Essay about Telescopes

The telescope since the time of its creation would allow humans to pierce the sky and take a close look at the stars and space that attracts humans. In the following essay I will speak about what had been recently discovered with the telescope, and provide some facts and educated findings on the given topic.

The first most recent discovery with the telescope was probably the unprecedented look at the Orion Nebula discovered only recently according to the Hubble Official website available at and The discovered formation comprises over 3000 stars of different sizes with some of them never being seen in the visible light as one might assume due to being located in the gaseous and dusty landscape and environment which obstructs the view. The Orion Nebula represents a large star formation from large young stars that shape the nebula to the pillars of dense gas and dust that usually serve as homes for budding new stars.

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One should also take a note that the discovery of small young brown dwarfs was rather surprising. These small “failed” stars are cool because they cannot sustain nuclear fusion as the sun and other stars do and thus remain unseen in visible light. The Hubble space telescope would also discover the binary brown dwarfs, stars orbiting each other. I will note that for the discovery to take place, the scientists would have to make use of the ACS, Wide Field and Planetary camera 2, the Near Infrared Camera and multi-object spectrometer that when only used in a team would allow scientists to precisely study the Orion Nebula and take a look at the history of Orion marked by the Nebula features such as arcs, pillars, blobs and rings of dust.

Another discovery with the telescope I would like to point out took place in 2004 as available online at in the Dave Finley article in National Radio Astronomy Observatory where one learns that after more than 30 years of discovering some mysterious objects in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the scientists with the help of the telescope would manage to measure the size of the object surrounding the black hole which itself it more than 4 million times more massive than the sun. One finds out that this is one of the closest known today telescopic approaches to black holes that allows scientists to make additional research in that field. The use of the VLBA (Very long baseline array) radio telescope made it possible to have that discovery. Here I would like to note that the VLBA radio telescope is a continent-wide telescope system that would utilize 20 240ton dish telescope antennas placed around the continent ranging from Hawaii to the Caribbean and providing the greatest resolving power at present on earth.

The last but not least discovery I find interesting is documented in NASA News release available online at and titled NASA’s Chandra finds black holes stirring up galaxies. One learns that the black holes would create havoc in space, namely in elliptical galaxies. The massive clouds of hot gas found in these galaxies was caused by super massive black holes.

The findings which made use of X-ray and radio observation technology concluded that the interaction of seemingly static galaxies with central black holes would be unnoticeable in any other wave spectrum and thus left unexplored. This recent discovery with the telescope changed the scientists’ view of elliptical galaxies as quiet places and “placid lakes”.


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