Essay: Should More Rights Be Given to Immigrants?

Do immigrants deserve more rights? Should immigrants be treated like citizens? Is migration a threat?

Modern world is very dynamic. Moreover, we have to accept the sad reality of globalization. Modern world is not a closed territory. Due to the liberal international policy and development of transportation, people can move and start their new life in any part of the world. Obviously, many people do not like the strangers crossing the borders of their country.

They understand that every immigrant is the additional mouth and employee. Consequently, every immigrant increases unemployment. When immigrants demand more rights, the native citizens feel ambiguously, because many immigrants do not deserve these additional rights. No wonder, this problem is very relevant and strained. It provokes quarrels and hot discussions.

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There are two radical opinions about the question: “Should immigrants receive more rights?” The supporters of this policy say that immigrants should be given broad rights, because the USA was founded by immigrants. According to this mind, everyone who crosses the border of the USA is able to become its citizen, because this country provides all people with equal opportunities and freedoms. In my opinion, this statement is completely wrong. Yes, immigrants founded the country and made it the most powerful state due to their hard work. It is not right to let every immigrant take advantage of the results of this hard work. They should prove that they are worth being called Americans.

They should work hard, pay taxes and contribute into the development of the state but not just demand financial aid doing nothing. Unfortunately, the absolute number of immigrants does not work. They are waiting for the financial support of the kind and generous US government. In my opinion, immigrants should be given rights only if they fulfill several important requirements.

To begin with, every immigrant should be legal. When they possess a full set of documents, which provide them with the right to live and work on the territory of the host country, they can receive more rights. Secondly, every immigrant who comes to the USA should truly work. I do not tolerate the individuals who run from their home country in order to improve their financial background in the easiest way. They do not work but receive financial aid claiming that they cannot find the proper job. Obviously, everyone is able to find a job in the USA. You should just want to find it. In addition, immigrants should work officially. When one works officially, he pays taxes and contributes into the development of the state. I suppose, every immigrant who has come to the USA to earn money, should pay taxes giving thanks to the people of this country who have provided him with the chance to start his new life. Finally, every immigrant should learn English. It a shame to move to another country without the basic knowledge of its official language. Unfortunately, many immigrants ignore this requirement and come to the USA being unable to say a few simple sentences about themselves. In my opinion, it is the biggest disrespect to the local people who have permitted these immigrants to settle down in their city.

When an immigrant is ready to meet these requirements, he should be given additional rights. To my mind, he should be treated like a real legal citizen, because he speaks English, pays taxes and improves the economy of the state. Every country requires smart, talented and industrious people; therefore, migration is a very important factor for the development of a country’s economy. We should attract sharp and creative minds who will work hard for the good of our country. On the contrary, we should get rid of the lazy and leery immigrants who only take advantage of the benefits of our state. I believe it is the best solution for every developed and prosperous country.

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