Essay: Violence in Mass Media

Violence in mass media drastically influences the way people commit crimes and engage in other illegal activities. Numerous studies that depict how crime rates are affected by the amount of television watched are a common knowledge now (Donahue, 25). The companies and the governments around the world encourage the implementation of the rating system that would clearly show what amount of violence and details of the violence will be presented in a certain program or show (Diamant, 42). In the following essay I will speak about one prime-time TV program, namely Jerry Maguire TV show. I personally get amused by it every time I watch it yet apparently it would be very useful in this essay due to the high amounts of violence, verbal threats or harm, insults and other assaults.

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The one particular show I would base my essay on was the wedding ceremony at Jerry Maguire TV show. The plot is the following. One couple which likes this weird show and watched every single episode of it would decide to get married in front of cameras during Jerry Maguire show. One sees all the guest get in together with the priest and witnesses. The ceremony starts well, yet during the prayer one guy would come out of the crowd and say that the bride show not get married because she promised him to get married and he had already spent a fortune on the preparations. The bridegroom is outraged to find out that she is not a virgin and that she gave that other guy crabs. Other facts prove that the bride would actually take money and gifts from many people and then run away. Ultimately one finds out that bridegroom’s father would have sex with the bride and paid her a fortune in exchange of a promise of her getting married to his son. It appears that everyone expect for the bridegroom knew that the bride, albeit extremely attractive, was a whore. So the bridegroom’s father would verify if that was true by paying her the money for having sex with him. The show proceeds with more and more people stating facts of complete immorality and corruption. Ultimately the bride acknowledged that she wanted to marry that guy to take revenge for what he did to her older sister, namely had a one-night-stand and then ran-away. That TV show would end up in complete rage of the bridegroom who would start beating both his father and the would-be wife. The bride’s dad would than take a chair and hit the other guy who interrupted the wedding knocking him unconscious. Then he would engage in verbal violence towards other members of the bridegroom’s family calling them morally corrupted and promising to stalk on them and kill them all one by one by cutting their throats with a knife and burying the bodies in the nearby forest.
In conclusion, I would like to note that Jerry Maguire show just like many TV shows or mass media works featured all types of violence, except for possibly using firearms. The members would assault each other verbally and engaged in physical violence either out of rage or to protect their close ones who were attacked by the members of the other family or wedding guests. The show ended up with guests seriously threatening each other to kill each other. Several people would get hurt and had bleeding noses, bruises and cuts. One person was knocked unconscious. Although this show was indeed amusing, it would certainly create in people like tolerance towards fights in public, the use of non-normative language (swears) and aggression towards other people rather than finding the ways to develop a compromise or a solution.

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