Essay: Reasons for Considering a Transfer

In our life we have to make choices that may have far reaching consequences that can change our life completely. One of such choices I am on my way to make is the choice of the college I would lie to attend and where I would like to develop my skills and abilities to a possibly higher level. To put it more precisely, currently I am thinking about transferring to Tufts which as I know is the best school in study nutrition in the United States.

Naturally, I have my reasons to make such a choice and such an important decision can change my entire life. Nonetheless, currently I am sure in my decision despite the fact that initially nutrition was not the domain I would like to dedicate my life to. Initially I wanted to study the pharmacy and I was very successful. At this respect my chemistry teacher in Hong Kong played a great role in my choice because he used progressive methods of teaching and really inspired me. It is he who made me so eager in chemistry and the pharmacy study.

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In order to perfect my knowledge and get a possibly better education I moved to the US but, unfortunately, I did not have ample opportunities to choose the best educational establishment to study in mainly because I simply did not really know the American way of life and local peculiarities, especially those concerning education. This is why I have chosen a private two years college but in my opinion it is not professional enough and I am not satisfied with its level of educational methods and I am not sure in the quality of the education I receive here.

However, it is quite natural since the choice of this college was to a certain extent occasional and what I really wanted was to better understand Americans and American lifestyle. At this respect I am grateful to this college because now I’ve learned enough about new country and its people, traditions, culture and education. Moreover, it is the college where I met the nutrition professor who significantly changed my plans as for my future education.

Basically, it is due to her methods, pedagogical experience and persuasiveness I realised how nutrition is important and interesting. Now I understand that nutrition is a very important branch of science that needs to be developed, especially in the conditions of a constantly changing and progressing world where new technologies are implied in all spheres of life and affect individuals directly even through their nutrition. Unfortunately, very often, such influence is rather negative and sometimes even dangerous for individuals’ health this is why it is extremely important to study nutrition in order to be able to improve products and food culture and simply make food not only safe but also useful for people.

Thus, on realising the role of nutrition and being ready to continue my study in this field, I cannot fail to take a decision to transfer to Tufts which, as I now know, is the best school in study nutrition. Anyway, currently I know what I want, the place where I can get it, and the ways I can get my future profession and make my life meaningful.
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