Multiculturalism in Australia Essay

The end of World War 2 initiated processes by the Australian government to do away with its white Australia policy that had dominated the country for centuries. The decision to move away from the system was not entirely based on what the country and its citizens wanted, but on what other countries around the world were doing. Most of the countries at that point were breaking away from colonial shackles and embracing new policies that were aimed at improving integration and social stability among its people. Since then, the fruits of Australia’s policy on integration and multiculturalism have been widely visible with large portions of the Australian society currently witnessing a diverse composition ranging from black, Asian, and Spanish people. The country has also gained a lot regarding workforce and the contribution of each of its various groups into its economy. To understand multiculturalism in Australia, it is essential to visit and observe Springvale VC, an Australian town that is home to one of the most diverse Australian population.

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Springvale is one of the most multicultural towns in Australia. The town is situated approximately 23 kilometers southeast of the city of Melbourne. Due to its multiculturalism, the town attracts visitors from all walks of life, most of them willing to feel and experience the way of life of its residents. Most of the visitors are of Asian descent and lovers of Asian cuisine. It is estimated that a third of the town’s businesses are restaurants, grocery stores, and cafes. About fifty percent of the restaurants present in Springvale offers different dishes to their customers with the origin of the dishes ranging from China, Vietnam, Thailand, and many more countries around the world. The diversity of the town’s population was attributed to the opening of the Enterprise Migrant Hostel in the 1970s to cater for the housing needs of Asian migrants from South East China (Springvalestats). The arrival and eventual settlement of the migrants in the town have had permanent effects on the town, especially in regards to the town’s food and religious practices. Some of the restaurants in Springvale that serve food with different origins include the My Cambodia restaurant located on Buckingham Avenue which specializes in serving Cambodian foods. Frozen mart, located in Springvale’s central shopping center makes it possible for shoppers to get access to several items such as seafood, Yum Cha items and some culturally diverse items that anyone can use depending on their originality.

Due to its diversity, the town is also home to different religions and worshipping areas. It is estimated that approximately 28 percent of the town’s population belongs to the Buddhist religion (Springvalestats). Twenty-one percent are Catholic while 13.3 percent do not subscribe to any religion. 4.8 percent of the population is Muslim, 4.4 percent Eastern Orthodox, 3.2percent Anglican, 3 percent Hindu while 1.7 percent belongs to the Uniting Church. Due to the different religions in the town, there are a variety of worship places. Muslims have some mosques where they can worship as well as Christians. Mosques that can be found in Springvale include the Springvale mosque, the Masjid West all, and the Monash Mosque. Efforts have been made by the town’s local authorities to make sure that everyone in the city lives harmoniously with their neighbor despite the cultural and religious differences that might exist among them. Most of Springvale’s residents identify their diversity as their main strength with the majority choosing to appreciate rather than criminalize any differences that might exist among them.

Apart from religion, the social, economic status of the town is composed of people with different economic activities. Approximately 54.2 percent of the town’s population is actively involved in the labor force (Springvalestats). Of the above percentage, 29.5 percent works on A part-time basis while the rest on A full-time basis. The main occupations of the residents of Springvale include laborers, technicians, drivers, machinery operators, managers, clerics, administrators, professionals, and personal service workers. The diverse composition of the town’s workforce is healthy for the town’s economy as it cannot be affected by a collapse or disruption of one industry.

In summation, it is evident that Springvale is an excellent example of multiculturalism in Australia. The town is composed of a diverse population, mainly as a result of the enterprise migrant hostel, which was opened in the 1970s to cater for the housing needs of Asian migrants arriving into the country from East Asia. The migrants came with their cultural practices which are still visible to this day. One area that demonstrates the multiculturalism of Springvale is its food and restaurants. The restaurants in the town serve different meals with different origins. Any visitor to the town will be able to find the type of food that they can indulge in and enjoy. Religion also demonstrates the level of diversity of the town’s population. Almost all religions are practiced in the town ranging from Islam to Buddhism. By analyzing the town’s demographics, it is clear that the Australian society has made great strides regarding creating a more diverse country.

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