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Color Therapy Research Paper

Color therapy is referred to the treatments in which the effect of color on the human psyche is used. This will be achieved by the room color scheme and through the use of colored light.

Different approaches in art therapy, and the anthroposophic art therapy, are attributable to the creative activity itself and the immediate effect of color without being, however, explicitly referred to as color therapy.

There are now first quantitative studies on effects of light therapy for specific diseases. In addition, no scientific studies are known, on which the various theoretical approaches could be based on color therapy.

The light therapy, such as the use of infrared light and phototherapy using ultraviolet light, which is a treatment option for example in children with neonatal jaundice, must be distinguished from the color therapy. The effect of infrared light or UV light is not based on color.

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Even in ancient times, there was experimenting with colors in medicine. The patients were covered with colored pastes or wrapped in colored cloths. JW von Goethe explored in his writings colors and their effects. Irradiation with infrared lamps is no color therapy, because it does not affect through color, but uses warming effect of the penetrating radiation.

In 1878, The Principles of Light and Color by Edwin D. Babbitt was published, in 1895, the Vossische newspaper published an article by Carus, titled The Charm of Color in Humans and Animals – a Consideration of Goethe’s Theory of Colors. Both works consider a healing manner by means of color, which in the 14th Century had been used in smallpox epidemics and in the 18th Century was indicated in several European countries, as well as in Indo-China and Japan at smallpox. This method consisted simply in the fact that smallpox patients were shrouded with red cloths, in a room with the red walls, red curtains, etc.

Rudolf Steiner with the neurologist Felix Peiper developed chromotherapy in 1908.

The color meridian therapy dates back to the researches by physiotherapist Christel Heidemann (1924-1998). Using a sample of the connective tissue on the back, the meridians of human body can be found. About an inch wide silk circles with natural color should be adhered to the certain meridian points to affect the health of low and relieve pain. Clinical studies on color meridian therapy are still pending.

Peter Mandel has introduced a colorpuncture, in which the bundled color light is directed at acupuncture points that should be stimulated.

Aura- Soma is was developed in 1984 by the blind and clairvoyant by his own account Englishwoman Vicky Wall. These preparations were initially intended only for the cosmetic treatment, but were further developed by her to a treatment system similar to traditional Indian medicine (chakra teachers).

Aura-Soma is a registered trademark of Aura-Soma Products Limited.

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