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Declaration of Independence research paper

Independence is a key concept for any state that attempts to pave its way in the world-historical development. Naturally, in such a situation the declaration of independence by the US seems to be practically inevitable. Anyway, in my opinion, the declaration of independence by the US is a key condition of its further development and progress. Otherwise, it will become a colony that Great Britain amply have worldwide and as a rule, all of them are constrained to obey to the will of British administration regardless their own national interests.

Speaking about the US, I think it is necessary to strive for independence because of several reasons. One of the main reasons is the current position of the North American states that creates no opportunities for people to feel free in their own country. To put it more precisely, politically the US depends on Great Britain. Notably, officially British monarch is the head of the country, and it is the monarch’s will that defines political future of the country. It means that the monarch can appoint the governor of the country or what is much worse a governor can arrive from Britain without any idea about the US and the real situation in the states.

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In such a situation, ordinary citizens who live in this land are doomed to obey to someone whom they might even not know. On the other hand, people who are concerned about the future of the states can be distanced or even repressed. As a result, a politician could improve the situation in the country could not have any access to government. Moreover, people’s will cannot be taken into consideration because politically it is Great Britain that rules the country but not American people. Consequently, they are deprived of elementary civil rights to have a government that they could control themselves.

Furthermore, the colonial status of the US creates a lot of economic problems. In general, it results in severe exploitation of American resources, such as export of timber, or cotton from the US to Europe via Great Britain, while the country could easily sell these products directly to importers without any economic losses. As a result, the US export is not profitable for the states while it is a real bonanza for Great Britain.

At the same time, the exploitation of natural resources of the US is unplanned and does not take into consideration economic interests of the states. In fact, the main principle of economic development of the US is profiting from exports that Great Britain receives. Moreover, the conditions of trade are unfair since British is in a privileged position and Great Britain controls not only the country’s export but import as well. Great Britain is dominant. The states can trade with on the conditions, which are profitable for British only.

However, the unfair conditions of trade are not the most serious problem. What I am particularly concerned about is economic perspectives of the US. In fact, British rulers are not interested in economic development of the US. They only need to exploit local population and natural resources in their interests. As for me, I think that the US has a great economic potential because of rich natural resources and the population of the country, among which there are a lot of well-qualified specialists from European countries, can provide unparalleled economic leap of the US. However, it can be done only on the condition that the US can invest in its industry, agriculture, infrastructure, etc. that is impossible until the states are a colony of Great Britain.

Naturally, it is impossible to speak about any independence when British troops control all British colonies in North America. Consequently, the US need military power but it is not required only for the struggle against Great Britain. It is obvious that the US needs their army to protect its national interests. For instance, it is obvious that its Southern borders are in great danger because there constantly a threat from bordering territories controlled by Spanish and there is no guarantee that Great Britain will keep from selling its territories to Spain or it can simply refuse to protect some of its colonies. Consequently, some Southern states may be easily absorbed by Spanish colonies.

Thus, it is obvious that political and economic dependence of the US on Great Britain prevents the country from normal development. The citizens of the states cannot elect their government and have to agree on the conditions of trade imposed on the US by Great Britain. At the same time, the states are unprotected because its army cannot act as an independent unit and consequently the country is exposed to any external aggression. Thus, the only logical way out from such a terrible position of the US is the declaration of independence.
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