reported Chris to Ms. Betty. The teacher warned Chris in private, but it seems that Chris hardly noted the teacher’s warning.

He wrote what he called a final love letter to Amanda the following day to explain that he was only trying to show her love and let her know how he felt and promised not to bother her again. The gesture seemed to be a harmless and regretful one, but matters became worse when Ms. Betty decided to read the letter to the entire class as a way of discouraging Chris from any further letter writing.

When the entire class learnt about Chris love letter, they took the matter to their social media sites, more specifically on Facebook and Instagram. Chris Classmates began sharing memes about his rejection and mocked his funny looking face. Chris had an abnormally big nose and wore thick glasses because of his eye condition- he was shortsighted. Some student even went to the extent of using the Adobe Photoshop computer software to make animations that irritated Chris’s love intention towards Amanda.

The negative effects of the cyberbullying affected Chris academic performance. He started performing poorly, yet he could not gather enough courage to report to Ms. Betty about the cyber-attack that his peer had thrown against him on social media. Moreover, Chris started developing sleepless nights because he spent half of the night going through his social media accounts to see the comments that his classmates and some of his schoolmates were posting about him. At one point, he felt that he should discuss his problem with his parents, but thought it would be embarrassing.

Chris became increasingly isolated from his peers and some of the few friends he had made in school. No one wanted to be associated with him, so he always ate alone and walked to class alone in the middle of giggles and laughter that always happened behind his back as he headed down the hallway to attend class. However, he thought that this would be the last day he will attend the class, because he had a well-crafted plan on how to escape all this embarrassment. On that Friday morning when her mother knocked on the door, there was no response and her mother entered his room only to find Chris lying dead on his bed. He had committed suicide and left only a suicide note that explained what had led him towards that path.

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