Principles of Management Essay Sample

Both managerial and non-managerial employees play an essential role in a company’s successful functioning. However, there is a significant difference in their tasks and responsibilities within the group. While non-managerial employees perform more or less fixed functions every day and are not required to make important decisions, managers have the most responsibility for the success of an organization, which they are running. They are faced with different problems every day and have to find appropriate decisions to those issues. They control company and its lower-level employees.

Managers’ responsibilities also differ according to their level. Usually, there are top managers, middle managers, and first-line managers. First-line managers are responsible for communicating the tasks with non-managerial employees.

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For a company to be successful on the market, it needs to run both effectively and efficiently. Managers must make sure both of these criteria are met when performing a particular task. Usually, efficiency and effectiveness are used as synonyms; however, there is a big difference between these two terms. Capability deals with how things in the company did. It estimates the way managers together with their subordinates solve a specific problem about the company’s resources. It comes as a percentage and is preferably an internal measure than external.

Effectiveness, on the other hand, shows how well a task is accomplished and how close it comes to its initial purpose. It is an outer measure, which is rated by company’s customers.

Managers play the most significant role in the company’s development and functioning. Their tasks can be divided into four groups: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The plan is the first step toward every decision making or activity accomplishment. It is a process of thinking through every option and possibility. There are many different ways to solve a particular problem, and manager must find the best one. To turn the plans into an actual work, managers must organize the workforce within the company. They need to assign different tasks to the right people, form teams, etc. Manager as a leader must set an environment within the organization, which will motivate its employees to work hard toward the organizational goal. Last but not least manager’s task is controlling. To plan, organize and lead the company is not enough for it to stay successful. The manager needs to manage his or her employees and the activities, which they perform.

Employees, no matter whether they are managerial or non-managerial, are the force, which influences organization’s success. For this reason, a company must be cautious when choosing its workers.

Staffing is a process of selecting and hiring appropriate professionals for joining an organization.

Since managers are responsible for a proper company’s functioning, they have to make sure that different tasks performed by the right and suitable people. Managers are those people, who interact with every single person within the company and know their skills and abilities. They are also the people, who know which new employees an organization needs. Therefore, staffing should be considered as the fifth managerial function. Managers can see people’s talents, which are very important for a specific task or a project in the company.

Henry Mintzberg divides management activities into three categories. Each category is divided into more detailed roles of managers. Three types are: informational, interpersonal, and decisional. The informational class includes a monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson roles.

This category is responsible for receiving, monitoring and forwarding different kinds of information. The interpersonal course is divided into a figurehead, leader, and liaison roles. This category deals with working among people and being a leader in every way. Finally, the decisional class is divided into an entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator. This category deals with an actual process of running an organization. It suggests that managers should organize projects, make decisions, solve problems, assign activities to different employees within the company, form teams, etc.

The organization cannot stand on its own. It is a part of an extensive system, which connects all the businesses. Company’s external environment tends to change continuously, and it does affect the organizational structure and the way it functions. The organization has to adapt to those changes to survive. Apart from the external forces, a company often has its reasons for making internal changes. Business never stands in one place. Its position in the market is never stable and everlasting, and, therefore, it needs to be able to find creative and effective ways to be successful.
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