Free Essay on A Primate’s Memoir

A Primate’s Memoir is a scientific book written by Robert Morris Sapolsky.

Robert Sapolsky is a famous American biologist, neurologist and traveler. He works at Stanford University and contributes into the development of neurological sciences. No wonder, he has decided to improve his knowledge about behavior and stress on the example of primates. Naturally, primates are very close to humans. Their behavior and reaction towards stress are very similar. It is smart to study the peculiarities of their behavior if you want to get to know about humans and their instincts. Sapolsky has devoted his entire life to the observation of primates. He has chosen baboons for the detailed analysis and study, because they resemble humans a lot. Continue reading

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How to Write a Good Social Work Paper

When you have social work as your major discipline, you will be asked to prepare various written papers. Obviously, a social work paper is a specific assignment and it has its own standards and rules of writing. If you need a piece of advice, you are welcome to take advantage of these writing guidelines.

Step 1: Choose a Thought-Provoking Topic
If you want to impress your teacher, you should generate an interesting topic for your social work paper. It is reasonable to choose a relevant social problem and develop a good topic for analysis. Finally, social work is a specific discipline. You should try to select a narrow issue for research if you want to complete an informative and valuable paper. Continue reading

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The Use of Symbolism in Lord of the Flies Essay

Lord of the Flies is a famous novel written by William Golding. When you read this book, you will understand that it touches upon the problem of civilization. The author compares civilization with savagery with the help of numerous symbols. It is easier to describe important issues or personalities in a covert way. Of course, it is not easy to read a novel written according to the rules of symbolism. Very few people are able to understand the actual idea of a book, because they cannot decipher its symbols. When you want to read a book of this kind, you ought to train your critical thinking skills. Lord of the Flies is rich in interesting symbols. Let us observe them in detail.

The first symbol is a conch shell. In my opinion, the shell is a symbol of democracy and civilization. This shell is used to announce meetings. A meeting is an attribute of a civilized society, because people are able to share their points of view about different problems.

When one wants to speak during the meeting, he should hold this conch. It is a symbol of equality, because everyone is able to speak when he holds the shell. At first, children lived according to the standards of a civilized society. When they broke the conch, their civilization stopped existing. They turned into savaged. Continue reading

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Argumentative Essay: Is Our Election Process Fair?

Election is one of the most important events in every country. People vote for their favorite candidate believing that he will represent their interests on the official level. Moreover, election is the integral part of our democratic society, where people can influence political situation of their country. Naturally, it is impossible to generate the ideal system of elections because of great number of factors. No wonder, there are always strong and weak sides in every system. Nowadays, many people ask if our election process is fair. This issue requires detailed and specific analysis.

Election process is very important for the wellbeing of every country. There are countries that do not elect their rulers. Of course, such countries resemble totalitarian societies.

When you cannot take the active part in election, you cannot wait for the improvement of your life. On the other hand, election does not always guarantee good life and prosperity.

Furthermore, election process is not always fair. Politicians are able to cheat common people and steal their votes. When a political party has unlimited power and influence, it is able to use elections for its own profit. It can support its candidates with the help of illegal methods. Continue reading

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Essay: Smokers Are More Open than Non-Smokers

Although smoking is a harmful habit, there is a stereotype that smokers are more open than non-smokers. The stereotype is based on the belief that smokers always smoke together. When one wants to have a smoke, he will always find a company. When you go near a pub, you can notice a group of people who smoke together. Therefore, it is possible to say that smokers are very sociable and communicative. Is it true that openness depends on smoking? Can smoking help you develop your communicative skills and sociability?

It is difficult to say that smokers are more open than non-smokers, but let us observe this issue in detail. When one analyzes the cause of smoking, he will focus on psychological sides of this question. People smoke their first cigarette when they are very young. Continue reading

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Essay: Can a Boy Wear a Skirt to School?

