Essay on Legendary Leaders

Effective leadership can impact individual, and hence organizational performance. A visionary mentor is able to set clear goals and lead by example. Moreover, having role-models can inspire workforces to perform better because it becomes easier to believe in the organizational mission and values. Consequently, corporations bear substantial expenses in nurturing and training effective mentors. In addition to having naturally charismatic personalities, such leaders usually excel at communication, which enables them to connect with their peers and subordinates. Self-awareness, compassion, and an unbiased attitude are other traits that differentiate great leaders. James Dettore, Georgia Lehoczky, Cristina Medina, Jennifer Miles are amongst contemporary mentors who have excelled in their respective domains. It will be beneficial to scrutinize the individual traits of each of these leaders so that the best combination of leadership qualities that affect performance can be identified.

James Dettore
James Dettore is the founder of Brand Institute (B1) and is considered a pioneer of innovation and excellence in the brand management field. Apart from being a Harvard business graduate, Mr. Dettore possessed a unique skillset. He had an ability to convince others about his ideas, which enabled him to inspire a lot of followers. His employment with such industry leaders as PepsiCo, Hilton International, and Ralph Lauren also enabled him to further refine his leadership potential. When he founded BI in 1993, he had formidable rivals, but his compassionate approach and the ability to inspire others allowed him to attract some of the industry’s best minds to come work for him (Fortune Editors). In addition, Mr. Dettore had the ability to visualize any situation from the other person’s perspective, which proved to be popular with his team. Consequently, he was able to build a rapport relatively quickly in the industry, which has lasted to his day. His workforce trusts him, which has translated into BI performing at optimum productivity levels. It is essential for employees to have confidence in the organizational mission and be inspired by the leadership for any firm to succeed in the long-term.

Georgia Lehoczky
Georgia Lehoczky is another leader who has excelled in the healthcare sector. He is currently serving as Walgreen Co.’s regional pharmacy director. The firm’s nationwide coverage of drug stores means that Ms. Lehocky has a substantial responsibility to lead operations in a range of departments. However, she has accomplished her responsibilities efficiently in addition to inspiring a future generation of healthcare and pharmacy employees. In particular, her ability to not indulge in egocentrism has earned her a lot of respect with her colleagues, which has made people look up to her as a role-model. Moreover, Ms. Lehocky has exhibited a keen sense of empathy in building her relationships in the community, which enables her to successfully run Walgreen pharmacy’s operations in over 360 locations in the United States (Fortune Editors). Besides compassion, her keen sense of self-awareness and confidence enables her to command respect from her subordinates. In such a way, Georgia Lehoczky has efficiently mentored countless employees in the healthcare sector.

Cristina Medina
Although not a senior leader in her field yet, Christina Medina is considered a pioneer in the labor and employment law sector in Los Angeles. Her areas of expertise include harassment, discrimination, and illegal termination from employment (Fortune Editors). Ms. Medina has a long history of volunteer work as well, which extends to her law school days. During her career, she has inspired generations of lawyers to excel in their respective fields. In addition, she excels in communication skills, which adds to her portfolio as a lawyer (Alzoubi and Jaaffar 391). Her eloquent and compassionate oratory style has attracted many followers, who regularly seek her advice in legal matters. According to Supriyanto and Ekowati, more senior lawyers must adopt the humble and down-to-earth approach that has enabled Ms. Medina to succeed and become a mentor for juniors (7). She has invested in building her relationships in the community, and her peers regard her as a trustworthy individual. Moreover, her ability to stay unbiased in controversial situations has earned her the reputation of a stalwart in LA’ legal community. Hence, Ms. Medina has to be regarded as amongst pioneers and highly successful contemporary mentors.

Jennifer Miles
At the young age of 25, Jennifer Miles is already regarded as a veteran in the entertainment industry. Currently serving as the executive director for marketing for Disney and ESPN, Ms. Miles is considered as an icon by media students. The phenomenal growth of her career has inspired countless juniors to join the field. Moreover Ms. Miles’ demeanor does not reflect the successes she has attained at such an early age. Her humility is probably the reason why she has so many followers (Alzoubi and Jaaffar 394). During her interviews, she encourages young media professionals to never stop believing in their dreams, which makes individuals aim for their aspirations (Fortune Editors). Her ability to not indulge in egocentrism and be fair in any situation has allowed her to command tremendous respect as well. The entertainment industry needs more leaders of her caliber.

The leaders discussed in the paper exhibit a keen sense of self-awareness, which enables them to be confident around others and excel in their fields. Moreover, such mentors are naturally charismatic, which enables them to inspire followers. Effective leaders re adept at communication with their peers and subordinates. In addition to maintain an excellent work-ethic, such mentors are usually compassionate and eager to build trustworthy relationships. Such traits allow them to become role-models for others, inspiring and encouraging generations of employees. The corporate world needs more high-caliber mentors so that young learners can have more charismatic personalities to be inspired from.
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