Individual Reading Assessment Example

The reading discusses ideas that school counselors can use to create effective counseling programs that promote student achievement. One of the goals of such programs is to ensure all students have equitable access to rigorous education (American School Counseling Association, 2012). Furthermore, effective school counseling programs are data-driven and delivered systematically by state-credentialed school counselors. The reading also proposes that decision makers should create unity and focus through collaboration between counselors, parents, and other educators. School counselors are encouraged to be part of educational teams and use their leadership, advocacy, and cooperative skills to promote suitable change. However, they should ensure that their missions are aligned with those of their respective schools.

The approach can enable them to develop program goals that improve proper student outcomes. School counselors should also use their professional competencies to improve outcomes in three domains, including academic, career, and socio-emotional development. Their actions should adhere to the principles of ethical behavior that are designed to guide their decisions, standardize the practice, and protect students and other stakeholders. Moreover, they are encouraged to understand how state and district student standards can complement and inform their programs. The other essential element is the use of assessments and tools that are solid, clearly defined, and reflective of their school’s needs. School counselors should also respond effectively to the diversity needs of their students and school communities. They should collect and analyze data to identify areas of weakness and continuously improve their programs. These assessments should focus on the impact of the programs on student achievement, attendance, and behavior. Overall, the concepts discussed in the reading can assist counselors to design and deliver comprehensive programs that promote student achievement.

American School Counseling Association. (2012). ASCA national model: A framework for school counseling programs (3rd ed.). Alexandria: American School Counseling Association.

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