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Research Paper on Palm Vein Technology

Palm vein technology refers to contactless biometric authentication system. This biometric system analyzes the pattern of veins on a man’s hand to identify the user.

One of the most famous inventions in the field of biometric authentication was announced in 2009: a special device created by Japan’s Fujitsu Frontech North America in cooperation with IBM has been called PalmSecure LOGONDIRECTOR. This technology is based on the infrared light source. Actually, it creates a palm vein pattern image.

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The developers declared biometrics authentication through the veins a panacea, which is, of course, a solution superior in its capabilities to all methods of fingerprint scanning, as due to the lack of algorithms for routing (turn-based identification), it is no more possible to “bypass” non-biometric identification systems methods. However, the veins authentication, with all its advantages, is still not too actively used. If fingerprint authentication takes about 60% of the development, when the palm vein technology – only 1-2%.

Nevertheless, even earlier, in 2004, Hitachi Software Engineering announced its new product, which was a very petite authorization system, based on the veins pattern recognition. The product dimensions were just 95x79x55 mm. Externally, a small device was similar to a computer mouse with a “trough” for the finger.

Actually, the idea is simple: one has to scan palm veins pattern. The veins pattern is formed due to the fact that hemoglobin in the blood absorbs light. It turns out that the reflectance decreases and veins become visible as black lines. A special program on the basis of the data creates a digital convolution. The technology does not require direct contact with the scanning device.

The reliability and accuracy of these systems remains a “black box.” Anyway, the testing of these algorithms are carried out only in the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) – only when they are completed, it will be possible to scrutinize more closely this technology.

In March of this year, Fujitsu has already demonstrated its method of authentication at the CeBIT in Hanover, where the development has aroused the interest of the public. Starting in July, the company intends to implement actively the technology into practice by working with North American and Asian partners to maximize a distribution of a new method of biometric authentication.

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