Term Paper on Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act or informally Obama Care is one of the most serious and foundational projects in the history of the USA from 1960s. Before Barack Obama became The President of the USA, he had created a detailed plan about the complete improvement of the spheres of healthcare and health insurance, which will be affordable to the majority of Americans. The problem has always been relevant, because more than 30 million people in the USA lived without health insurance, as healthcare system was not free. There were a lot of severe discussions and quarrels between politicians and finally the Act was signed in 2010. The reform was started in 2010 and it was carried out gradually in order to cover all its important elements and principles. Nowadays, Affordable Care Act is supposed to be one of the most solid achievements of Barack Obama and his presidency. Continue reading

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Human Biology Term Paper

Human biology is a complex of disciplines that illustrate the whole picture of the human existence and the unity of her organism. Some scholars claim that it is important to observe human biology from the point of view of anthropology, though it is better to touch upon this problem from the point of view of biology and its branches. Human biology is most often associated with the study of the human organism relying on physical, genetic and biochemical factors that influence body constitution and physical peculiarities of the human organism. Much attention is paid to the research of blood, blood types, twins, inclinations to diseases, etc. Scientists try to research the human organism from all sides in order to find answers to the most thought-provoking questions that have always bothered their minds. Continue reading

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Essay on Benefits of Team Sports

Playing team sports is one of the most positive and interesting physical and a great way of recreational activity. They develop speed, agility, and endurance, as well as helping improve your mood and psyche.

Any sport provides an excellent exercise and gives a man an excellent shape. Team sports are most often dominated by such exercises like running, stretching, jumping, but above all they are known for giving you a reasonable and controlled energy consumption.

Individual sports can help you keep your body toned, strengthen your bone and muscle structure. However, team sports give you comprehensive training for the whole body. Continue reading

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Herbal Medicine Research Paper

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest medical therapies that can be found on all continents and in all cultures. The knowledge about plants is the basis of herbal medicine.

In addition, herbal medicine largely intersects with pharmacology and toxicology. As a result, herbal medicine can be associated with the term referring to pharmaceutical biology. Herbal medicine aims to explore medical plants and their ingredients with respect to their therapeutic effects.

Not only whole plants or their parts (flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, roots), but also isolated individual substances are used in herbal medicine. These pharmaceutical drugs called precursors can be used fresh or conserved: tea, juice, tincture, extract, powder, essential oil, etc. As parts of mixtures, medicinal plants can have variously pronounced effects and thus be used in various clinical cases. The active ingredients of the medicinal plants are subject to natural fluctuations, caused by climate, location, and time the plant was harvested. Preparations from medicinal plants can continue to be affected by storage and manufacturing process in their content of ingredients. The standardization of source materials and methods for the manufacture of medicinal products is therefore very important. Herbal medicinal products contain defined amounts of active ingredients and have consistent quality and effectiveness. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Extraterrestrial Life

One of the most interesting ideas for stirring up the imagination of not only professional astronomers, but also people of other professions, has always been the idea of finding evidence of extraterrestrial life. Our Universe is huge, almost infinite, and scientists can assume that there is another Earth, or even many Earth-like planets, outside our solar system. It is likely that somewhere in the Universe, there are planets with conditions that allow to develop and maintain some lifeforms.

But what about our solar system?

Today it is considered that the atmosphere is necessary when it comes about possibility of life, in other words, you need air, water, and gravity close to the terrestrial, as well as acceptable temperature. Astronomers have conducted a number of studies, searching for life on the planets of our solar system. They were looking for water, air, and other substances, common on planet Earth. Continue reading

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Essay on Gun Laws

Some national legislations provide their citizens with the right to keep firearm for self-defense or hunting, while in other countries citizens are fully deprived of this right.

 In the United States, the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the second amendment in the Constitution. Sale, possession, and use of weapon by private individuals are governed by federal gun laws. Currently, citizens of the United States have the right to keep stub-barreled and long-barreled rifled or smooth-bore weapon as well as semi-automatic weapon. Continue reading

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Research Proposal on Student Satisfaction

Student satisfaction is a complex of factors that influence student’s satisfaction with educational process. Obviously, when students enter a college or university, they expect to receive all conditions for their self-improvement and self-development. Every educational institution is supposed to provide students with good teachers, equipment, lab classes, etc. in order to help young people develop their professional skills and reveal their potential.

There are several components of student satisfaction. To begin with, students pay attention to the style of teaching.  Continue reading

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Sex Ratio Research Paper

Sex ratio is the ratio of males to females in diclinous population.

Sex ratio along with sexual dimorphism is an important characteristic of diclinous population. Usually it expresses the number of males per 100 females, the proportion of male animals, or as a percentage. Depending on the stage of ontogenesis primary, secondary, and tertiary sex ratio can be distinguished. The primary sex ratio is established in zygote after fertilization; secondary sex ratio — at birth and, finally, the tertiary sex ratio is determined in mature, capable of breeding individuals of a population. Continue reading

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The Art of War Essay

In this essay, I want to analyze at least some theses I discovered in The Art of War, the great work by the Chinese military commander, military theorist, and philosopher Sun Tzu, who lived in the 5th century BC. I considered the basic ideas, concepts, and criteria presented in the treatise, which might come in handy for a commander in his performance. This topic is relevant not only in a military environment, as the ability of units in the combat depends on commander skills, which largely determines the outcome of the battle, but also among the civilian population, as it certainly seeks safety, and the State as a whole.

In his treatise, Sun Tzu outlined the basics of waging war, as much as he could at the time, taking into account the level of science development. This level did not let Sun Tzu dissect the actual factors that determine the outcome of a war, moreover he could not create criteria, by which it would be possible to predict the course of a war. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Anti Money Laundering

Financial action task force (FATF) on combating the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means recognized that the international trading system has become one of the principal means by which criminal organizations and terrorist financiers transfer their funds, trying to hide their criminal origin through legalization. It is expected that such unlawful use the international trading system will become more and more attractive to criminals, as the application of standard methods to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism to other methods the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means, became more efficient.

At present, however, many customs, law enforcement agencies, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), the tax authorities, and services for monitoring and control in banking (competent authorities) to identify and discourage the practice of money laundering through the trading system are less efficient than the struggle with other forms of the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means.

Continue reading

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