Essay on Awareness of Road Safety

According to statistics, every year road accidents take the life of about a million and half people.

About fifty million people are injured. For each fatal case there are about twenty people receiving serious injuries, many are disabled. The number of people killed in road accidents around the world is comparable with the number of deaths from well-known infectious disease such as malaria or tuberculosis. Road traffic injuries became the leading cause of death among young people with 16-28 of age, and the second leading cause of death among children and adolescents with 5-14 of age.

The increasing challenges in the field of road safety, as a result of which about three thousand people die every day on the planet are of concern to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Injuries from traffic accidents, are today one of the global problems of the international healthcare, requiring a special attention. Continue reading

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Medicare Research Paper

Medicare is the health insurance system managed by the Government of the United States for the benefit of persons over 65 years of age or meeting certain criteria. The name derives from the contraction of ‘medical’ and ‘care.’ The first act introducing the Medicare system was passed on July 30, 1965, during the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson in the form of amendment to the social security legislation, for the War on Poverty project. In the vote on the law, President Johnson made the former President Harry S.Truman the first beneficiary of the program, issuing the first Medicare card.

At the end of the Second World War, the possibility that a conflict of same magnitude happens again was unimaginable. While during the 1930s, the Governments of the future Western camp were conducting the policy leading to a profound social instability at the beginning of the conflict; World War II marked a new start. The ideas of the British economist Keynes spread into Keynesian economics, declaring the demand policy. Indeed, the States of the Western bloc decided to support the request because demand determines supply, so the growth. Medicare, born supported by this ideology, put into force in the United States by President Johnson in 1965: his name was on the Social Security Act. Continue reading

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Training Need Identification Research Paper

Training need identification or training analysis implies using psychoanalysis as a training exercise for the future psychoanalyst, the main part of his training.

The discovery of psychoanalysis is closely linked to the Freud’s concept of introspection. Freud initially thought that only those who realized their own unconscious are able to successfully practice psychoanalysis. At the Nurnberg Congress in 1910, Freud claimed that introspection is the condition that is required to ensure that the doctor was able to perceive countertransference and master it. What did Freud refer here to: introspection or analysis conducted by a third party? The term “Selbstanalise” does not explicitly address this issue. From the context it appears that it is about self-analysis, but according to the report by Otto Rank on the congress, Freud was rather referring to the organization of the didactic analysis. Apparently, during this period, the indispensability of the didactic analysis, even after personal analysis, has not yet become apparent for Freud. Continue reading

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Essay on Importance of Art in Life

Art is an integral part of life of every human, city, and State. The word “art” has many definitions, characteristics and features, but each person sees it in its own way.

In my opinion, the art is a creative reflection of reality, the main purpose of which is to reveal the beautiful, sensual, exciting, and beautiful in human existence, sometimes even to show the unexplained and controversial. I think the movie, painting, architecture, and other art forms should call different emotions, feelings and thoughts in the heart and mind of man. Undoubtedly, the same work of art can bring completely opposite feelings in the minds of different people. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Factors Affecting Study Habits

The study habits of students are affected by many factors: their financial status, state of their health, their age, marital status, undergraduate level, self-organization skills, their ability for planning and monitoring their activities (mainly training), right career choice, form of training (full-time, evening, part-time, distance, etc.), the existence of tuition fees and their amount, organization of educational process at the educational institution and its material base, their teachers and support staff qualification, the prestige of the educational institution and, finally, the individual psychological characteristics of students. Continue reading

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Essay on Moral Absolutism

Moral absolutism includes absolute-heteronomous, autonomous, phenomenological, intuitive theories. Its essence consists in the proclamation of morality as unconditional and the most important foundations of human activity, and the desire to be moral – as the primary semantic cohesion of the motive. This position was expressed by Socrates, Kant, has found expression in stoicism, Christian ethics. Utilitarianism is the opposite position, considering the morals only as a means to achieve happiness. In absolutism, happiness lies in the virtues, while utilitarianism considers the virtue only a way to happiness. These are, of course, extreme versions of both approaches. In modern ethics these extremes are blurred, intermingled, having common positions in some parts. However, the dilemma remains. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a team game, consisting in the confrontation between the two teams on skates, which, passing the puck with the sticks are aimed to get it in the other team’s net, achieving the highest score and hinder the other team make the same thing.

The history of ice hockey is one of the most disputed among all sports. Traditionally, the ice hockey birthplace is considered Montreal (Canada) (although more recent studies point to the superiority of Windsor, Nova Scotia or Kingston, Ontario). However, already some Dutch paintings of the 16th century, depicts a lot of people playing a game on iced channel, which looked similar to the hockey. However, despite this, Canada is still the official birthplace of the modern ice hockey.

Continue reading

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Free Essay on Robinson Crusoe

You can love or hate Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, but you have to recognize that this is a great novel that even made the word “Robinson” a household name. I adore the book since my childhood, perhaps, I even loved it more than now as a child. However, ironically, I liked Robinson Crusoe himself much less than, the description of the life on the island, and I usually skipped everything before and after it. I am not going to argue that maybe it was often skipped parts that contained the basic canvass of the plot, deep moral dogmas by Defoe, speaking through Robinson mouth, and something else they teach in the textbooks on the history of English literature of … But I needed only the adventures of Robinson Crusoe and the book gave them to me.

I know that Defoe, naturally, tried to create not so much a pure adventure fiction, but rather wanted to illuminate some philosophical and religious questions. Continue reading

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Sports Injuries Research Paper

Sports injuries can occur during prolonged physical activity, when the cartilage between the tendon fibers is reborn, stiffens, co-ossifies, has bony overgrowth spikes, osteophytes and bony spurs. All these processes lead to the tendinosis that cause pain in places of fastening of the tendons, increasing at the load on the attached muscles and when pulping the muscle. Tendinosis or tendinopathies indicating the overload on the muscle.

Use free example research papers on sports injuries to learn that the most frequent tendinosis occur in athletes because the load on their muscles s too heavy. Depending on the different sports tendinosis have different localization. This, in turn, depends on the most affected muscles.

Tendinosis at the attachment of the trapezius muscles and diamond-shaped muscles are most often found in practicing such sports as throwing, gymnastics, tennis, and weight lifting. Continue reading

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Lockheed Martin Research Paper

Lockheed Martin is the first American and global company in defense and security, Like its major competitors, it designs and manufactures various products in which electronics and technology play a key role. In 2008, 84% of the company’s sales were made to the U.S. State, and the rest mainly to other States. In 2010, on the 45.8 billion dollars in sales, 17.3 billion come from contracts signed with the US administration (10.9 billion in defense, 6.6 billion in civil).

College and university students who have decided to use Lockheed Martin topic for writing their research paper on have to thoroughly study the history of the company and try to figure out al the most important events in its development. Using free sample papers on the topic will give you an idea how to write a good research proposal on the subject and teach you to collect, process, and present the relevant information on paper.

Lockheed Martin was born in 1995 by the merger of Lockheed and Martin. Both companies were at the origin of the aviation groups. Today, Lockheed Martin remains among others known for its combat aircrafts: F-16, F-22, and F-35. They account for about 20% of the Company turnover in 2008. Continue reading

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