Essay: Violence in Mass Media

Violence in mass media drastically influences the way people commit crimes and engage in other illegal activities. Numerous studies that depict how crime rates are affected by the amount of television watched are a common knowledge now (Donahue, 25). The companies and the governments around the world encourage the implementation of the rating system that would clearly show what amount of violence and details of the violence will be presented in a certain program or show (Diamant, 42). In the following essay I will speak about one prime-time TV program, namely Jerry Maguire TV show. I personally get amused by it every time I watch it yet apparently it would be very useful in this essay due to the high amounts of violence, verbal threats or harm, insults and other assaults. Continue reading

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Essay: Developments in Russian Painting

The situation in the Russian painting at the beginning of the past century was similar to that in many European nations, marked by vigorous artistic activity and passion for experimentation. Like in most European countries, in Russia painters did not merely copycat foreign styles. Instead, they viewed innovative ideas through the prism of their own, unique view of the world and developed unique styles and movements.

The Russian painting in 1905-1920 was revolved around “the idea of abstract, non-objective (non-representational) art” (Rollins College). The ultimate expression of this idea was the work of the leading abstract painter Kazimir Malevich and his Suprematist experiments. In Malevich’s own words, Suprematism means that “the visual phenomena of the objective world are, in themselves, meaningless; the significant thing is feeling” (Malevich). This is an idea that laid the foundation for abstract art de-emphasizing reality and giving itself to the expression of the artist’s inner feelings. Malevich’s work of that period includes “The Woodcutter” (1912), “The Aviator” (1914), “An Englishman in Moscow” (1914), and other paintings demonstrating the re-conceptualisation of the relationship between reality and artistic imagination. Continue reading

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Essay: What Does Social Justice Mean to You?

Justice is one of the key notions regarding the concept of the perfect world. And. as well as the idea of the perfect world, the notion of the absolute justice is utopic. Initially, we are different by our nature, our physical parameters, temper, etc. Our education adds more contrast to this difference, dividing us into our wishes, aspirations, and our concepts of happiness. It is simply impossible to satisfy all our need taking into account their diversity.

However, the pursuit of justice is a foundation of the human morality. This is a principle that regulates our attitude toward ourselves and others.

Let us talk about social justice, as it greatly depends on the public sentiment. Continue reading

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Essay on Hatred is Like an Acid

A great number of philosophers, psychologists, poets, and ordinary people have tried to define happiness. It is discussable who has done it better, but one thing is certain — it is difficult to imagine a happy human being without psychological equilibrium, without peace inside. This is probably the base the happiness is built on.

Fear, resentment, envy, and other negative manifestations weaken this base. It is very difficult for a human to restrain himself from such emotions. Is it not a reason for us to speak about the evanescence, fleetingness of happiness?

However, there is nothing like hatred. Hatred is like an acid — it corrodes human soul, disrupts psychological equilibrium, paints your inner world in dark colors. Hatred in its essence is a self-destruction.

Why is this happening? Continue reading

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Psychology Essay on Child Development

Child development is the problem that has always bothered people. Our organism is so complicated that it survives crucial changes during the process of growing up. Doubtless, a baby does not look the same as an adolescent. Moreover, their mind is completely different. Thus, it is engrossing to learn about the process of child development from the side of psychology, whereas a child’s mind changes rapidly. Many psychologists generated their own theories that try to analyze and explain the factors that influence the process of child development. Continue reading

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Art Essay on Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is one of the icons of the American pop art. This personality is believed to be the real artist who worked in numerous fields of art. He was an artist, illustrator, photographer, designer, sculptor, writer, producer, director, publisher and collector. This multitasking personality lived his step in the development of modern art. Moreover, he is supposed to be the creator of the major trends of the entire modern art. His original approach towards work made it possible for him to gain international fame during the lifetime. He worked with the most influential and popular celebrities of the 20th century.

The works of Andy Warhol are based on the symbols and icons of celebrity culture, advertisement and artistic expression. The artist is treated like a controversial person because of his authentic approach towards art and sexuality. Andy Warhol deserves being called one of the most influential representatives of modern art. Continue reading

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Leadership Essay on Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the most influential personalities of the twentieth century. I guess there is hardly a person who can question this statement. What is more, Steve Jobs is related to different fields of human life. Firstly, he is a smart inventor in the field of IT. Secondly, he is one of the most successful businessmen. Thirdly, he is the creator of the current pop-culture and lifestyle.

Thus, it is possible to observe the life of this personality from different sides. This essay is devoted to the analysis of Steve Jobs as a leader.

It is impossible to imagine the current popularity of Apple Inc. without Steve Jobs. Nearly everyone possesses iPhone or iPad, which are the most popular products of Apple Inc. These products have become the unquestionable leaders on the market of smartphones and tablets. Why? The name of Steve Jobs is the main reason. This person is known to be the cofounder of Apple Inc. and inventor of numerous devises associated with this corporation. Many experts say that Apple Inc. would have remained one of numerous minor companies of Silicon Valley without Jobs. Now, this corporation is the most expensive one in Silicon Valley. I can claim that Apple Inc. owes its success to Steve Jobs. He used numerous leadership styles in order to manage such a huge and prosperous company. Let us focus on the analysis of his approach towards leadership. Continue reading

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Criminal Law Essay on Homicide

According to the latest official statistics, there are more than 500 000 cases of homicide every year.

More than 30% of all cases occur in Africa. Americas are on the second place. Asia is known for 5% of all the cases of homicide that are reported in the world annually. What is homicide? Why does this problem exist? How can it be solved? Criminal homicide is the action of killing a person by another person. The killer could have killed the victim intentionally and unintentionally. Despite the actual intention, both variants are treated like homicide and are punished strictly. When you try to analyze the problem of homicide, you will learn that there are many types of this crime. I will try to analyze them below. Continue reading

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Essay on the Golden Age of Greece

What is the “Golden Age” of Greece? Why do people appreciate Ancient Greece and its heritage?

The “Golden Age” or the Classical period of Greece is supposed to be paramount for the development of this country. The Classical period lasted from around the 5th to the 3rd century BC. However, some historians say that this period started in the 8th century BC when they speak about Sparta. When we hear about Ancient Greece, we think about only two major city-states – Athens and Sparta. Both city-states were at war all the time.

Although they were extremely different, they left the most notable impact on this ancient civilization. The well-known poets, philosophers, architects, etc. appeared during the Classical period of Greece. This country is supposed to be the mother of Western Civilization and its culture; therefore, it is vital to know about it a lot.

Continue reading

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Movie Review on Star Wars the Force Awakens

Without doubt, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is supposed to be the most historic event of 2015. Although many critics were skeptical about the creation of the seventh episode of the most successful epic space opera film of all times, everyone was waiting for this movie. Many people were afraid of the poor quality script that would destroy the entire series. Others said that Star Wars series had their logical conclusion and it would be a mistake to create new characters and develop a new story. However, many fans had dreamt about the continuation for years. In spite of all controversies, the film appeared and broke the bank. The budget of the seventh episode is equal to 200 million dollars. The box office is more than 2 billion! As a result, The Force Awakens has become the third highest grossing film of all time. The director of the film is J. J. Abrams who is known for such successful movies as Star Trek, Star Trek into Darkness and Mission: Impossible III.

In my opinion, Abrams managed to create a worthy movie that has not spoilt the previous episodes. Continue reading

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