Research Paper on Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club is an international society, which organizes after-school additional activity for young students.

Created at the second half of the eighteenth century, Boys and Girls Club organization is of an all-embracing nature and was aimed at the education of young children. It should be noted that, with the evolution of the organization, the role of education increased. Among the characteristic features of the organization, you can specify the absence of separate organizations for boys and girls.

Boys and Girls Club is a charitable and non-profitable organization with 4000 local clubs all over the world. There are over two million members of the organization that employs more than 60 thousand personnel. It is ranked as a number one among the similar organizations for youth.

All the college and university students who have chosen Boys and Girls Club topic to write a research papers on, have to know the procedure of writing research proposal. Continue reading

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Essay on Chemical Fertilizers

When I wondered what plants eat, it turns out that they are able to eat everything they can get out of the soil, air and water. What kind of “food” is it? Here are the main components: water, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, copper, molybdenum, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, sulfur, etc. Almost the whole periodic table is the “food” for our green friends. All this is called inorganic fertilizers (excluding water and carbon, of course).

Fertilizers can be simple and complex. Ordinary fertilizers contain a single element (e.g., nitrogen or phosphorus), when complex are composed of two or more components.

Wisdom of Mother Nature is that each plant independently synthesizes the necessary organic from inorganic elements. But not always our green friends had enough natural inorganic minerals. Sometimes soil (e.g., clay) is poor of manganese and iron, or there is not enough copper and zinc, and sometimes (e.g., sandstone) are poor in nitrogen and potassium. Therefore, we use a variety of chemical fertilizers for fertilizing out garden plants. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Dog Behavior

It has been proven that the dog comes from a wolf, which, to a certain extent, determines dog behavior. It is believed by many researchers, the ancestors of dogs and wolves were domesticated about 12 thousand years ago. However, this conclusion did not come immediately. Concerning the origin of the dog for a long time there were different opinions. Professor Bjorn Courtenay, a prominent Scandinavian expert in the field of origin and evolution of mammals believes that if there was no wolf in the genealogical tree of a dog and the other canines, say a jackal or wild dog species, then it definitely would have affected the structure of the canine skull, especially the teeth. But none of that not be found, at least in dogs of the Old World, Kurt believes that the ancestors of dogs may be wolves of Southeast and South Asia. Continue reading

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Essay on Biological Importance of Water

Water plays an important role in the life of the organism. Most of the substances, which are necessary for normal functioning of organs and tissues, are soluble in water. It is an environment in which almost all the biochemical and biophysical reactions associated with metabolism and necessary for life run. Water acts as a transport system (transport of nutrients, enzymes, metabolic products, gases, antibodies, etc.). With the help of water metabolic products (slag) are excreted, a state of homeostasis (acid-base, osmotic, hemodynamic, thermal equilibrium) is supported; cool down of the body occurs by means of evaporation of water through the skin and lungs. Water is essential for the formation of secretions and excretions, providing a certain tissue turgor; it contributes to the dilution of feces. Continue reading

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Term Paper on Motion Planning in Robotics

Motion planning in robotics is the complex of efforts aimed at the organization of the peculiarities of motion of machines (robots) which would increase their mobility and effectiveness. It is obvious that motion planning is a complicated and important aspect of robotics, because one of the most valuable and useful qualities of every robot is its ability to move according to the set algorithms fulfilling its duties well. The easiest example of motion planning is a robot constructed on the basis of a toy-car. Engineers have managed to create artificial intellect for the small toy which can be directed by the human being. The quality of the motion of the car will differ according to the type of the robot and its complexity. If the robot is a simple one, the car will move only forwardly.

If the robot is more complicated, it will be able to turn right and left, up and down, working already not in 2D but in 3D area. When the robot is able to fulfill other commands expect of motion, the model is supposed to be a real complex one. Continue reading

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Essay on My Favorite Politician

My favorite politician is Hillary Clinton. She is a rare and beautiful example of consistency and reasonableness in decision making. I am really impressed by her ability to face the hard times and hard opponents, as well as strict laconic and restraint style of her wardrobe. I believe her to be one of the most influential politicians in the world and a very likely candidate for the presidency of the United States.

I think that a politician should embody stability and reliability. Someone might argue that extravagant personality and extraordinary actions also have their fans, but, to be frank, those few politicians who are prone to excess rarely achieve truly impressive success in the political arena. From this perspective, Hillary Clinton is an ideal political figure.

When choosing clothes, she always prefers the classics. Most often, we see her in public and official meetings, so the usual “uniform” of Hillary Clinton is a laconic suit. Smooth matte fabric, with no visible weave or excess shine, restrained color, cool beige or gray, straight or slightly fitted cut. If you believe that it is a simple and obvious choice, remember the many sad examples of politicians, both men and women who manage to mess up the most expensive suits with completely inappropriate accessories, lurid decor or a tie with color of the scorching sun. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Hunger in Africa

Over the past few decades catastrophes that have been associated with hunger have repeatedly occurred. In the mid-80s on the basis of extreme drought, as well as the political crisis in Ethiopia nearly 1 million people died, and in conjunction with the civil war, and even more. Later, after 10 years, the situation repeated itself, only the region has become much broader, and in 2006, Kenya and Djibouti joined the starving countries.

If you consult free sample research papers on hunger in Africa you will understand that the primary cause of the hunger is scarce during the rainy season because of which corny crops perish together with the cattle. The main rainy season falls in early spring, starts too late and is very unstable. In some areas, there are only 30% of the usual rainfall, and mortality among livestock there reaches 60%. The milk production, an important food for the children, severely decreases and the prices of staple foods reach a record high. Continue reading

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Computer Design Language Term Paper

Computer design language is the formal sign system used for the writing of computer programs. Programming language defines the set of lexical, syntactic and semantic rules which define the general view of the program and the set of actions which can be fulfilled by the computer under its assistance. Since the origin of the first computers, the humanity has invented more than eight thousand of programming languages (including abstract and non-standard languages).

Some languages are used by the narrow circle of programmers and developers, while other languages are so popular that are used by millions of programmers all over the world. A common professional programmer uses more than ten computer design languages in his every day work. The main function of computer design languages is to write the computer programs which are used by the computer in the form of the instructions for the fulfilment of the definite operations. Continue reading

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Dark Chocolate Research Paper

Chocolate is a product made of the cocoa tree grains grown in tropical areas. Birthplace of chocolate is South America, and the first chocolate tile, produced by Joseph Fry, has appeared in the 19th century. The first milk chocolate bar appeared in 1876: it has made of milk powder by the Swiss Daniel Peter. The main difference between the black (bitter) chocolate from the other types is the lack of milk and a high content of chocolate liquor and cocoa butter.

Dark (or black) chocolate consists for 72% of the natural cocoa and the more it will have, the more health-giving it will be. Continue reading

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Essay on Muscle Contraction

Muscle contraction is the process whereby the muscle is contracted. Histologically, the muscle tissue is composed of muscle fibers that are polynuclear, elongated cells. The cells in turn contains muscle fibers constructed of sarcomeres. A sarcomer is composed of actin filaments (thin filaments), myosinfilament (thick filaments) with several proteins.

The students who are trying to prepare a good essay on muscle construction have to understand that during the movements of the skeletal muscles, the movement can be consciously controllable or non consciously controllable, the neurological difference lies in the nerve impulse that initiates where the movement comes from. Involuntary movements are also called reflexes. Continue reading

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