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Research Paper on Paper Towel Absorbency

Towel absorbency depends on the ability of the towel surface to absorb moisture.

Typically, all inks are well wetted surface of the paper. Practically the towel absorbency depends primarily on its porosity: more the porosity of the towel surface, the more intense absorption process. However, the total porosity of towel, which is judged on its density, still does not characterize the absorbency of different types of moisture by the towel.

Research papers on towel absorbency show that the speed and depth of moisture absorption depends on the number and size of pores, as well as the composition and properties of moisture.

Towel with large pores, such as newspaper paper, easily absorbs moisture. This provides a quick effect of drying. However, excessive absorption reduces the intensity of moisture absorption and can lead to the penetration of moisture on the reverse side of the paper, i.e., to the through penetration of moisture.

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To assess the ability of the towel absorbency in laboratory conditions, there are many different methods based on determining the rate of moisture penetration into the towel or its liquid constituents (binders, solvents). For example, a method based on soaking xylene solvent into the towel, approximately replicates the drying process.

To assess the ability of the towel absorbency for fine drying soaking time drops castor oil, di-butyl phthalate, etc is determined.

The towel moisture absorbency ratio. The towel consists of plant fibers, which due to their chemical structure, the large number of hydroxyl groups are hygroscopic. Therefore, the towel readily absorbs and releases moisture. If you put dry towel in the place with high humidity, the absorption of moisture from the air by towel will be observed, on the other hand, in a dry place, moisture evaporates from the wet towel.

Relative humidity is expressed as a percentage and is characterized by the ratio of the amount of moisture vapor in the air under these conditions, to the amount needed to achieve the state of saturation of air moisture. Each temperature and air pressure corresponds to a maximum possible moisture content.

Each value of the relative humidity corresponds to a well-defined moisture content of the towel. The amount of moisture (in the towel), in equilibrium with a given relative humidity, is called the equilibrium moisture content of the paper. The equilibrium moisture content depends on the composition of the towel. At the same relative humidity towel containing in its composition pulps, always has greater moisture content than pure cellulose due to the greater porosity.

Towel moisture rate is characterized by the ratio of mass of moisture contained in the towel, the weight of the original sample and is expressed in percentage. For different types of towel normalized humidity is 6 + 1%.

Humidity fluctuations of the towel lead to change many of its working properties and cause complications during the drying process. The fibers swell when wetted, hydrogen bonds weaken, resulting in an increase in the size and weight of towel and a sharp decrease in its drying effect.

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