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International relations is an exciting and important field especially in the modern world that we live in. Information technology has led to drastic progress in global connectivity as people from different parts of the world can communicate freely.

Nevertheless, relations and cooperation between countries has remained strained, a situation reminiscent of post-World War II and Cold War tensions. Countries that have differing political ideologies and economic systems exhibit poor diplomatic relations, which often culminates in trade wars, sanctions, or even armed conflicts. Some of the countries that demonstrate hostile relations include the United States and Cuba, Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan, and North and South Korea. I study International Relations, and I believe that the acquired knowledge together with my personal traits, such as passion, consideration, and imagination, will help me foster peace in the Korean Peninsula and contribute to the unit of North and South Korea.

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The Korean Peninsula was a unified political entity till the end of World War II. Before that, the region had been under Japan’s rule after it annexed it in 1910 and installed a puppet Emperor. After Japan was defeated by the United States in the war, the region was subdivided into the spheres of influence, which were demarcated by the imaginary 38th Parallel line. The South was controlled by the United States while the North was ideologically close to the Soviet Union. The presence of the two countries in the peninsula led to ideological differences whereby the South was democratized while the North adopted communism. These differences persisted even after the two nations gained independence in 1948 and created a major deterrence to peace between the neighboring countries.

I will strive to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula, and the fact that I am considerate will help me a lot in this regard. The hostilities between the North and South have caused a lot of suffering to the Korean people. For instance, when the region was subdivided by the 38th Parallel, a lot of families were torn apart as some relatives were pushed to the south while others went northwards. Such people have lived their lives without the presence of their loved ones, and the occasional reunions involved just a few hundreds of families while thousands may never see their relatives again. I feel that this is unwarranted suffering meted on Koreans by inconsiderate leaders who cannot reach a compromise for the sake of the citizens. If there was peace between the two countries, such people would be able to freely cross the border and visit their relatives, but the leaders are not committed to ending tensions and resolving their differences. I believe that a more humane approach to the situation can facilitate lasting peace between the nations.

In order to bring peace in a place characterized by the decades of conflict, such as Korea, a lot of imagination is required from a leader. South and North Korea have been in conflict for such a long time that the residents might be resigned to life in a constant war.

Hence, a leader may need to use creativity to show them the possibilities that peace can bring. In addition, imagination is required to formulate strategies and create solutions for peace in the region. Personally, I believe that a new way of thinking is required for peace to be realized. Currently, North Korea is determined to enhance its nuclear armory, while the South believes that it is superior and more prosperous than its neighbor. In this light, I believe that I can use my imagination to convince the leaders from the two nations to see beyond their pride and be of service to their people.

I feel that I can bring change to the Korean Peninsula since I am passionate about the welfare of the people in the region. The process of bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula will be lengthy, difficult, and complicated; hence, the task requires an individual with perseverance and with full commitment. The attitudes of people in South Korea and North Korea have to change before peace can be realized, and the task of preaching peace can be daunting and frustrating. I believe that my passion for uniting the people of Korea will render me resilient enough to counter any challenges that I may encounter. I respect the people of Korea and I would be devoted to the mission of bringing peace and unity between the two countries.

I am committed to ending the perpetual conflict in the Korean Peninsula by using my personal traits and academic training. I will combine my traits with the knowledge that I will acquire from the International Relations program to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. Ever since the region was partitioned after the Second World War, a lot of families were forcibly separated. Bringing peace to the region will unite such families and ensure that Koreans can freely cross the border to visit relatives in addition to ending the tension between the two nations. Overall, I will use my skills and personal traits to nature peace in the Korean Peninsula.

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