Criminal Law Essay on Homicide

According to the latest official statistics, there are more than 500 000 cases of homicide every year.

More than 30% of all cases occur in Africa. Americas are on the second place. Asia is known for 5% of all the cases of homicide that are reported in the world annually. What is homicide? Why does this problem exist? How can it be solved? Criminal homicide is the action of killing a person by another person. The killer could have killed the victim intentionally and unintentionally. Despite the actual intention, both variants are treated like homicide and are punished strictly. When you try to analyze the problem of homicide, you will learn that there are many types of this crime. I will try to analyze them below. Continue reading

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Essay on the Golden Age of Greece

What is the “Golden Age” of Greece? Why do people appreciate Ancient Greece and its heritage?

The “Golden Age” or the Classical period of Greece is supposed to be paramount for the development of this country. The Classical period lasted from around the 5th to the 3rd century BC. However, some historians say that this period started in the 8th century BC when they speak about Sparta. When we hear about Ancient Greece, we think about only two major city-states – Athens and Sparta. Both city-states were at war all the time.

Although they were extremely different, they left the most notable impact on this ancient civilization. The well-known poets, philosophers, architects, etc. appeared during the Classical period of Greece. This country is supposed to be the mother of Western Civilization and its culture; therefore, it is vital to know about it a lot.

Continue reading

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Movie Review on Star Wars the Force Awakens

Without doubt, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is supposed to be the most historic event of 2015. Although many critics were skeptical about the creation of the seventh episode of the most successful epic space opera film of all times, everyone was waiting for this movie. Many people were afraid of the poor quality script that would destroy the entire series. Others said that Star Wars series had their logical conclusion and it would be a mistake to create new characters and develop a new story. However, many fans had dreamt about the continuation for years. In spite of all controversies, the film appeared and broke the bank. The budget of the seventh episode is equal to 200 million dollars. The box office is more than 2 billion! As a result, The Force Awakens has become the third highest grossing film of all time. The director of the film is J. J. Abrams who is known for such successful movies as Star Trek, Star Trek into Darkness and Mission: Impossible III.

In my opinion, Abrams managed to create a worthy movie that has not spoilt the previous episodes. Continue reading

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Essay on Corruption in Education System

If the government wants to defeat corruption in education system, it should pay teachers more money.

Many problems influence the life of our civilization subversively. People suffer from overpopulation, poverty, unemployment, discrimination, poor education and poor access towards information and new technologies. Finally, nearly every state has the problem of severe corruption, which penetrates every field of human life. In my opinion, corruption is caused by the factors that have been enumerated above. When one suffers from the lack of resources, he tries to earn money in the most controversial way. People take advantage of their position and take money for their illegal services. For example, a poor police officer agrees to release a criminal forasmuch he needs to feed his children. Sometimes, hunger is more persuasive than morality. Continue reading

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How to Make a College Essay More Personal

A personal essay is a specific assignment. The main idea of this paper is to write your personal impression and personal point of view about the definite problem, event or personality. You can take advantage of these writing instructions in order to make your college essay more personal. Continue reading

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Irony in Literature Essay

Irony is one of the most popular and effective stylistic devices used in literature. Obviously, irony is closely connected with the delicate humor. When you want to point at the negative side of your colleague in a soft and friendly way, you can use an ironic phrase.

Secondly, irony is the best tool against censorship. When you cannot say something directly, you are able to say it in an ironic way. There are many kinds of irony, which fulfil different functions in a text. It is possible to say that there are two major approaches towards irony in literature. Firstly, one can just find irony in a text and define its basic type. Secondly, one can find irony and interpret it according to the situation, place and time. In this case, one will have to explain the meaning and importance of this type of irony for the mentioned situation or a larger text. Continue reading

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Humor in Advertising Essay

Very few people understand the entire power of humor in different fields of our life. In my opinion, humor is important in education and at the workplace. It helps people find a common language and build healthy social relations. Very often, it is easier to explain something with the help of an anecdote or a light joke than with the help of the persuasive facts and arguments. To my mind, it is important to apply humor in business and management. It is easier to communicate with your coworkers and employees of different levels with the help of humor. Next, when a firm wants to make its production popular among customers, it should advertise it in the right way. There are different techniques and methods of advertising. Every method is acceptable in the definite situation, place and time. Sometimes the most effective technique is humor. I will focus on the analysis of this useful element of successful marketing. Continue reading

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Free Essay on Telemarketing

Telemarketing is known to be the first job of the majority of students, immigrants and handicapped people.

Telemarketing is a weighty part of business and our everyday life though very few people understand the structure of this model of marketing. Telemarketing is a kind of direct marketing in which a salesperson or another representative of a firm persuades customers to purchase goods and services over the phone. This quaint method is very controversial inasmuch as experts question its effectiveness.

Foremost it is hard to persuade someone to buy something over the phone. Secondly, constant calls strongly irritate potential customers. To my mind, this topic is relevant since telemarketing employs millions of people all over the world.

Telemarketing is quite a new method, which had its peak about ten or fifteen years ago. A firm wants to reduce the cost of advertising of its products employing a group of telemarketers who promote goods and services over the phone. Continue reading

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Psychographics Essay

Knowledge about individuals and communities and their lifestyle helps us understand the culture of human society. Have you ever heard about psychographic studies? Why is it important to learn about the interests and values of common people?

Psychographics is a study about human personality in general. Experts learn about human interests, values, lifestyle and attitudes in order to understand his/her expectations from life.

This knowledge is very beneficial forasmuch it can be applied in numerous fields of human activity. This study is very rich concerning its methodology and achievements.

Psychographics is associated with culture in its broader meaning. Very often, experts manage to learn about such details, which cross all intercultural borders. For that reason, this study is able to collect much information about the lifestyle and values of the particular social groups and the entire humanity. Continue reading

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Holocaust Literature Essay

What do you know about the Holocaust? Why should everyone always remember about this tragedy? The Holocaust is a genocide of Jews during the rule of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. It is impossible to name the definite number of Jews who were murdered by the Third Reich and its collaborators.

Some experts say that the number of victims is about six million people. I must admit that there was a million of children among them. Jews were chased in the entire Europe; therefore, many of them had to escape to the USA and other countries, which are situation far from these tragic events. The problem of the Holocaust is very popular in literature.

There are many people who managed to survive at concentration camps and they described their life and fears in dairies, short stories, novels and poems. Moreover, many authors touch upon this problem in order to demonstrate their sympathy towards Jews and reveal the crimes of World War 2. Continue reading

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