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Veganism is an ideology, which implies a complete rejection of animal food as well as the products of their life (eggs, dairy) and products of leather and fur.

Initially, the concept of vegetarianism implied veganism as a complete rejection of violence towards animals. But later vegetarians began to eat eggs and dairy products to make up for the deficit of certain substances. Thus, the concept of vegetarianism has changed and the rules became less strict than before. However, the old vegetarian principles keep their existence and the term “veganism” was introduced in 1944.

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According to the ideologist and popularizer of veganism Donald Watson, one of the main reasons for veganism is ethical. Vegans are opposed to not only the killing of animals, but also their cultivation and use. They are convinced that the housing of the cattle or birds in inappropriate and unnatural conditions for their milk and eggs is cruel and inhumane. Religious reasons also affect the vegan persuasion. For health reasons, veganism is rare, unless you are allergic to animal products, or lactose. One of the other reasons is belief that food of animal origin is not peculiar to the human body and it is absorbed poorly.

Vegans do not use fur, leather, or animal dander. They are against killing animals, using them in clinical trials and entertainment industry. It is more like a philosophy than a way of life and especially diet. Student, who are about to prepare a research paper on veganism, should also understand the opposite side of the coin. As well as vegetarianism, veganism implies shortage of certain substances in the diet. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of vitamin B12. This vitamin cannot be found in any vegetable food. Among vegans there were cases when supporters of the ideology brought their newborn babies to death, following strict rules veganism. However, the cause of the babies’ death was not clearly established. It is still not clear whether it was the lack of certain elements or the innate characteristics of infants. Furthermore, among the major drawbacks of strict vegetarianism is loyal attitude towards all living beings. At the same time, it is not clear how to treat animals or insects that threaten your life or lives of your children.

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