Free Essay on Telemarketing

Telemarketing is known to be the first job of the majority of students, immigrants and handicapped people.

Telemarketing is a weighty part of business and our everyday life though very few people understand the structure of this model of marketing. Telemarketing is a kind of direct marketing in which a salesperson or another representative of a firm persuades customers to purchase goods and services over the phone. This quaint method is very controversial inasmuch as experts question its effectiveness.

Foremost it is hard to persuade someone to buy something over the phone. Secondly, constant calls strongly irritate potential customers. To my mind, this topic is relevant since telemarketing employs millions of people all over the world.

Telemarketing is quite a new method, which had its peak about ten or fifteen years ago. A firm wants to reduce the cost of advertising of its products employing a group of telemarketers who promote goods and services over the phone. Continue reading

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Psychographics Essay

Knowledge about individuals and communities and their lifestyle helps us understand the culture of human society. Have you ever heard about psychographic studies? Why is it important to learn about the interests and values of common people?

Psychographics is a study about human personality in general. Experts learn about human interests, values, lifestyle and attitudes in order to understand his/her expectations from life.

This knowledge is very beneficial forasmuch it can be applied in numerous fields of human activity. This study is very rich concerning its methodology and achievements.

Psychographics is associated with culture in its broader meaning. Very often, experts manage to learn about such details, which cross all intercultural borders. For that reason, this study is able to collect much information about the lifestyle and values of the particular social groups and the entire humanity. Continue reading

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Holocaust Literature Essay

What do you know about the Holocaust? Why should everyone always remember about this tragedy? The Holocaust is a genocide of Jews during the rule of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. It is impossible to name the definite number of Jews who were murdered by the Third Reich and its collaborators.

Some experts say that the number of victims is about six million people. I must admit that there was a million of children among them. Jews were chased in the entire Europe; therefore, many of them had to escape to the USA and other countries, which are situation far from these tragic events. The problem of the Holocaust is very popular in literature.

There are many people who managed to survive at concentration camps and they described their life and fears in dairies, short stories, novels and poems. Moreover, many authors touch upon this problem in order to demonstrate their sympathy towards Jews and reveal the crimes of World War 2. Continue reading

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How to Start Writing a Narrative Story

It is very difficult to prepare a captive narrative story or essay. One should spend much time on the plot development and the proper creation of various descriptions and characters. Doubtless, it is even more difficult to start your narrative story effectively, because a good introduction is very important for the quality of the entire story. It is wise to make the reader interested in your text; therefore, a good start is of vital importance. You are able to get to know about the techniques of starting your narrative story with the help of these writing tips. Continue reading

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Essay: Should Nuclear Weapons Be Outlawed Worldwide?

Can nuclear weapon destroy the entire humanity? Is nuclear weapon important for the international peace? Should nuclear weapon be banned? Do you remember about the consequences of bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? These questions are very relevant, because many people think that nuclear weapon is the most important problem of the modern world. They think that this weapon of mass destruction can ruin the planet and kill the life on Earth. On the one hand, they are right, because the quantity of the nuclear weapons available in the world can destroy our planet several times. On the other hand, nuclear weapon helps people maintain peace. I will focus on this issue in detail and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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Essay: Should Parents Be Allowed to Spank Their Child?

How would you bring up your children? What is your attitude towards corporal punishment? Should parents spank their child when he/she behaves badly? Bringing up is a very disputable and thought-provoking topic. People have always wondered how to bring up their children effectively. Parents applied corporal punishment when their children behaved badly believing that this method is the most effective one. With the run of time, the models of bringing up have changed. Parents do not spank their children so hard but this method is still practiced in some families. This method of bringing up is very controversial. Some people oppose to spanking children. Others say that it is method to calm down a naughty child. I will analyze this relevant problem in detail in order to find any pluses and minuses of corporal punishment. Continue reading

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Movie Making is a Creative Art Essay

What is art? What do you think about cinematography? Is movie making a creative art? It will not be a mistake to say that cinematography is very popular nowadays. Every new movie attracts millions of viewers in every country. Moreover, producers, directors and actors earn millions of dollars due to the sale of their movies. Consequently, movie making is extremely profitable. No wonder, the main film studios of Hollywood possess more money than the budget of an average developing country in the world. Why do these studios have so much money? What attracts people in cinematography? The answer is art.

Every film is a piece of art. Of course, there are hundreds of poor-quality movies, which do not impress the audience. Nevertheless, we can say that these films belong to the specific kind of art. Continue reading

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Reaction Paper about Religion

What can you say about the importance of religion? Does it help the humanity survive? I have read a few articles devoted to religion recently and I want to share my opinion about them. Religion is a system of cultural, social and ethical norms, which define the order of the human existence. This problem is very controversial and disputable, because there are many different religions in the world. People have not invented a single religion, which can answer all questions about the origin of the universe. Every religion has its own norms, rules and points of view about the most important existential problems. Continue reading

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Essay: Describe a Person You Admire

Everyone has a person who is the best example for him. You respect and like this person and want to follow her. You listen to her advice and believe that her wisdom can help you cope with your problems. Obviously, everyone has a different person of this kind. Some people admire their parents. Others admire some famous politicians, artists, musicians, actors or scientists. Naturally, everyone appreciates the definite set of qualities of their idols. You can admire Albert Einstein for his creativity and knowledge. You can respect Winston Churchill for his wisdom and sharp mind. I am going to say a few words about my grandmother. Although she is not a famous politician, she has taught me a lot. Continue reading

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Essay about Auxiliary Police

What is the use of Special Police? Why do people decide to become part-time police officers? Are auxiliary police officers effective?

Auxiliary police are special kinds of regular police forces, which serve as their reserves. Most often, this kind of the police consists of volunteers and interested people who want to help the regular police forces maintain peace and security in the streets of the native cities.

Many countries embody the policy of auxiliary police in order to improve their law enforcement institutions. I will pay attention to the analysis of auxiliary police in different countries.

Nearly every developed country is able to boast of its Special Police. Most often, the work of these police officers does not differ from the duties and responsibilities of the regular police officers. Continue reading

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