Essay on Mental Health for Children in the United States

Prevention of mental illness is critical, especially among children, since one might not understand them when experiencing such problems. Parents should ensure they understand different mental illnesses that their children might experience to help in the early detection of such illnesses (Espejo & Thomson Gale, 2012). The prevention and proper management of children’s mental health are critical since t ensure they have a better, healthy life as they grow to become adults. Numerous adverse conditions might be witnessed in the future if there is no proper management of any mental health issues when one is a child. The issue of addressing mental health problems has not been fully covered by different stakeholders that need to be involved in the process.

Though there have been steps made in ensuring that issues affecting youths and children in terms of their psychological problems are tackled, there are still other things that need to be done. Traditionally, mental health among adults has been considered the benefit of having young children and young people with optimum mental health. Such people are usually likely to handle situations better than their peers who experienced unresolved mental health issues when they were younger. Such issues bring forth the need to address mental health among children since it will lead to having adults that will be better decision-makers. The issue of addressing mental health among children should not be left to different institutions since they might not undertake the actions effectively. There is a need for every person in the community to participate in addressing the issue. Government policies should not be enough to address the issue. There is a need for the stakeholders such as parents to ensure they learn how they can help their children avoid any circumstances that might lead to some mental health problems. Also, they have to know how to address the issue once a child is experiencing the issue. Thus, solving the problem of mental health among children will require the collective responsibility of every person in the community.

To ensure that one helps fight against mental illness among children, there is a need to understand how to identify and help children experiencing it. First, one has to learn to identify if a child has any mental issues. Different ways have been developed by institutions that help in assessing the child and how they are developing. If a child has been affected mentally, they will likely be late in going through different development stages. For example, stages such as crawling or walking might come late for the child. The parent should spot such an inconsistency early and ensure they get help from a professional on how to handle the situation. The process of addressing the problem can be different in different areas. However, the family is tasked with the most significant responsibility of ensuring they spot anything that affects the child’s development process. For young children that cannot quickly speak, it can be challenging for the parents or guardian to ascertain if they have a mental problem. Thus, they can only check for such inconsistencies and seek help from the experts. However, having information about what should be expected should be paramount. There have been different programs that have been developed through different government institutions, which help in addressing the issue. In most states, mothers are usually educated through programs in the hospitals they visit during their prenatal clinics. The medical practitioners find it easy to educate the parents or guardians of such children since it is easy to find them in such areas, and they will easily visit such a place to ask for help if there is any problem with the child. Thus, the identification process is critical since it ensures that it is identified early for easier treatment.

As the child grows, so does the need to ensure that the people around them understand the different mental illnesses that might affect them. Mental conditions usually come from the environments that are around the child as they develop over time. From childhood to puberty, the children are more expressive since they can communicate their feelings to the people around them. Parents or guardians of such children should be keen to ensure they tackle the different mental illnesses that might be communicated by the children, whether directly or indirectly. The actions of every child are usually a reaction to how they are at home or school. Behaviors such as social withdrawal should be checked to ensure that the child is not becoming stressed. Cases of child trauma should be checked since they have a significant impact on the child’s life. If a child experiences trauma at an early age and is not addressed, then the child’s life’s growth trajectory usually changes entirely from that moment (Berlatsky & Thomson Gale,2016). Such moments usually change the way the child interacts with others, even in their adult life. From puberty to adulthood, the children are more prone to situations that might cause them mental illnesses since they have started experiencing life. Issues such as heartbreak are becoming a part of their life. Also, adolescents are usually easy to hide their mental issues from their parents. At such a stage, the teenagers around the teenager must be more vigilant in ensuring they spot any behavior changes. The government has had different initiatives to help in addressing the issues of youth. There is a dedicated website by the government which deals with issues on mental health among the youths. Thus, understanding different groups of children at different growth stages is critical in containing the mental illnesses which are becoming prevalent in the country.

The united states government has been critical in trying to address the issue of mental illnesses among different groups of people. Every year the government has been spending about two hundred and twenty billion dollars to address mental health among every group of people in America. Such a figure represents about five percent of the amount that is spent on health. Thus, mental health has been considered significantly by the American government. A significant part of the money is usually directed towards addressing the issues of young people. There have been different partnerships between the government and the private sector in ensuring they provide solutions to the mental problems that affect young people. There has been numerous publication which addresses the issue of mental health among different groups of people. Government agencies usually help push for policies to be developed since they help deal with any people that might cause children to experience any mental illness. However, the policies need to support the local community, which will ensure that everyone adheres to them. Without the support of the local community, then the policies might remain just on paper.

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