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Mobile computing is human–computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage. With the invention of computers scientists started to work hard to create a portable computer, which will always accompany people. Much work has been done and such a computer has been created. The most popular and well-known version of such a device is a smart-phone. Mobile computers have got such a name from the words “mobile” and “computer” with their characteristics. That means the functions of the mobile phones have been worked out and improved to such an extent, that these phones can be called computers.

Modern mobile computers are extremely useful for people who have to travel much, but do not have a possibility and desire to take PCs and laptops with them. Due to the power of a smart-phone one can do thousands of functions not worse than with the help of the greater “real” computer. There are of course certain disadvantages of these devices. First of all, it is a small display and low level of security. As smart-phones contain valuable data, they become the targets of attacks.

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The topic of mobile computing is quite interesting for every modern well-educated person who follows new tendencies in technique and science. Computers develop so fast today, that soon they will be more powerful, smaller and cheaper. A successful research paper on mobile computing should present the topic from all sides. First of all one should pay attention to the history of the problem, observe the development of the techniques, illustrate its functions, safety and importance for the humanity. A good research paper may contain some new ideas and predictions connected with the further development of mobile computing or even introduce a certain project, which will make the paper valuable and informative.

Students, who are required to complete a paper of the topic, have to devote much time to the research of the problem and data collection. The paper has a specific structure and way of presentation of data, so students try to be on the safe side and look for good writing help in the Internet. There lots of free examples of research papers on mobile computing can be found. The samples are useful for students who need to know the right composition and the type of data analyzed in the paper. On the basis of the example and their own research students will be able to complete good papers which can impress a strict professor.

So, collect data from the reliable literary sources, analyze it, draw wise conclusions and organize it logically using the good free samples of research papers on mobile computing in the web.

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