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Privacy is associated with anonymity. When one wants to live far from the eyes of other people or keep valuable information in a secure place enabling only the chosen people to access it, such phenomenon can be named privacy. Every person strives to live in privacy and wants others to respect it. Nobody likes when a lot of people interfere into his life breaking his privacy.

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Privacy is the essential thing for celebrities, who really need it to love normal life. Unfortunately, paparazzi, journalists are always looking for the piece of news hunting for celebrities and even interfere into the private life revealing their secrets. In order to protect themselves celebrities hire various guards and use security systems but they are not always helpful.

Information has always been the most valuable thing, so privacy and information security have always existed too. Today the situation is mostly the same and such organizations as military and governmental of local and international importance mostly exist in total privacy and do not inform third people about the nature of their activity.

The topic of privacy is very important for the individual, the group of people, organization and the whole state. Information and property of every person can be kept in privacy if she requires it. No one is allowed to interfere into the other people’s business and property and everyone should respect the right of privacy of our neighbors. A successful essay on privacy rights should be informative, interesting and explain the meaning of the term accurately and determine its sense. One should describe the background of the problem, types of privacy, its necessity, advantages and disadvantages. A student is also expected to provide enough evidence, facts and solutions of the problems connected with privacy, offer methods how to protect privacy.

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