Film and Theatre Studies Essay

Films are both a form of communication and a means of entertainment. Their benefits should be focused on the general public rather than the monetary gain of the owners or for political influences. Political manipulations should be admonished in any movie; at the same time, motion pictures should be a field in which people are free to air their views without fear of being condemned. When these are observed, the industry would restore its rightful purpose in the community, and people would have a reliable and continuous form of communication and entertainment. The aim of this essay is to redirect the importance of films in the community.

Films have been a major form of communication in recent years. The cinema is politically driven, and its role is to satisfy the needs of the government, which relies on the forum to instill dependence among the people. At other times, the industry owners try to maximize their profits instead of serving the audience. One should, therefore, revise the meaning of films into a form that awakens the general audience and prompts it to act in a direction that would be helpful to them and the nation as a whole.

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Imperialist and neo-colonialized nations created films as an adventure of the decolonization. Such products were openly against the system or rather turned their back on it. The films’ role, according to the rule, was to deal with the effects of the injustices as opposed to their root cause. In this way, movies only satisfied the ideologies and economic interests of the industry owners. As a result, the content that reached the people was sieved to be a selfish act that forced the viewers to be submissive to the dominant parties. They were mentally oppressed when denied the opportunity to indulge in activities that they deemed helpful. In this regard, the cruel neo-colonialism and an unreliable film industry was a form of betrayal to the common citizen.

In this context, one may ask whether it was possible to achieve revolution through cinema, which would not come from taking over political power from imperialism but rather be linked to one’ feeling of the need for change. Once the need suffices, they would begin to study and actualize these activities through various fronts. The interests of cinemas, however, conflict with those of culture and art science as their aims are focused on the nation and its rulers. Motion pictures of a neo-colonialized country express dependence of the people and create a feeling of inferiority of the common individual, were their actions are driven to meet the needs of the superior one. They are not in control of the ideas that surround them, and the lives are a web of lies and confusion all contributed by continuous dependence. If a need arises, the individual is supposed to do so in a culture other than his or her native one. The limitation to exploit one’s point of concern and view only dwindles their spirits. The lives they become subjected to become unwelcome, and most carry on with it for their survival. Were the people to be given a voice, it is undeniable that they would outdo the ‘superior’ ones and make the world a less harsh reality for many. As such, the role of the cinema in the country has been misappropriated.

The restriction of the cinema acts to contain the ideas of the people towards feeling weak and reliant to the government. The latter does not allow them to explore ideas and create with neither life changing decisions nor those that would raise the economic stability of the country. As a result, individuals live in fear of engaging in preferred areas and are inclined to the policies of the nation. At times, one may be willing to challenge the policy change that he or she is made to believe. However, the constant infliction that they are weak and inferior could get to their core and redirect their purpose. Consequently, they begin living as the system dictates, and any willful power to change gets drained. In this way, cinemas would have scarred their lives to the point of no return.

Cultural penetration has made attempts to dilute the effect of neo-colonialism. The era makes sure to end entirely the cultural forms that do not conform to their laid objectives. The penetration would hence be an effective yet dangerous move that interferes with the general policy. Any attempts of decolonization are treated with utmost concern, and the ideas are crashed. Movies are supposed to respond to the particular needs required for the development and liberation of the people. However, an underdeveloped and dependent cinematography is the root cause of underdevelopment in the countries.
The most urgent task that filmmakers are facing today is satisfying the needs of its customers. The world has diverse groups of people and, hence, many preferences. Different age brackets and their view of the society at times differ, making it harder for filmmakers to have the perfect film. In this way, the motion picture released into the market may be wrongfully interpreted, so people develop a negative attitude towards it. Film making is a risk taking experience as it offers no guarantee of a satisfied audience. Thus, both the creator and the viewer should ensure to treat the other as a prone to making errors.

The priority of film creators should be their audience. They should create with films that consider the interests of their potential customers. For instance, they should know what a film meant for kids less than five years should contain to keep them entertained. Their creativity should be directed at building a proper relationship with the viewer in such a way that neither of them feels offended by the content. At the same time, the film should have a teaching aspect that applies to the daily lives; the viewer should not just consume the content but rather have a positive mindset towards bettering their lives. Additionally, filmmakers should be mindful of the audience’s moral correspondence. The films should be aimed at maintaining a clear moral behavior of the viewer. For instance, a filmmaker should take caution when including extreme violence in an elderly based film in consideration of their frail nature. Instead, such an age bracket would be well suited by a film that appreciates a well-lived life.

The cinematography is a current and acceptable form of communication. It has been used to spread neo-colonialist ideologies as well as inhibit ideas from any opposing side. It has boosted the owners through massive profits while governance has gained an upper hand at the people. In the alternate world, the industry should be a form of personal growth for anyone who interacts with the particular creation. Thus, the need arises to have a revolution to change the situation as it makes cinemas the place of entertainment, learning, and a form of communication it is supposed to be.

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