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There is inequality everywhere. And this is a fact. But why this inequality is there. It’s the human belief which creates a lot of illusion and makes human follow a path of false. Why false why not truth. I don’t say belief is always false. But in the battle of belief and truth it’s the belief which wins.

So belief in one way is the cause for inequality. Now, if the society believes in inequality, racism takes birth. And with racism inequality among people takes place. There are many kinds of inequality among people. There is discrimination on account of caste, religion and many more. How do we know all this? Well it’s the media. Media in one way is the reflection of our own society. So does it just show what is going on? No I don’t think so. One way I make the media also responsible for spreading inequality in society. The producers of the t.v channels are not interested in what is good for the society; they are interested in what is good for them.

So what is equality? The ultimate source of equality is if the society on the whole starts thinking about others. If we start thinking don’t do things to others which you don’t want to do it on yourself.

We don’t have equality but we should always strive for equality.

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One of the most important reason we have inequality is because of our own belief. Belief is stronger than the truth. ‘What each man wishes, for himself, he believes it to be the truth’. In the US the African American believes that white men are favored. Perhaps it was in the past that the belief of one group of people that the other group is inferior to them gave birth to inequality, or racism. Racism is more or less is because of our own personal belief.

Lot of white men believe that the African American are dumb or stupid. This creates inequality largely in our nation. I don’t see this logical. Just like our five fingers are not of the same size, in the same way, not all black people are stupid. This is the mind frame of a lot of people. They don’t realize that hundreds of white people are not bright either. Just because white people are in majority they make this stereotype about black people. Lets for a moment think about a poor black kid, the community he is born in, his economical background does not provide him with a good foundation of education when he is in a primary school. All he sees around himself is killing, racism, robbery. Therefore his mind frame gets set towards viewing certain things differently in life. And when he reaches high school, he drops out. “African American high school dropouts should be studied in terms of their attitudes, feelings, and behaviors in relation to individual, school, and social factors. Current research tends to focus on either individual characteristics or broader societal factors, but not on the relation between these two domains. The problem of high school dropouts is one of individual students in a given social context or environment. Both the individual and the social context have to be taken into consideration. Toward this end, we examined African American high school dropouts’ perception of self, school, and broader society in relation to their self-evaluation” This is one of the reasons why African Americans feel they are being discriminated.

All beliefs are not tolerable. How about a white man living in a very conservative society, starts thinking about equality among whites and blacks. If he says that in that particular society, black people are being discriminated. Do you think that his opinion will be encouraged? No, some beliefs are not tolerable. Let me make this clearer to you. Muslims are more fanatic than any other people. What if, one Muslim man in Afghanistan, or any other Muslim country, says that he does not belief in their holy book the ‘Koran’; will the other Muslims tolerate that? These are some inequalities we have because of our belief. Equality, means tolerating other people their thoughts, religion, and color.

As some people believe that just because someone is an African American, they are dumb or stupid. They also believe that just because, they are white, they are of a superior race. Skin color, does not make anyone superior nor does their religion or class. We always see discrimination among people because of these irrelevant reasons. I live in this country; I respect this country for the education it’s providing me. But I don’t like the fact about racism over here. Living since the past one year, I have come across a lot of white men those who really think they are superior and I have also come across some black people who can out smart lot of those white men. The fact I dislike the most here is the United States never had a black president, and I don’t even think there will be one in the next forty years.

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