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Research Paper on Life after Death

The afterlife, or life after death is a concept that is described in all religious cults, nature religions, and the major world religions. This often involves a realm of death, a heaven or a hell, and where you end up is determined perhaps by God or by the person’s karma. It may also involve reincarnation. Many believe that there are lots of mansions or rooms for one person’s soul in the eternal gods’ worlds.

More down to earth, you can see the afterlife as it is the life that our descendants will live after us. On a personal level, one can also see the ‘afterlife’ as it is the legacy or the recollection that a person receives after his death. Posthumous live in a “global” level, further including the history books, encyclopedias (such as Wikipedia ), biographies and record tables or in novels, songs, paintings, sculptures, works, and inventions that person has accomplished. Among family and friends, the person will be remembered, for example, through photographs, sound recordings, memorabilia, family chronicle and contemporary survivor’s own memories.

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Students writing their research paper on life after death have to know that researches of the phenomena have often focused on near-death experiences and interviewed such cases in order to compare them. It seems that some experiences are universal, African archetypal as the light tunnel at the end of which the families are waiting, and the sadness of leaving this state at the revival. The researcher Elisabeth Kubler-Ross goes so far as to doubt that what we call “death” exist at all, but our knowledge of death can never be anything but indirect. Even reincarnation have been studied scientifically, and it is thought that some cases could possibly speak that the soul survives the death of the body.

A philosopher of the union that managed to say something essential about it basically unspeakable and unknowable from a scientific approach is the Oxford philosopher H.H. Price.

“An after death world must be a world of spiritual and psychological images, a kind of dream world that reflects the memories and desires of the person experiencing it; these memories and desires might be such as repressed in mortality. Probably, there is among these spiritual and psychological images such of their own bodies, as they sometimes experience it in a dream. The survivors would still seen themselves “embodied” and would experience an environment of objects, which are in the room and to what they are familiar with – in analogy to a material environment in memory. Mediumistic messages tell us often that “ghosts” have difficulty understanding that they are dead. Such imagery would not have to be purely subjective and private. With the help of telepathic interaction, the souls liberated from the body, would relate to build a “collective imagery” which would be built on similar memories and desires. /… / If we even survive death, it could be the case that we are undergoing a series of “other worlds,” corresponding to the various and successive stages of consciousness we achieve. Most religious traditions accommodate this view. But speculating over this is probably premature.”

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