The Importance of Participating in Elections

The Importance of Voting Essay:

Have you ever thought about the importance of participating in elections? I am certain that the majority of you do not participate in elections being disinterested in politics. Throughout this particular speech, I will try to convince you to change your mind regarding the importance of voting.

When you hear the notion ‘voting’, I am certain that the first thing that comes to your mind is nothing but electing the right candidate, and it is partially true. In accordance with Muddassir Ahmad Gado, a Nigerian professor at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, “voting is the expression of one’s preference or choice for a candidate or for a proposed resolution of an issue or expressing an opinion, by casting a vote” (Gado). In fact, the concept of voting implies electing not only the right individual representing best interests but also the policies affecting the state, community, and even the nation. Since the main purpose of the elections is to choose an effective leader with his or her understanding of national law, you have to understand that it is your interest to choose the best candidate. In simple words, the fate of the country is definitely in the hands of voters, and hence, every vote matters.

Besides, you should not forget that you have the right to vote for the best candidate who will manage to bring prosperity to the state, community, and nation. As Hilary Clinton said, “voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process” (Gado). Apart from that, voting is an effective way of expressing patriotism, which is a critical factor contributing to national unity. Indeed, a sense of patriotism brings people together since these sentiments are shared throughout the nation. Needless to say, people expressing their patriotic feelings contribute to building a stronger nation.

In an attempt to help you better understand your role in shaping the future of your country, I can share an interesting statistical data taken from the recent study, which was published in the International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education. As the authors have mentioned, “The number of youth in the year is estimated at around 53 million, and this number is equivalent to the number of registered voters who did not exercise their voting rights in the 2009 Legislative Election, which was around 49 million” (Angelia et al.). Can you imagine if all these youngsters, each of 49 million Indonesians, made a decision to participate in elections? If all of them had voted, Indonesians would have witnessed another scenario.

Hence, you have to participate in elections since voting can help you make a difference in your lives by controlling the way politics shape your future. Indeed, you should understand that you may have a little influence on the final result of elections since your contribution depends on the decision of other voters (Chapman). In this case, the important thing is that you have a certain influence, no matter a little of a great one.

To sum up, voting is much more than signing the ballot. In my opinion, U.S. citizens participating in elections make a significant contribution to the development and prosperity of their country, taking a little effort. Personally, I never miss an opportunity to change something for the better, and voting is not an exception. Thank you for your attention!
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