Letter of Appeal Essay

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing you regarding my application to the University of California, Berkeley, which I was, unfortunately, rejected. Now all my hopes and expectations are open to question, and thus my future success and life is. I kindly ask you to reconsider the rejection of my application. There are several reasons for my letter of appeal: first of all, I have chosen the UC Berkeley as my future Alma Mater not as just one of the universities, I have chosen the University that met my educational and human expectations and matched my inner world most. I believe we share the ideas of honesty and integrity in education, the goals of academic excellence and active participation in the most burning issues of current times. Secondly, I worked very hard to become the student of Berkeley. I have substantial academic excellence in the previous university and completed all requirements necessary for the transfer to take place. All the demands that were made were properly fulfilled, and I hope this will be a forcible argument for my admission. And, finally, I believe the University of California, Berkeley will benefit from my admission. I am willing to become an effective part of the academic and community life. My goals occupy not only the spheres of academic excellence and persistent work on the subjects but also the life of the community, research and public work. I intend to major in …, and become a professional in the field of …. I still hope for your benevolence and understanding, and kindly ask you to reconsider my application to UC Berkeley.

I believe that the University of California, Berkeley will greatly benefit from my participation in the community life and educational process, because any university has a need for future brilliant graduates.

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