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Perseverance Essay:

Perseverance has got such synonyms as patience, strong will, strong character, etc. It is the main quality, which contributed to the development of the human civilization. Without perseverance scientists would never invent anything, because the job of an inventor is a constant struggle against numerous tries and failures.

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One should be extremely patient and perseverant, if he wants to achieve success in any job or activity. Without perseverance the leaders of the countries will never conquer new lands and nature and the development of the human civilization would be impossible. Finally, perseverance in business is the key to success, because only this quality enables people struggle and look for ways out from the most difficult situation. Evidently, a great number of modern successful international corporations were close to bankrupting, but perseverance of their leaders enabled them stay, improve, develop and win the first places of the world business.

Today more and more people experience the lack of perseverance, and as a result have bad life and poor job. Most people are waiting that someone will do everything for them, rely on the government, laws, some donations but do not work actively. A perseverant person can stand all the difficulties of the environment and survive in the most difficult situations, including nature, unfavourable government, etc. Still many people do not know the meaning of the term perseverance and students from high school to college and university are offered to create a good essay explaining this topic in detail. A successful essay on perseverance and achievement should describe the nature of the quality, explain its connection with the realities of the world, human character and success. An essay should contain useful tips which can help people develop this quality in themselves.

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