School uniform has always been a big trouble to students. The main idea of school uniform is to teach students to wear official style. When one wants to make his successful career, he will have to learn how to dress properly. No one will understand a boss who is wearing informal clothes during official business meetings. Therefore, it is important to help young people develop their tastes. When students get used to wearing official style from their early age, they will not have problems with understanding of the basic norms of formal behavior.

It is reasonable to say that school uniform equalizes students. This moment is very important. Different families have different financial income. Some parents cannot afford expensive clothes for their children. When such children see their mates who are wearing fashionable expensive clothes, they lose their self-esteem. School uniform is the best solution of this problem. When students look alike, no one of them feels superior or inferior. They are equal and their duty is to concentrate on studying. Years ago school uniform was obligatory in every school. With the run of time and liberalization of social relations, school uniform disappeared from many educational institutions. Continue reading

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Essay: Does TV Capture the Diversity of America Yet?

Television is one of the most influential means of mass media. Alongside with the Internet, it provides mass audience with information and shapes public mind. The content shown on TV is quite varied. One is able to watch news, sports, movies, series, educational programs, TV shows, etc.

Everyone is able to choose something for his personal taste and preferences. Obviously, television is an enormous source of information. When one turns on his TV-set in the evening, he will watch news in order to be aware about everything that has happened in his home country or abroad during the day. Furthermore, television is said to be one of the best tools for shaping one’s mind. When you watch advertisements of the definite product all the time, you will like it very soon. When you watch TV programs about the definite politician, you will soon enjoy this personality and vote for him. Unfortunately, it is very hard to speak about objectiveness of television. Private channels broadcast only such content, which suits to their owners. Continue reading

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Essay: Is IT Outsourcing Good or Bad?

What is outsourcing? It is a decision to produce goods and services abroad. In the modern age of globalization nearly every big corporation produces its goods abroad. When you speak about the USA, you can say that every grand corporation has moved production into the developing countries. The reason of outsourcing is very clear. Companies want to reduce expenditures and cost of production and they move production facilities to China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, etc. An average American customer has got used to the fact that his clothes, shoes, cell phones, laptops, etc. are made in China or Taiwan; though the official address of a producing company is the USA. On the one hand, outsourcing is profitable for big business. On the other hand, it destroys small business and reduces the number of workplaces for Americans. When a corporation moves its factory to India, Americans are deprived of job. Consequently, this problem is very relevant and controversial. Continue reading

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Essay about Indoor and Outdoor Activities

How do you spend your free time? This easy question can embarrass many people, who do not know how to spend their spare time wisely. In spite of the fact, that the choice of activities is very big, many people do not know how to kill time usefully. This question often bothers parents, who do not know how to organize free time of their children.

In general, it is possible to define indoor and outdoor activities. Doubtless, the definitions of these terms speak for themselves. Indoor activities are held inside of a building. You are able to spend your free time at home or gym and you will call it indoor activity. Outdoor activities are held outdoors in the open air. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor activities? The answer is very simple. Outdoor activities are considered to be better, because they help one maintain his health and keep fit. The choice of outdoor activities is enormous. One can define sports and games, travelling, etc. The most popular outdoor activities are football, basketball, baseball, tennis, etc. As you see outdoor activities are often associated with team games. When you play football with your mates, you train your physical and psychological health. You improve your mood and maintain conenctions with your friends. When you care about your health, you ought to go in for swimming. This outdoor activity trains every part of your body and improves your health. The most widespread outdoor activities of busy mature people are jogging and cycling.

Every day you can notice dozens of people from your local area who keep fit with the help of jogging. It is interesting that the elderly people enjoy this activity too. Continue reading

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Espionage Research Paper

Espionage means an activity when a government, a company, or an individual comes across or trying to come across information that is considered secret or confidential without the permission of whoever possesses it. Such an activity by definition occurs in secret, because it is generally considered unwelcome and, in many cases, is illegal and punishable. Espionage is spying. A similar activity in the time of war is treason.

It is not known exactly when the first espionage took place, but we know that since there have been secrets, there have been spies. Continue reading

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