The Circle Movie Essay

The Circle is a 110-minute 2017 American techno-thriller. The picture shows us how the future could very well look, seeking to portray a world where tech giant firms control the universe. At a time when many influential people are trying their best to keep important data about themselves private, The Circle opposes this. The Circle is a corporation that stores data on anyone who has an account with it and tries to demystify that the idea of having all of ones’ crucial data out there could be dangerous. Instead, it advocates and practices transparency (Berry, 2011). As Bailey, one of the executives in The Circle, explains in the film, “privacy is the enemy, keeping tabs on everyone will mean dictators can’t violate human rights and children will be protected from molesters…” Their idea of doing this is to implant sensors in peoples’ bones, thus increasing their surveillance on peoples’ lives. Theirs is more of the saying: if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear. The challenge is in differentiating between transparency and infringement on ones’ vital privacy. The truth is that too much surveillance forces people to live their lives for their watchers, rather than live it to fulfill their desires. Living a surveyed life as proofed by Mae Holland forces people to give up their physical fulfillments for their virtual ones. Mae loses her best friend Annie Allerton and most of her few close friends for dozens of online friends (Berry, 2011). She goes on to become one of The Circle’s die-hard protagonists who goes on to gain the firm’s valuable support. The film is a question to society: What do you really want: privacy or transparency?

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Mae Holland
Mae is 24 years old and a recent college graduate. Her best and long-time friend Annie secures her a job at The Circle. As she rises through the ranks of The Circle, she becomes a fierce protagonist of the firm. She is sweet, ignorant, and easily gullible. She desires to be a successful employee so much that her opinions and what she stands for are easily swayed by her bosses. She is desperate for approval from her bosses, so she does anything within her reach to give out as much as she can to the Circle. She agrees to cover her life 24/7 in-line with the company’s goals for transparency (Parks, 2015). She has a See Change camera attached to her all the time to capture her activities.

The camera developed by Mercer, an employee at the same firm, gains her recognition as the first Circler to go completely transparent. She wins the liking of everyone at the firm, from the bosses to her co-workers. Her bosses use her to influence people all over into siding with the company’s beliefs. Unfortunately for her, her close friends and family do not approve of the commitment she has for the Circle. The people close to her dislike having their lives and activities covered by the Circle through the camera Mae has on her 24/7. Her relationship breaks, her family also becomes distant, even worse her friend who got her a job at the firm, Annie, also quits, apparently to her advantage (Parks, 2015). This shows to what extent Mae is ready to push for and live a transparent life. She is going all in.

Eamon Bailey
Eamon Bailey is a co-founder of The Circle. He is also one of the three wise men in the firm. He is inspirational and the same time cunning. He says that “knowing is good, but knowing everything is better.” He knows he has that ability to get you onto his boat or rather brainwash you, and puts it to use. The Circle is a tech giant, which wants to get as much information as it can (The Circle 2015). He snatches Mae Holland in one sweep into the company’s school of thoughts. He believes that anything that is good for the Circle is good for the world. His cunning side plays out when Mae crashes when kayaking in rough waters at night.

He uses the opportunity to ask Mae to go publicly transparent. It is good to note that of the three wise men he is the only one that completely supports complete public transparency. To build trustworthiness for the firm among its stakeholders, he claims that the cameras on Mae Holland were to thank for saving her life in the crash. When later on a platform Mae urges him together with his colleagues to go publicly transparent, he is visibly not pleased with the idea. Yet he claims this is good for all human kind and everyone should go public (Wraps Divergent Series, 2015). His hesitation to do so himself raises questions on his lifestyle and proves his cunning side. As one of the executives he is hard working, he gives his all; he has a desire to have The Circle become a global trademark that will be used by majority of people. Eamon is also a lover of nature; he collects artifacts that he keeps in his private Ochre Library.

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