Free Essay on History of Islam

At the time of its inception, Islam has been a syncretic religion, having absorbed some elements of religions of the Arabian Peninsula. The main influence on the original Islam had a pre-Islamic ancient beliefs and cults: Hanif, Judaism, Christianity, and Mazdeism.

The founder of Islam is Prophet Muhammad, historically accurate person.

In 610, Mohammed spoke publicly as a Prophet in Mecca. This year is the year of the rise of Islam. Although neither the first, nor the subsequent sermon of Muhammad in Mecca did not bring him success, he was able to recruit some of the followers of the new religion.

The sermons of that period were mostly not about real life and concerned the soul, and therefore cannot cause a great interest among the population. The local powers were hostile as to the sermon as to Mohammed. Continue reading

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History of Science Research Paper

The scientific image of the world cannot be understood without tracing its history and ways of its formation. Systematic historical research began only in the XIX century. The first objective of the history of science was chronological systematization of the success in various branches of science. To date, a vast historical base of achievements in almost all fields of knowledge, especially the various branches of natural science, has been created.

Writing a successful research paper on the history of science requires fundamental skills in various field and disciplines. For better understanding of the topic, we recommend you to consult free sample research paper on the subject. Continue reading

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History of Psychology Term Paper

Psychology is the discipline which studies the peculiarities of the human psychological development, the origin of various psychological disorders, emotions, feelings, behaviour and the reaction of the human being to the changes in the natural environment.

Psychology is simultaneously the oldest and the youngest science, because people made attempts to think about the human psychology, the origin of emotions and peculiarities of the human behaviour thousands of years ago, while the official establishment of the science happened only in the 19th century.

Obviously, psychology was widely practised in Ancient Greece and the majority of the famous philosophers touched upon the core psychological issues trying to understand the spiritual matter of the human body. No wonder, psychology originated from philosophy and the first ancient psychologists were the famous philosophers. In the run of time the opinion about psychology improved in the minds of the men of thought and they developed such ideas as the existence of the human consciousness (the idea originated in the 17th century), character, temperament, memory, etc. Continue reading

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Positive Thinking Research Paper

Positive thinking and the patterns are revealed in 3D modeling. The surrounding world, objects, and our ideas, concepts are also three dimensional.

The volume as a whole is formed only through positive signs in parts (the ratio of parts to a whole). Only the volume can have dimensions.

Therefore, positive thinking is a natural process of life, harmony with the outside world, maintaining its standards in the consciousness and organization of all the processes in life.

All patterns are denoted in the normative psychology, regulatory management, and normative psychoanalysis.

To write a successful research paper on positive thinking you should know that it is a concept used in the workshops on motivational and personal development, as well as in the correspondent literature. The synonyms of the term are “new thinking,” “right thinking,” “power thinking,” or “mental positivism.” Positive thinking is not associated with positive psychology. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Benefits of Preschool

Preschool education in the United States of America takes place in the special preschool establishments: day nurseries, kindergartens, developing and preparatory preschool centers, which are the public and private establishments for the children of nursery and kindergarten age. The state actively stimulates improvement of teaching efficiency in preschool establishments, rendering to financial help family for the reception of preschool education and preparation to school of the child.

If your object were to write a successful research paper on benefits of preschool, we would recommend you the using of free sample research on the topic, allowing the writer to understand all the various aspects of this complex subject. In addition, you can use them as a guide on unclear regulations of the scientific writing. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Health Care Ethics

The principles of observance by the doctors of professional mastery and bases of morality are of enormous significance for our society. Ethics is to an equal measure applicable to any activity, including health care that by the virtue of its professional belonging is an integral part of our society.

If you are looking to write a decent research paper on health care ethics, it is important to profoundly understand every aspect of this multi-faceted phenomenon as well as its origin and history. It seems very helpful to us free sample research paper to learn that the history of health care ethics is begun with the Oath of Hippocrates. Even though it was certainly only a conditional limit, the Oath became a systemically important beginning of the health care as the only science, which moral principles are qualificatory for its setting and ultimate goal. Because, if not for a man, not for the care about his health and fight against his illnesses, even death, there is no such thing that people so many centuries with respect have been calling medicine. Continue reading

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Essay on Benefits of Reading Newspaper

During last three centuries, reading newspapers entered our life so deeply, so desperately became a part of us that we can demise it as an inheritance. We can safely claim that it has become a normal physiological necessity of human organism, as, say, dieting, observance of the personal hygiene, sex and so on. However, if the vital functions listed above are under permanent medical control of dietitians, sexologists, dermatologists, and other health care professionals, the opinion of newspaperologists yet are extremely rare.

The absence of any developed in newspaperology is pernicious not so much for the science, as for many ordinary readers, who, avoiding following medical recommendations, expose their health to the permanent danger.

The clear evidence of the heaviest consequences of the newspaper hunger are well known quite for long already. For example, absence of newspapers in prisons and penitentiary establishments affects the health of prisoners and leads to the protests and even riots. We all remember the mass escape from a Chinese prison of group of the prisoners exhausted by prohibitions on newspaper subscription. They were grasped by a police at the first paper shop, where they had lined up for the fresh issue of their favorite Renmin Ribao. Continue reading

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Term Paper on DNA Fingerprinting

DNA fingerprinting is the method of the identification of the individuals on the basis of the analysis of their DNA. Naturally, years ago one will not imagine the connection between the DNA analysis and forensic sciences, but today the issue is quite relevant and is worth attention. Due to the scientific research and discoveries it has become possible to identify the person on the basis of her DNA and this method has become actively applied in forensics. It is obvious that the majority of the people who were accused of committing a crime many years ago were innocent and it was quite difficult to prove their innocence without witnesses and reliable evidence. So that the effectiveness and objectiveness of the police and judicial system was quite poor as many innocent people were imprisoned because of the poor work of the police. Fortunately, with the development of genetics the experts have managed to invent the methods of identifying the human personality just on the basis of the result of her blood, sperm, saliva and hair. Continue reading

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Solar System Research Paper

Solar system is defined as the gravitational system of the Sun. The solar system includes the sun, orbiting by planets and their natural satellites, the dwarf planets and other small bodies such as comets, asteroids, and meteoroids, and the total of all gas and dust particles attracted and held together by the sun gravitational field. The Solar System also includes the Earth.

Those who are about to write their research paper on Solar system it is important to know that the central star of the solar system is the sun.

It is followed by the terrestrial planets:

  • Mars,
  • Earth,
  • Venus,
  • Mercury,

which make up the inner part of the planetary system. The outer part consist of the gas planets:

  • Jupiter,
  • Saturn,
  • Uranus,
  • Neptune.

Continue reading

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Permissive Parenting Research Paper

In permissive parenting, parents almost do not regulate behavior of the child; they are open for close interaction with the child. Complete freedom is given to children with an insignificant guidance by the parents.

College and university students interested in writing an argumentative and interesting research paper on permissive parenting are welcomed to use free sample research proposals on the topic. These free papers are an excellent choice for those have none or small experience in the field.

The absence of some limitations results in disobedience and aggressiveness, children often behave inadequately in public, they are inclined to indulge their weaknesses, have impulsive behavior. At a favorable set of circumstances, children in such families become active, strong, and creative personalities. If the connivance is accompanied by open hostility from the parents, nothing stops a child from giving vent to the most destructive impulses. Continue reading

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