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Food security is the ability of the country provide its citizens with good food for living and includes special organizations, laws and policies, which are aimed to make the situation with food normal under strict control of the government. Good food and pure drinking water is the essential things required for healthy human existence. The problem of food supply has always been urgent and extremely important. Centuries ago people had to work hard to grow the crops, vegetables, fruits and cattle for meat and milk.

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Every village and town had to do their best and work hard the whole spring and summer to support themselves with food for winter. The trade was not so developed, that is why, if one could not make good supplies, he would probably die. Today the situation is different, the countries can easily buy or exchange grain, crops, vegetables, nearly everything and supply their people with food. Unfortunately, there are countries, mostly of the third world, which have problems with proper food supply and the situation is quite tragic there.

A well-organized research proposal on global food security under climate change should contain the historical background of the problem and present the ways it was solved before. The paper should be convincing and contain brand new ideas connected with effective policy of food security. One has to prove that his methods are really effective and will solve a range of problems related with the topic and will help the humanity to cope with global shortage of food. If you manage to convince the professor your problem or concept is worth investigation, you will win the chance to conduct further research.

Research proposal is a specific paper, which requires critical, sober and logical thinking, creativity and ability to convince people in your point of view. The aim of the paper is not to present a good idea for the research, but to prove it is worth investigation. No wonder, students who are inexperienced in writing need professional writing help of an expert. There are thousands of websites, which offer free examples of research proposals on food security in India, which are quite helpful for young people to realize how to write a paper of this kind.

The only disadvantage of free samples of research proposals on food security bill is their quality, because very often online samples are prepared by amateurs. In order to be on the safe side, read much about the topic to improve your knowledge on the problem and use these examples only as a model of your own original paper. With the help of a good sample you will manage to create a high-quality unique convincing research proposal.

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