Environmental Chemistry Research Proposal

Environmental chemistry is the branch of chemistry which studies chemical transformations and reactions which occur in the natural environment. Environmental chemistry includes a great number of narrower branches of chemistry, for example, geochemistry, chemistry of soils, hydrochemistry, chemistry of atmosphere, chemistry of organic substances, etc. Environmental chemistry studies all the chemical processes in the spheres of Earth, including atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; studies the principles of migration and transformation of all the substances and elements of organic and anthropogenic origin and their activity within the spheres. Environmental chemistry has got its development several decades ago, because the anthropogenic influence on the environment has become so serious, that the chemical structure of water, soil and air has changed lately into the negative side. Continue reading

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English Proficiency Term Paper

English proficiency is the index which is supposed to measure the average rate of knowledge of the English language from country to country. The international educational company called EF Education First has decided to provide quality courses for the adults all over the world and teach them the English language. There has been created a special test which enables the experts to define the level of knowledge of the language of the person.

The adult has to provide information about his nationality in order to insert this information into the general register of EF Education First which collects information about the average level of knowledge of English. Naturally, the test touches upon all the aspects of the language checking grammar, reading, communicative skills, etc. People are able to sign in for the online classes anytime and pass the test in the convenient time. Continue reading

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Physical Science Research Paper

Physical science is totality of knowledge about natural objects, phenomena and processes. Physical science was formed before the formation of any separate natural sciences. It actively developed in the XVII-XIX centuries. The first scientists engaged in physical science or accumulation of primary knowledge about nature were named naturalists.

To learn more on the topic you may safely use free sample research papers on physical since from which you may learn that in a historical context, the association of concepts physical science and natural sciences is impermissible, as in the period of development of physical science natural sciences were not yet formed.

From the point of view of modern science, physical science is a scientific area, including totality of the natural sciences taken as unit.

The natural sciences are responsible for the study of the natural phenomena, unlike humanitarian and social sciences studying human society. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Family Systems Theory

An American psychiatrist Murray Bowen in a publication in 1966 explained that “family is a system because changes in one part of it conduce to the compensatory changes in another.” In this regard family systems are similar to well-known natural systems, such as a cardiovascular system. In 1975, Bowen added his own name to the initial name of Family Systems Theory, to avoid inaccuracy in the general use of the word “system.”

Use free sample research paper on the topic to learn that Family Systems Theory by Bowen and General Systems Theory have much in common, however, originated from different sources. General Systems Theory got its beginning from the comprehension of the mathematics and cybernetics development results. Family Systems Theory is based on the actual knowledge drawn from watching human family. The interactive features in the family functioning are foremost distinguished in classic approach to the systems, and the theory by Bowen focuses on the emotional functioning of a family. Continue reading

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Marketing Research Essay

Marketing research is very important tool which an organization can expand and grow its businesses. In order to understand how marketing research is done, I would make reference to one of the marketing survey in which I participated as a member of a focused group. Indeed, Cypricot Inc. the company that organized for the survey was in to find out the probable reasons as to why consumers prefer the services of its rival company over its own company. It is on this basis that focus groups were formed with questions on the telephony industry with reference to Cypricot and its competitors.

My experience during the focus group discussion was very good. Indeed, we had a host of questions to discuss with regard to products offered by the telephony companies and hoe they differed with those offered by Cypricot. On this basis, we were able to identify factors that favored the design of the products and services offered by Cypriot’s competitors and how Cypricot could turn its opportunities into expansion strategies. During the interaction, I appreciated that focus group is a very important tool of research as a variety of response and information could be obtained from each member on the market and the strategic moves the company ought to take so as to gain a competitive advantaged.

The marketing of a new product cab be as suce4sful as how the product is initiated into the market and how the organization developing the products makes contingency products. In this case, the marketing of a hair band as a new product into the market would take a number of stages which may involve: Continue reading

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Mount Everest Research Paper

Mount Everest is located in Himalayas, on the ridge of Mahālangūr Himāl (in its part, called Khumbu Himal). The south summit of the mount (8760 m) is located on the border of Nepal of and Tibet Autonomous Region (China), the North (main) summit (8848 m) is located on the territory of China.

College students whose research project requires writing a comprehensive research paper on Mount Everest have to make a great effort to write interesting and argumentative paper. To make this difficult task easier it seems reasonable to look through some free sample research papers on the topic, as they can be safely be used as good guides on the research procedure.

Everest has a form of trihedral pyramid, south slope is more steep. On the south slope there is no snow and firn. The height of the North-eastern shoulder is 8393 m. The height from the foot to the summit is about 3550 m. The summit consists mainly of sedimentary rock. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Opiates

Opiates are narcotic alkaloids of opium extracted from Papaver somniferum, one of varieties of poppy. Poppy, containing opium, was originally grown in the Middle East, in the Mediterranean countries, but now it is grown everywhere in Asia and Middle East.

Despite the experience of Dorothy from The Wizard of the Emerald City, simple walking in the poppy field does not cause a sleepiness and euphoria. Actually in an order to experience these effects, the special manipulations are needed. When the petals of poppy colours fall off, there is a round seed-case, as big as an egg. The experience the effect you would have to take the substance perorally, or by smoking. The use of preparations from a raw opium became a history. Continue reading

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New Yam Festival Term Paper

New Yam festival is the annual festival celebrated in Nigeria in West Africa by the Igbo people and the festival is associated with collecting crops. The Igbo people organize this harvest festival in the end of August having fun and being grateful to the gods and ancestors for food and the appropriate weather. The festival is called Yam, because this culture is the most important one in the region providing many people with food for the whole year. The holiday is closely connected with old traditions and customs and the local tribes connect the quality of the harvest with the will and help of gods and ancestors. The festival begins with the eating of yam, but it is important to admit that only the oldest and the most respected person is able to eat the first yam (very often it is the king of the tribe). Continue reading

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Term Paper on Progeria

Progeria is one of the most seldom genetic disorders. Progeria is characterized with the alteration of the structure of skin and organs, which are caused by the premature aging of the human body. The disorder is divided into two types – the child and adult progeria, which cause harm to the people of different age groups.

There are only no more than 80 registered cases of progeria, including the disorder among 6-, 13-, 12- and 7-year-old children. The child progeria happens because of the mutation of the gene LMNA, and the disorder is most often the inborn one and the clinical symptoms occur on the second and third years of the child’s life. The most visible symptoms are the stop of the growth of the body and the alteration epidermis and the quality of skin on the face and limbs. Continue reading

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Coastal Erosion Research Proposal

Coastal erosion is the process of the destruction and alteration of the coastal areas under the effect of wind, water and other factors.

Coastal erosion is a natural process which can not probably be stopped, because the power of sea waves and wind is really high. The erosion of coastal area is a widespread problem in the regions which are located on the shores of oceans and seas. There are also different kinds of coasts which consist of various types of rocks which are more or less vulnerable to this process. For example, if the rock is very high, it is influenced not just by the sea waves in its lower part, but also by the wind in its upper part. The rocks consist of different elements – the ones are solid and the others are quite soft, that is why all coastal areas are characterized with tunnels and caves which were created by the power of the sea. Continue reading

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