Free Essay on Robinson Crusoe

You can love or hate Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, but you have to recognize that this is a great novel that even made the word “Robinson” a household name. I adore the book since my childhood, perhaps, I even loved it more than now as a child. However, ironically, I liked Robinson Crusoe himself much less than, the description of the life on the island, and I usually skipped everything before and after it. I am not going to argue that maybe it was often skipped parts that contained the basic canvass of the plot, deep moral dogmas by Defoe, speaking through Robinson mouth, and something else they teach in the textbooks on the history of English literature of … But I needed only the adventures of Robinson Crusoe and the book gave them to me.

I know that Defoe, naturally, tried to create not so much a pure adventure fiction, but rather wanted to illuminate some philosophical and religious questions. Continue reading

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Sports Injuries Research Paper

Sports injuries can occur during prolonged physical activity, when the cartilage between the tendon fibers is reborn, stiffens, co-ossifies, has bony overgrowth spikes, osteophytes and bony spurs. All these processes lead to the tendinosis that cause pain in places of fastening of the tendons, increasing at the load on the attached muscles and when pulping the muscle. Tendinosis or tendinopathies indicating the overload on the muscle.

Use free example research papers on sports injuries to learn that the most frequent tendinosis occur in athletes because the load on their muscles s too heavy. Depending on the different sports tendinosis have different localization. This, in turn, depends on the most affected muscles.

Tendinosis at the attachment of the trapezius muscles and diamond-shaped muscles are most often found in practicing such sports as throwing, gymnastics, tennis, and weight lifting. Continue reading

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Lockheed Martin Research Paper

Lockheed Martin is the first American and global company in defense and security, Like its major competitors, it designs and manufactures various products in which electronics and technology play a key role. In 2008, 84% of the company’s sales were made to the U.S. State, and the rest mainly to other States. In 2010, on the 45.8 billion dollars in sales, 17.3 billion come from contracts signed with the US administration (10.9 billion in defense, 6.6 billion in civil).

College and university students who have decided to use Lockheed Martin topic for writing their research paper on have to thoroughly study the history of the company and try to figure out al the most important events in its development. Using free sample papers on the topic will give you an idea how to write a good research proposal on the subject and teach you to collect, process, and present the relevant information on paper.

Lockheed Martin was born in 1995 by the merger of Lockheed and Martin. Both companies were at the origin of the aviation groups. Today, Lockheed Martin remains among others known for its combat aircrafts: F-16, F-22, and F-35. They account for about 20% of the Company turnover in 2008. Continue reading

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Essay on Pros and Cons of Organ Donation

After our death, some of our organs continue functioning for a while, particularly, the heart, liver, lungs, and kidney. These organs, in time taken from donors, could save the lives of others. At the same time, the surgical procedure of removing organs is far easier than taking the decision on the matter. Generally accepted legal reason for defining man dead is the death of his brain. This provision was introduced in 1980 by the American unified law on the definition of death.

In addition, in accordance with the Declaration on human organ transplantation, adopted by the World Assembly in 1987, if an organ is to be obtained from a donor after his death, the death of the donor must be stated independently by two or more doctors who are not involved in the transplantation.

Development of transplantation and its effectiveness depends largely on the legislative presumption of consent or dissent on the removal of organs after death. The presumption of consent provides that potential donor during his lifetime has given consent to be a donor. Continue reading

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Optical Communication Research Proposal

Optical communication is the way of communication which is carried out with the help of light. Optical communication is probably one of the oldest means of distance communication, because before the discovery of electricity people still required to communicate with one another on long distances. Of course, the quality of such communication was poor, but still it existed and provided people with the important information.

The earliest forms of optical communication are connected with the use of big torches, smoke fires, flags, lamps, etc. Every country which wanted to maintain the protection of its lands from various conquerors developed a special chain of the “devices” which belong to the means of optical communication. The brightest example of such a chain is the use of fires along the boarders and human settlements to inform the nearest settlements about the attack of the enemy.

Every fire was situated in the distance of several kilometres from one another on the hill and the special people fired these big torches which are seen from long distances. Continue reading

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Overclocking Research Paper

Overclocking is the process of increasing the frequency of the computer components over stocking regimes with the aim of increasing the performance.

