‘The Mousetrap’ Essay

The Mousetrap once was only a title of a brilliant work of an outstanding writer. Now it’s also a part of the English spirit due to its performance on the stage. Agatha Christie probably even hadn’t expected such a success but The Mousetrap became the longest running show. As far as the play has really become a remarkable sight, it attracts crowds of tourists who come to see the United Kingdom.

As for the plot of the play, it’s actually quite good. The characters are rather extraordinary, vivid and different. Agatha Christie managed to fill the story with a lot of suspects, false clues and bright conflicts in order to keep the audience interested up to the end. The action of the play begins with the radio announcement: a woman has been murdered. Of course, it’s a key event in the plot and the audience guesses that it’s very important. As for the mousetrap itself, it is a hotel, which receives the first visitors and is slammed by the snowfall.

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Another important event is the call of the police explaining that the murderer must come to the hotel. In order to make the spectator puzzled, the author creates the people involved rather odd and suspicious. Let’s remember them. The first guest is Christopher Wren. Though he is very sociable and enthusiastic about the house, the audience suspects him for sure. Mrs. Boyle is the second person to come to the hotel and one of the brightest and the most ridiculous characters. She is complaining on everything even if it’s her own fault. She doesn’t like that there was no taxi when her train arrived, that there are not enough servants and experienced hosts.

The next person who arrives in the hotel is Major Metcalf who seems to be the less suspicious guest because it’s he who came to warn them. Then Miss Casewell comes and the last visitor, Mr. Paravicini who announces that the roads are so snowed that they will have to stay in for several days. In such situation, the audience wonders who the murderer is and who else can become a victim. It makes particularly difficult to find some clues. The spectator tries to examine all the characters very attentively, taking into consideration their relationships in order to find out who the killer may be. In different scenes, Agatha Christie puts the characters in such situation that finally the audience suspects all the people in the house, even their owners finding out that all of them have some particular motive for the murder.

The quality of the play is great and even having watched it once you will do it again with pleasure because it’s very interesting to investigate it again and again. It’s a very good puzzle even for the smartest audience. The music, all the sounds, whistling and of course the decorations make an amazing. The exterior appearance of the stage is the first thing that strikes people and impresses them during all the performance. In general, it’s a perfect example of a combination of an English detective and theatrical tradition and there is no wonder why people want to watch it again and again.

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