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Research Paper on Folk Music

Folk refers to the set of music associated with a national or regional traditional culture or geographical area. The three key concepts in the definition of folk music are therefore the geographical socio-cultural origins, transmission, and re-creation.

If you want to write a successful research paper on the topic you must know that Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803) was one of the first scientists described folk music from a theoretical point of view. He, like other early explorers, emphasized the direct link between folk music and nature. In the 19th century, folk music was considered, if not “the music of nature, at least, natural, a natural music not prone to urban influences. The researchers then examined the following questions: is there a link between the classical and folk music, as well as whether the detected traces of the origin and forms of folk music in the language or movement.

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The greatest contribution to understanding folk music had the musical-ethnographic studies, conducted under the direction of the American philologist Francis James Child (1825-1896) in the UK and Hungarian composer and folklorist White Bartok (1825-1945) in the countries of Eastern Europe.

Traditional folk music, mostly created by rural population, for a long time maintains a relative autonomy and is generally opposed by professional music, which belongs to a younger, written tradition. However professionalism is characteristic not only of written musical traditions, the oral professional musical art originated in folk art as its organic part, including the people who did not have an independent, separated from folk professional art in the European sense of the term (i.e., Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Turkmen). There are also oral professional culture, as opposed to folk traditions (for example, the Indian Ragas, Iranian Dastgahi, and Arabic Maqam)

Modern folk music is performed as by educated professional musicians and amateurs. Technical progress and the media totally changed the way music is created, learnt, distributed, and used as by the musicians and audience. So it is different from the academic and popular music rather in its function than on the means of expression (it is performed rather for fun, it is not a main activity for the musician). In contrast to the traditional, the modern folk music is not exclusively acoustic.

Modern folk music involves adapting or styling. Adaptation generally represents folk poetry, set to new music (sometimes using modern tools, sometimes only using authentic). Styling is writing new pieces of music using traditional musical instruments, motives, and the way of performance.

Modern folk music, unlike pop music, is not aimed at the general public and commercial benefits. However, it has its commercial form, but this is more for the combination of folk and popular music. One of the first commercial styles of folk music was folk revival.

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