HairPal Essay

Fashion accessories, as well as jewelry inadequacy in the market depicts a large market gap in haircare. In addition, only a handful of salons provides jewelry and fashion accessories to their customers. HairPal is a business venture in tune with fashion sector’s pulse, providing its stores with most popular and latest merchandise. We are objective on becoming a regional lead by availing great commodities at the appropriate prices. We aim at moderating annual profitability, as well as moderating growth by bringing lucrative accessories to the United States’ citizens. HairPal is a wholesaler of fashion accessories and jewelries serving salons and haircare facilities with system providing display systems, products, and educational courses required one to become an effective retailer. Numerous individuals continuously use less genuine and generic products currently flooding the market. We provide most up-to-date and latest fashion accessories at affordable charges.

The sales and marketing strategy of HairPal is uniquely distinct from other wholesalers by focusing on wholesaling to vast beauty salons, thus catering for their particular needs. We provide multi-channeled services by means of phone ordering, showrooms, in-salon showings, a website, as well as trade shows. Competitively, there are numerous fashion accessory and jewelry wholesalers in the United States and a good number targets hair salons. Thus, making HairPal the largest fashion jewelry and accessories wholesaler in the United States and specifically focused on beauty salons. However, adequate startup capital, maximum influence on customers, sufficient stores and equipment, as well as patent protection requirements constitute the primary entry obstacles that the HairPal venture need to overcome to achieve its objectives (Felfering 74). Making use of wholesale suppliers and concentrating to serving salons’ needs distinguishes HairPal from the other business ventures.

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