Research Proposal on Reading Habits

Reading habits are types of reading behaviour which have been developed during the constant process of reading. It is obvious that reading habits appear during the permanent and systematic reading of various books, periodicals, articles and all sort of literature.

Every source and type of literature influences the human reading skills in the different way and develops the human perception, analytical and critical thinking skills. There is a great number of various reading habits but the most important and popular number of them is quite limited. The initial reading habit is called reading for enjoyment or for pleasure but not only when there is a need to read something. When the person reads a lot, she develops this habit and very soon she starts reading for entertainment and the process of reading stops being a routine of a task but becomes an everyday need and desire. The nest habit is the ability to read everywhere without losing attention even in the crowded place. Continue reading

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Persuasive Essay on Body Piercings

Persuasive Essay about Body Piercings:

Body piercing is the kind of the body art which is characterized with the piercing of the certain parts of the human body with the purpose of inserting jewellery into these holes.

The practice of body piercings dates back to the dawn of the human civilization and culture, because this practice was a tradition of numerous people in prehistoric times. Numerous tribes in Africa, Asia, Australia, South and North America practised body piercing for the various purposes, mainly to symbolize something: their origin, occupation, social status, etc. Nowadays, body piercing plays not a symbolic role but has the decorative purpose.

People want to look attractive and to look differently from the others and do such things as piercing. It is obvious that there are many parts of the body which can be pierced: eras, nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue, genitals, nipples, etc. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Paranoia

Paranoia or persecution mania is a pathological condition of excessive suspiciousness, which tends to be a form of delusion or be part of a more complex symptomatology in psychosis with hallucinations and thought disorder.

Paranoid delusions occurr in many different psychological disorders and even some neurological disorders and conditions.

Particularly distinctive is the state of schizophrenia and specifically the type that is called paranoid schizophrenia, but also occur in a personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, and delusional disorder. Paranoia is also common among addicts in withdrawal phase or under substance intoxication on drugs. Continue reading

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Essay on Idealism in Education

Today I want to speak about philosophy of idealism in education: what pro and cons of the issue are and which are the best provisions of the issue that can be adopted in modern education.

On the current state of education is said and written a lot. All agree that “it is necessary to do something.” But what – here views differ radically. Incredibly wide range of offerings and variegated. From the full and unconditional acceptance of the western model to following the ancient eastern methods and techniques. It, of course, is well, when there are a lot of opinions and they are all freely aired and debated. On the other hand, we must note a sad but typologically purely fact: education reform has already begun and is completely independent of any debate there was. No matter how many officials said that they listen to the conclusions of some “experts,” I do not believe the officials would do something right. None of employees in higher education that I know, including academics, professors and associate professors, is among those most mysterious “experts.” Continue reading

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Dissertation Thesis Proposal Example

This paper will focus the way the Canadian government has recently added several mandatory minimum sentences for various high level crimes. Do mandatory minimum sentences reduce crime, or would it be better to allow judges to use their discretion?

The mandatory minimum sentences reduce crime. The Canadian government is right to add several mandatory minimum sentences for various high level crimes.

This minimal mandatory sentence will renovate the crime scene since there will be reduced cases of bailouts and parole and this will make the convicted criminals to fear such cases of harsh verdicts. Parole and bailouts increase the level the crime since they make crime to be taken easily in the court rooms. The minimum mandatory sentence is effective and convenient as a weapon used to reduce crime conveniently. This is because it will help to reduce common crimes and limit the discretion that is used by judges. Continue reading

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Reality Therapy Research Paper

Reality Therapy is a direction in psychotherapy, the main instrument of which is the formation of the patient active life position through the assumption of responsibility, increasing inner freedom in specific situations.

The reality therapy or therapy by real was invented, developed, and updated by William Glasser. It is based on the choice of the individual. In this context, if an individual may reconsider his choice, he could be cured because the disease is considered here as a choice or as a weakness that is not inevitable. The reality therapy does not focus on the analysis of the past, it rather focuses on the development of resources to meet the needs of the individual and help to have harmonious relations with his family. The reality therapy emphasizes the responsibility of the individual who is faced with moral choices that it is healthy to cope. Continue reading

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Persuasive Essay on Brave New World

Free Persuasive Essay: Brave New World

Brave New World is the roman-dystopia, which is written by the English famous writer Aldous Huxley, the grandson of the world famous biologist and anatomist Thomas Henry Huxley. The novel was published in 1932 and conquered the attention of the current readers very soon. Aldous Huxley decided to describe the possible future of the human civilization, because the fictional world is based on the American life of that period and the developing process of mass production and the birth of the culture of consumption. People did not strive to get educated and produce quality goods but lived only to consume goods and services of various kinds. The author named the new era of the fictional world Ford Era and counted years after the invention of conveyor, the appliance used for the mass and rapid production. Although, the fictional world is a fictional one, Aldous Huxley introduced here the real existing personalities of his time who change the process of production and influenced the development of the human civilization. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Mozart Effect

Mozart effect is a hypothesis according to which spatial imagination can be improved by listening to classical music, particularly the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The hypothesis is based on a research by the University of California, Irvine when their findings were published in the prestigious journal 1993 nature. In the paper, the research group reported improved IQ test performance after listening to Mozart’s music. The name “Mozart Effect” was born in the journalistic coverage of the study and was later patented by Don Campbell.

University students writing their research paper on Mozart effect should know that the first hypothesis was not confirmed by further numerous independent experiments. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Fuel Efficient Cars

U.S. study found that today buyers want fuel efficient cars and not expensive high-quality ones.

Today buyers are choosing from a wider range of options than ever before. This conclusion was made ​​by the representatives according to study in the U.S. conducted by JD Power and Associates.

College students preparing their research paper on fuel efficient cars should know that last year, U.S. buyers chose an average of 3.3 cars. For comparison, in 2011 the figure was 3.1 car, and in 2010 – 2.9 car. The study showed that 5% of Americans annually become owners of a new car. Fuel efficiency is today one of the most powerful factors in choosing a car in the United States. 15% of buyers choose the vehicle by the parameter “miles per gallon.” This is a record share of the U.S. market, where traditionally the fuel consumption did not matter. Continue reading

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Research Proposal on Effects of Unemployment

The Effects of Unemployment research proposal:

Unemployment is the phenomenon which is characterized with the lack of opportunities for people to find the appropriate job to make for their living. Unfortunately, the problem of unemployment can not be solved once for all and even the most developed countries have at least several percents of the unemployed people who are looking for a job.

Unemployment is a serious problem which affects people badly. First of all the lack of job reduces the financial background of the unemployed person, because she does not receive salary and the income reduces seriously or disappears at all.

Unemployment causes many problems which have psychological, social and political impact. The unemployed person lives in the constant stress, because she tries to find a job but fails and this situation affects the human psychics and self-esteem negatively. Continue reading

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