Descriptive Essay about My Favorite City

In the last several years I have traveled more than ever before in my life, with friends and on my own, to remote locations and near-by towns. I enjoyed the urban spirit of New York, historical atmosphere of Boston, night life of LA, smell of the ocean in Miami and wilderness of Alaska. But if I would have to choose the best city in the world for me that would without any doubt be New Orleans. What can I do? There is no place like home.

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One might say that I am too young and haven’t been around the world that much. What if one day I will fall in love with Hong Kong, London, Tel Aviv or Rome? Well, that might happen of course, but wherever life will take me, I will always want to come back to New Orleans – the place where I was born and raised, where I feel I belong, where my friends and family live and where I have my best memories and probably the saddest as well. Maybe it’s not as beautiful as Paris, safe as Vienna and rich as Zurich, but it has a very special heart. The city of diversity and entertainment, New Orleans is friendly and easy-going, carefree and very romantic.

I like how this city looks, how is smells and how it feels. I feel well in the atmosphere of this place and sometimes I think I can feel the heart beat of the city. It’s hard to describe, but it’s very distinct and can be easily recognized, this special New Orleans’ flavor.

It’s not for nothing New Orleans is called the “most unique city in the United States.” No doubt the city has it all – beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine, notorious night life, historic atmosphere, numerous festivals and its music of course. Famous French Quarter, numerous boutiques, stylish hotels, gardens and parks, theaters, restaurants and bars are all parts of New Orleans. Music born in New Orleans has unique blending of European, Latin American, and African cultures. The city has many unique facets and you never know what you will find in New Orleans around the next corner. No matter how long you live in New Orleans you can still be surprised.

I was always very proud of the fact that New Orleans is one of the most visited places in the United States. It is a fun place to visit and equally fun to live in. There is always something going on- a big parade, festival, party or art event. If you don’t feel like a party, there is always the City Park with its rivers, lakes, trails, stadiums, picnic areas and old Oak trees. The food is also very special. I am sure there is no other city in the world so closely connected to its culinary culture.

No doubt New Orleans has a lot to offer to tourists and locals. But what makes the city really special is its people – friendly, warm, open and with passion for their beautiful city. The people of New Orleans don’t forget their rich history, their roots and multicultural heritage.
I’ve heard many times someone say that New Orleans is not the same anymore after the disastrous Hurricane Katrina and recent Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Five years after the hurricane some parts of the city are rebuilt and prosper, but still much work remains to be done. Year after year, the old New Orleans is slowly coming back and people return to their homes. It’s true, after Katrina New Orleans will never be the same, but it does not mean it can’t be better.
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