Essay: Describe a Person You Admire

Everyone has a person who is the best example for him. You respect and like this person and want to follow her. You listen to her advice and believe that her wisdom can help you cope with your problems. Obviously, everyone has a different person of this kind. Some people admire their parents. Others admire some famous politicians, artists, musicians, actors or scientists. Naturally, everyone appreciates the definite set of qualities of their idols. You can admire Albert Einstein for his creativity and knowledge. You can respect Winston Churchill for his wisdom and sharp mind. I am going to say a few words about my grandmother. Although she is not a famous politician, she has taught me a lot. Continue reading

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Essay about Auxiliary Police

What is the use of Special Police? Why do people decide to become part-time police officers? Are auxiliary police officers effective?

Auxiliary police are special kinds of regular police forces, which serve as their reserves. Most often, this kind of the police consists of volunteers and interested people who want to help the regular police forces maintain peace and security in the streets of the native cities.

Many countries embody the policy of auxiliary police in order to improve their law enforcement institutions. I will pay attention to the analysis of auxiliary police in different countries.

Nearly every developed country is able to boast of its Special Police. Most often, the work of these police officers does not differ from the duties and responsibilities of the regular police officers. Continue reading

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Essay: Can Moral Values Be Enforced?

What is morality? Is it right to enforce moral values on someone? Morality is a set of principles and norms, which help one understand what is right and wrong. Morality is a very delicate and controversial issue, because everyone has different point of view about what is right or wrong. In some cultures, murder is not a serious crime. In other countries, a man can have several wives and it is not considered immoral.

Doubtless, the human society is based on the norms of ethics and morality. No wonder, moral values can be enforced when a person refuses to follow these principles and standards of moral life. This problem is disputable and thought-provoking; therefore, I will try to analyze it professionally. Continue reading

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How to Write a Research Proposal on Poverty

Poverty is a very interesting and thought-provoking topic for analysis. It is smart to choose it for the detailed research. You can write a research paper on poverty and observe its cause and effect on the definite person and the entire society. Doubtless, you should find your own research approach towards the analysis of poverty.

You can take advantage of these writing tips, which can show you how to build your research proposal effectively. Continue reading

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Essay about Environment Week

What do you know about Environment Week? How can people solve the most urgent environmental issues? Is Environment Week a good idea? Environment Week is a well-known Canadian event, which is aimed at the solution of such relevant problems as pollution and deforestation. People are able to contribute into the restoration of the quality of the natural environment taking part in this annual event. I suppose Environment Week is a very good idea, because people combine their efforts to improve the condition of the natural environment. I want to write about the peculiarities of this event in detail.

Canadian Environment Week is the annual event, which takes place in the first week of June. You should know that this event coincides with World Environment Day, which was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. In my opinion, it is not enough to devote only one day to such an important problem. Continue reading

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Corporate Greed Essay

What is corporate greed? How does it affect economy? Why do corporations embody this policy? In simple words, corporate greed is the dishonest management of a large corporation.

The executives of the definite corporation apply various dishonest tricks, which help them accumulate more money robbing common taxpayers and the entire state. In my opinion, corporate greed is a relevant problem, because nearly every influential corporation ‘behaves’ in this unfair way. I would like to pay attention to the cause and effect of corporate greed and its types.

Everybody knows that the most important duty of every large corporation is to make money.

Naturally, they decide to make money with the help of numerous dishonest methods. Firstly, they hire illegal employees, who receive their money unofficially. This decision is smart, because one can hire one hundred illegal employees and save thousands of dollars on their health insurance. Continue reading

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Essay: Should More Rights Be Given to Immigrants?

Do immigrants deserve more rights? Should immigrants be treated like citizens? Is migration a threat?

Modern world is very dynamic. Moreover, we have to accept the sad reality of globalization. Modern world is not a closed territory. Due to the liberal international policy and development of transportation, people can move and start their new life in any part of the world. Obviously, many people do not like the strangers crossing the borders of their country.

They understand that every immigrant is the additional mouth and employee. Consequently, every immigrant increases unemployment. When immigrants demand more rights, the native citizens feel ambiguously, because many immigrants do not deserve these additional rights. No wonder, this problem is very relevant and strained. It provokes quarrels and hot discussions. Continue reading

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Fiction Book Review Writing Tips

When you need to prepare a successful fiction book review, you should know about the most essential rules and standards of writing. You ought to know how to analyze the book correctly and how to build your review professionally. You can take advantage of these informative writing tips, which can explain to you the basic norms of fiction book review writing. Continue reading

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Intercultural Communication Interview Essay

Do you know about the peculiarities of intercultural communication? Is it possible to find common language with the representative of a different culture? How would you construct the interview with the representative of a different culture? I believe that intercultural communication is very important for self-development. When you communicate with a different person, you learn about her lifestyle, traditions, culture, etc.

You broaden your outlook and obtain valuable experience, which will help you improve your life. I have always been interested in intercultural communication, but I could not find a proper candidate for the interview. I have dreamt about the comparison of my native and foreign culture. Fortunately, I found a friend from Japan who agreed to answer a few questions about his traditions and lifestyle. Continue reading

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Free Essay on Laziness

What is the meaning of the word ‘laziness‘? Have you ever thought about the cause and effect of laziness? How can one defeat laziness once for all? These questions are rather thought-provoking and relevant, because everyone has experienced the feeling of laziness.

Moreover, laziness is a controversial issue. Some people say that laziness is a negative and destructive feeling, while others say that laziness helps one focus on the more important issues. I will try to observe this problem from different sides in order to find the advantages and disadvantages of this act.

Laziness is associated with the negative disobedient behavior when one refuses to fulfil his duties. A lazy person prefers leisure to work. Of course, from the point of view of general social standards, laziness is a negative act. Continue reading

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