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Dyscalculia is a specific intellectual condition, which is characterized by congenital difficulties in learning or understanding mathematics, i.e., this is a disorder in learning mathematics in children or adults with normal intelligence. It is very often found in combination with dyslexia, due to difficulties in the spatial organization (e.g., a student does not know where to begin execution of the action). This difficulty can be overcome, it quickly disappears when using special teaching methods or sometimes with the help of psychotherapy. Dyscalculia occurs often enough. According to D. Vogler (1988), after graduating from elementary school 25% of children do not know division (55% cannot divide fractions).

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Dyscalculia is usually detected at an early stage of teaching the math. At this stage, it is based on the difficulties experienced by children in mastering numeracy. Later, dyscalculia may develop into permanent disability to understand mathematics, which manifests itself in difficulties in mastering mathematical knowledge, understanding of the problem’s text, write a mathematical expression, etc. The main reasons are aborted higher mental functions (attention, memory, abstract logical thinking) that are involved in the process of mastering numeracy, the development of spatial orientation, visual- sensing abilities, and emotional-volitional reactions.

Difficulties associated with reading, can be of two types: those relating to the general reading skills and reading mathematical symbols. If students are having problems related to dyslexia, they have difficulty reading the mathematical text, to understand the problem being solved, etc. When it comes to math, then and mathematical symbols (numbers, communiques, etc.) are added to the plain text. While recognizing the numerical symbols makes the process of reading and understanding more difficult.

Difficulty in understanding the mathematical text not only refer to the definitions of specific terms, but also to the ability to understand the meaning of the problem and perform multiple logical operations, keeping in mind certain actions. Understanding the relationship between figures written with numbers and their meaning is also difficult for children with dyscalculia. Ability to understand mathematical content schemes and pictures, which lead to the correct solution is also very important.

Understanding of mathematical abstractions is very important for the entire learning of mathematics. Formation of the concept of number and its composition, structure and understanding of the discharge connection between a number, left and right components of the number values ??of zero; understanding numbers as abstract concepts of comparative quantities correlate numbers in arithmetical operation is particularly important in primary schools and are very difficult for children with dyscalculia.

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