Tokyo City Essay

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan is a haven for many people who love shopping, culture, and entertainment. Unlike any other city, Tokyo is a beehive with over 39 million residents and an economic index of $2.5 trillion (In Kikuchi & In Sugai, 2018). Apart from being the capital city of Japan, it remains a metropolitan prefecture that combines with the elements of the city to form a unique and original character of preference. Kaito, tall like a giraffe and as handsome as a baby, a 25-year-old from Tomari village in Japan, decided to move to Tokyo for a better living and a good job. He packed up his bags, put on a smile on his face that could stop you on the tracks and boarded a bus to Tokyo. He was as determined as steel to explore and settle in the new environment and achieve his goals. It can be rightfully said that Tokyo City’s colorful and fascinating setup has transformed many lives, economically, socially, emotionally and physically.

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After arrival, Kaito was stranded in a new and strange environment without any aqcaintances and with no place to live. He was as lonely as a cloud but the experience facilitated a novel aspect in his character development, physically as well as emotionally. The city was deafening from the car engines, people chattering and business men advertising their products and suddenly, he felt a quick shred of lightening in his stomach. Thinking on the bright side, Tokyo city was, as he had hoped for, a place where he could use his degree in Information Technology to achieve his dreams. The glass buildings reached out to the heavens and the people on the streets gave life to the city.

The streets were marvellously defined by the Japanese including Chinese cultures and to his eyes, Tokyo city was indeed as beautiful as a dream. He gathered his strength and walked majestically along the streets in search of a room to spend the night. Within the city, there are cheap rental bachelor apartments where he easily found a place to stay before getting a job. At night, while standing at the balcony, he found the sight of the city breathtaking. Tokyo has more neon signs than any other city in the world and at night, the streets are as shiny as the stars and as bright as the moon. He inhaled the fresh air on his balcony and it felt like being at home, thereby positively impacting his emotional stability.

In the morning, the sun greets the city with its warm rays which enables the residents to prepare for work, bright and early. The city comprises of industries, businesses, and other private organizations, all peas in a pod that ensures that the city’s economic structure remains steady (Jim, 2018). Throughout the day, every individual is as busy as a bee and is working towards achieving his dreams. Tokyo is an industrial center with unique and diverse manufacturing bases and it also plays a major role as the core structure of the knowledge-based economy in Japan. Notably, there have been significant positive changes in the city since the bubble economy in the 1980s (In Kikuchi & In Sugai, 2018). Likewise, Tokyo is a palace with beautiful and historic sceneries that attract tourists and provides the residents with warm and calm sites where they can relax on the weekends, after a busy week. The Imperial Palace and the Meiji Shrine, home of an old Camphor tree: Cinnamomum camphora (Jim, 2018), are some of the major tourist attraction sites in the area. Meiji Shrine is a heavenly site that is pleasing to the eye and individuals visit the shrine to heighten their religious beliefs, knowledge, and traditions. Kaito visits the Meiji Shrine on holidays and on the weekends to pray and ask for guidance from God. This helps the gentleman to control and keep his emotions in check and improve spiritually. Relatedly, cherry blossoms in the city which symbolizes the arrival of springs make one feel like home (Jim, 2018). The flowers at Ueno Park are spectacular and their beauty is one in a million. Tokyo is a gold mine and one of the safest cities in the world since there is no vandalism or theft on the streets. The city provides a safe space for people to work and live in. In essence, areas such as the Old City in Tokyo is as safe as sleep and it enables people to walk in a quiet and serene environment where you can meet friends and have some peace of mind. The city provides Kaito with an environment that encourages hard work and achievement of his goals. The gentleman feels as secure and can work day and night without fear.


Indeed, Tokyo is a beautiful and scenic city that advanced from a small fishing village. It provides a thriving environment for people to identify and achieve their dreams. The city is as busy as ants preparing for winter, however; it provides youths such as Kaito the opportunity to change their lives and work towards their mission in life. Equally, it is a center of culture and politics in Japan that encompasses a marvelous mix of traditional and modern living. Advanced technology has enabled the development of high-tech devices and machinery that help individuals, businesses and companies find their fireworks and achieve set goals for better living. In short, Tokyo is a safe-haven for individuals, families, and businesses.


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