Essay on Safety Precautions when using Computers

As of 2002, about 90% of Americans have at least one personal computer or PC in their household. As all other household items, there are many safety precautions while using a computer. Some of them are very logical, but others are precautions most usually never stop to think about. Accidents happen and with a computer in the house there are many factors that may go wrong with the machine resulting in harmful, even fatal mishaps. Just remember, one can never be too save when a life is at stake.

Like any other electrical appliance, check periodically for good condition of the computer, including breaks in power cords, plugs or connectors. An appliance, which repeatedly blows a fuse or trips a circuit breaker, could indicate a defect that may cause a fire or electrical shock. To be safe, unplug the appliance immediately and either have it replaced or repaired.

Ever home should have a fire extinguisher in their home. Most families keep one in their kitchen since the oven or stove is most likely prone to fire. However, it isn’t such a bad idea to store another within a reasonable distance from the computer installation considering the many wires needed to hook up the computer and its power source, electricity.

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When leaving the personal computer for more than a short period of time, the smart move would be to turn off the monitor as they can produce high voltage internally and has the potential of igniting a fire, or even lead to an explosion of the computer is located in a highly flammable area such as a laboratory where many chemicals are present. The switch for the monitor is easily found at the bottom, side, or in some cases the rear of the unity depending on the monitor. Don’t worry, turning off the monitor only will not shut down the computer’s operation or lost unsaved data. Upon returning plainly turn on the monitor again and wait for a few seconds while it boots up.

One must never function a personal computer, monitor, or even printer with its protective dustcovers on. This act may cause unnecessary heat buildup with the machine and can cause hardware failure or even produce in electrical fire. Always remove them before using the pieces of equipment and can always put them back on after use.

Don’t eat or drink near the computer area, as liquids especially can spill into the components and cause a malfunction or worse. Common designated food areas should be at least ten feet away from the computer area.

If ever a blackout was to occur while working on the computer, immediately turn the computer off. Or else, when the power goes back on, a voltage spike could severely damage the equipment.

Stored backup copies of data is vital to ensure restoration if ever the computer gets damaged or undergoes a terrible event. A catastrophic event may result in expensive loss of data or even worse, the irreplaceable value of saved data on a computer. Common storing areas include another building, another room, in a protection safe deposit box, or another remote location.

Always unplug an extension cord when not in use. When plugged in the cord will still conduct electricity until it is unplugged from the outlet. Also very vital, never overload the electrical circuits. Never plug in electrical products that when wattage use is combined, exceeds more than 1,500 watts from the same circuit.

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