Free Essay on Video Games and Computer Science

Free Essay on Video Games and Computer Science:

In my following paragraphs, I hope to shed some light into the world that goes un-noticed, the world of 1’s and 0’s. By definition, Computer science is defined at as “the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures.” Basically, it is the code behind the scenes running our lives under our very nose. The Matrix is a good example of how Computer sciences or as I like to call it, the code, is involved in our day-to-day life. Even though the movie is an exaggeration of the truth, the idea is the same. We have become dependent of these machines and they are nothing without us. Video Games are like works of art. Like a Mona Lisa or Picasso, a game can either be exciting, vivid, and above all else, entertaining or; like some many games that flood the market each year, a quick exploit of a trend or a re-hashed idea on a disc. Video Games are like books, you don’t know what the book is made of until you open it up and process it. Video Games are likewise formed in the same fashion. Computer Sciences comes into play the moment you put that disk or cart into your gaming system. Code flows from the CD into your system and saturates it in all its glory. Computer Science brings the imagination to life.

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The C programming Language is considered a third generation programming language. C is also a compiled language meaning that you must compile your code into something the machine can understand. There are many ways to do this, but C is not alone. C++ differs from C in some aspects. To begin with, C is C++ Predecessor; a lot of C is still left in C++. C++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language, which means that where structures were prevailing in C, classes are not what substitute in C++. Now, C is used widely still for its power, henceforth called it’s “Kung-Fu”. C’s Kung Fu is strong; it has speed and size over C++. C ++ is slower at run-time and compiling. C++ Kung-Fu is more of a Shoaling Monk Style, The Object Oriented Programming, allows for millions of lines of code to be managed since you can reuse existing code by exploiting the Object Oriented Programming concepts of polymorphism and inheritance. This said, a lot of Video Games are written in C and C++. While there are many others written in as many languages as there our potato chips in a bag, these two are by far the most popular.

Well, when a game is in the Developing process, it has usually gone through a few changes. First off, the game’s plot, storyline, and an outline of where Full Motion Video will be inserted to convey the plot further or not will be decided before you reach this stage. At this stage in the game’s life, you are giving the dream air in it’s lungs, for it is from your computer that you will inevitably compile a piece of the game that will go into it. This of course leads to Libraries of pre-compiled code and programs on company’s servers. Some of these programs might be the games 3D engine, in charge of lighting and the formation of the polygons interacting with objects and so forth. There might be an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) component that you might implement into your code that’s on this Library. Libraries are useful; compilers use them to compile your program. These libraries are like many programs that your can call upon and use. Think of them as standard pieces of a chess set that came with the board. Well, as the more elaborate your programs get, the bigger and more fancy your pieces will become.

Computer science is programming, so what other types of games are there? Well, early on, games could be written in Assembly, though, they weren’t much interesting than watching a fly go around the room. Basic and Pascal also had some similar fates. C and C++ along with Java now are in increased popularity. Perl is close behind along with the others. According to the Occupational Outlook Quarterly, experienced Video Game programmers earn about 60 to 80 thousand dollars a year lead programmers earn more. Video Game software needs to be flexible as well as fast. Ideally, a programmer should write code that can be changed or modified at a glimpse; otherwise the game could be lost in someone’s lack of attention to detail. Engine programmers write the code for the graphical engine that might for example, stop two things from colliding and going through each other instead of bouncing of each other. Skills needed for such a career path include possessing C and/or C++ since they become more of an industry standard. A great math sense since you will be dealing with a lot of numbers and hopefully a passion for making video games, otherwise you’ll end up becoming the fifth wheel on the wagon.

Programming, Video Games, Computer Science, a lot of complex themes and ideas I have mention. Most Honorably above all would have to be that C and C++ are two titans among the gods that govern the course of the Video Game industry. I touched upon what they where and how there used. I liked to mention that all thought it might seem hard working to make other people happy, it is quite rewarding to see peoples faces when they talk about your work. Like a producer and his movie, even games come to an end, just like this conclusion and so I end now how I began, The Matrix has you, so free your mind and code politely please.

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