Increased frequency may reach a maximum value, which is that when the system remains stable in the required user mode. In most cases, during overclocking, the heat dissipation of the concerned component, as well as power consumption, and noise, increase.

Sometimes there are degradation processes in the hardware.

Use free sample research on the topic to learn that the term overclocking is originally an English word composed of over and clocking derived from the verb to clock that is understandable as clocking. So, overclocking means literally a technique of going above stock clocking of processor. As well many terms in the computer world, the term is internationally accepted and is usually not translated. There were some attempts, but the original English term is predominantly utilized all over the Globe. Continue reading

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Intellectual Property Research Paper

In the broadest sense of the term, intellectual property means enshrined in the law a temporary exclusive right, and personal non-property rights of the authors, which are the result of intellectual activity and means of individualization. The legislation that defines the intellectual property rights, establishes authors’ monopoly on certain forms of use of the results of their intellectual and creative activity that, therefore, can be used by other persons only with the permission of the first.

If you encountered any problem in writing a research paper on intellectual property, use free sample research papers on the topic to get the idea that the notion of “intellectual property” often includes the laws on unfair competition and trade secrets, although they do not represent the matter of exclusive rights by their design.

In law, the phrase “intellectual property” is a single term, the words are not to be interpreted separately. In particular, the “intellectual property” is a distinct legal regime (or even a group of regimes), and is not, contrary to popular beliefs, a special case of property rights. Continue reading

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Essay on Factors Affecting National Integration

Integration is the process and the result of the interaction, collaboration, convergence and integrating any parts of countries, their economic, social, and political structures, cultures, social and political groups, ethnic groups, political parties, movements and organizations and so on.

Ii is a complex, multidimensional, multilayered, and contradictory process. It covers all areas of social life, economics, politics, social, and spiritual life, especially pronounced and persists today in the economy. Integration occurs at both the global and the regional and state levels, speaking as the result of a sufficiently high level of internationalization of the life of peoples and Nations.

National integration process refers to the rapprochement between ethnic communities.

As a rule, national integration is an effective tool of economic, political, and spiritual renewal and development of a nation or ethnic group. As the ethnic group, community develops it increases the number of various bonds and relations (political, economic, social, cultural) with other ethnic groups. Continue reading

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Culinary Art Research Paper

Culinary art is a human activity in cooking to the food, which includes a set of technologies, equipment, and recipes. It is a set of ways of cooking of minerals and plants, animals and animal products the food needed for human life and health.

Compliance with certain rules when cooking is called technology. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely among different countries, peoples, social groups. They are called kitchen and reflect the unique relationship between culture, economics, and culture.

Cooking itself strongly depends on the skills and education of the Cook. To cook delicious and healthy food you need to acquire certain knowledge on technologies and skills in culinary art of cooking.

To learn more about culinary art use free sample research paper on the topic to understand that before you start cooking lunch, breakfast or dinner, determine what time do they have to be ready at and calculate how much time it will take to cook them. It should be borne in mind that as soon as lunch, breakfast or dinner is ready, it should be served immediately, otherwise it will cool down, will lose its flavor, and some dishes may be undercooked or overcooked. Continue reading

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Chinese Exclusion Act Research Paper

Chinese Exclusion Act (1882-1943) is an act by the Congress of the United States, published May 6, 1882, in response to the massive immigration of Chinese to the West of the country. The first and only official act in the history of the United States, directed against members of particular nationality (other discriminatory laws adopted in the country concerned the races as a whole). The law banned all Chinese immigration and/or naturalization of Chinese migrants already living in the United States. Originally, the law was to extend to 10 years, but in its general terms, not taking into account the less significant Magnuson quota in 1943, it lasted until 1965.

Use free sample research paper on Chinese Exclusion Act to learn that the first Chinese immigrant appeared in the United States in the 1840’s, immediately after the capture of Mexico former Northern Territories, which began the California gold rush in 1848. While there has been plenty of gold, Chinese people living in Chinatown, were tolerated, but when its stocks ran low, the tolerance began to evaporate. The situation was helped by only a relatively small pool of both Chinese and white immigrants. Continue reading

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