Crowdsourcing Research Paper

Crowdsourcing is a method to solve problems with, or seek proposals for solving problems from many other partners. It has largely become possible with Web 2.0.

The concept involves a wider range of ideas, faster solutions to complex problems and are often economically beneficial part of a project. Crowdsourcing is a project of open innovation, individual providers is its opposite and involves few people, such as parent-teacher meetings. Continue reading

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Genetic Screening Research Paper

Genetic screening is a screening of asymptomatic population to identify persons who have (arguably) a given genotype. We will take for our study the definition of the Dutch Health Council:, according to which genetic screening is an examination carried out on human beings for purposes of screening or early systematic exclusion of hereditary disease, predisposition to this disease or the porting of this predisposition that may induce a hereditary disease affecting the offspring, regardless of the type of examination whereby this is achieved. This definition includes therefore the three distinctive features of the genetic screening:

  • it’s a hereditary illness (predisposition or carrier status);
  • It is not a request of assistance on the part of the persons concerned;
  • It is a systematic approach to the target group in the field of genetics.

Continue reading

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Grade Inflation Research Paper

The nature of the grade inflation is the trend when students are progressively awarded higher marks for tasks that would have received lower grades earlier. It is most often mentioned in the context of education and training systems in the United States and United Kingdom. However, it is also later was mentioned as a problem in other countries of the Western Europe.

The existence of the phenomenon is not proven scientifically until today. It is only apparent from statistics showing that the average grade has improved in some areas over longer periods. In the United States is A-grades are on higher education has gone from 15% to 45% since 1950 to the present day. In Europe, the average high school scores were 2.8 in the 1970s, and 2.5 in the 1980s. In 2008, the average was 2.32 already. The statistics makes, however, no statement about the cause of this development. The phenomenon could be on the one hand due to a procurement of better scores for the same performance and thus a grade inflation, on the other hand, it is also possible that improved classes resulted in actually better academic performance. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Battered Woman Syndrome

Battered Woman Syndrome (SFB) usually translates into the fact that the victim focuses all her energy to prevent a new attack by her husband. Thus, with time, the woman develops an apathy, which undermines her self-esteem and reduces her capacity for judgment.

In jurisprudence, the Battered Woman Syndrome is usually invoked as defense by women who have killed their abusive husband. However, it is not considered a self-defense by the criminal law. Indeed, it is much more of an item of evidence or interpretation that could lead to the use of means of defense, and thus to be the legitimate self-defense by the article 34 of the Criminal Code. In addition, you should not believe that every woman that is a victim of domestic violence might appeal to this syndrome, as a woman victim of domestic violence can kill in situations other than self-defense. Continue reading

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Essay on Partisan Politics

When there is only one political party system, it can be confused with the partisan system. On the other hand, if there is more than one party, this confusion no longer exists. We can consider that there always a public and a government component, common to the various parties, but the internal component is subdivided into as many subsystems as there are parties.

In the public component, the party partisans can be seen in relationship with each other as well as be linked to voters and partners. More clearly, the leaders of the various parties are connected to each other in the government component, in addition to be connected through the agents component. We also know that the partisans of other parties are relevant actors in the government component of a given party, insofar as they cannot be avoided to contact with, while this is not the case in the public component. We think about internal components of parties as distinctive for a partisan system to more than one party, but we see the functional relationships established between them, the guidelines of a party to be most often opposite to another party. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Insanity Defense

Insanity defense is a claim in criminal trials that defendant is not in a position to realize the actual nature and danger of his actions or control them due to a mental disorder or other mental illness. In criminal law, insanity is a reason to exempt such a person from criminal liability and subject it to forced treatment.

The notion that a person with mental illness should not be treated with the criteria used for the assessment of mentally normal behavior developed in primitive form for quite a long time. The development of psychiatric science at the present stage allowed to form an idea about the insanity of people who have committed socially dangerous acts under the influence of mental disorders, affecting their ability to evaluate the social significance of the consequences of their actions and their volition. Continue reading

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Essay on College Tuition Planning

You have kids? Start saving money for college. One of the best ways to pay tuition is a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). The only difficulty with this plan is that parents should begin saving money when children are still young, to save the money that would make a significant contribution to the cost of education.

Sad truth is that we have a student not living with his parents and a student at a college or University for four years has to pay of approximately 80 000 dollars for his or her education.

Apparently, many people are frightened by this prospect, because they believe that they will not be able to accumulate such a large sum, therefore it not worth trying. Continue reading

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Term Paper on Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act or informally Obama Care is one of the most serious and foundational projects in the history of the USA from 1960s. Before Barack Obama became The President of the USA, he had created a detailed plan about the complete improvement of the spheres of healthcare and health insurance, which will be affordable to the majority of Americans. The problem has always been relevant, because more than 30 million people in the USA lived without health insurance, as healthcare system was not free. There were a lot of severe discussions and quarrels between politicians and finally the Act was signed in 2010. The reform was started in 2010 and it was carried out gradually in order to cover all its important elements and principles. Nowadays, Affordable Care Act is supposed to be one of the most solid achievements of Barack Obama and his presidency. Continue reading

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Human Biology Term Paper

Human biology is a complex of disciplines that illustrate the whole picture of the human existence and the unity of her organism. Some scholars claim that it is important to observe human biology from the point of view of anthropology, though it is better to touch upon this problem from the point of view of biology and its branches. Human biology is most often associated with the study of the human organism relying on physical, genetic and biochemical factors that influence body constitution and physical peculiarities of the human organism. Much attention is paid to the research of blood, blood types, twins, inclinations to diseases, etc. Scientists try to research the human organism from all sides in order to find answers to the most thought-provoking questions that have always bothered their minds. Continue reading

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Essay on Benefits of Team Sports

Playing team sports is one of the most positive and interesting physical and a great way of recreational activity. They develop speed, agility, and endurance, as well as helping improve your mood and psyche.

Any sport provides an excellent exercise and gives a man an excellent shape. Team sports are most often dominated by such exercises like running, stretching, jumping, but above all they are known for giving you a reasonable and controlled energy consumption.

Individual sports can help you keep your body toned, strengthen your bone and muscle structure. However, team sports give you comprehensive training for the whole body. Continue reading

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