Internet Marketing Dissertation

Sales Strategies for Digital Infoproducts through Internet Marketing:

The methodology section presents a description and a discussion of the methodology that is utilized in research. This involves the collection of information and data analysis to scrutinize the hypotheses. In order to accomplish the dissertation aims and collect data for hypothesis testing, a questionnaire was undertaken. Sampling is beneficial in containing the collection of data to a precise subgroup which is of importance in accordance with the dissertation aims (Jackson, 2009).

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Methods of Data Collection
The most appropriate means to accomplish the survey was to distribute the questionnaire through the Web, by use of Google Docs, and issuing the appropriate link. In order to ensure accurate comparability of the responses, the questionnaire was presented in English. The participants were chosen founded on their use of social media since non-social media users are not expected to be effective participants in online marketing. This also minimizes the study’s angle on clients to social media users only. This thesis design employs interviews since quantitative research methods will be utilized.

Secondary and primary data will be combined in this study, in quest of the study aims. Prior to issuing the questionnaire, responses from all interviews were utilized in finalizing the questions. In addition, a small-scale data compilation test was carried out with two volunteers to assess the concept and understanding of the questions. A number of revisions were done, as a result. The two measures served in increasing the empirical study’s validity (Yin, 2010).

Data Analysis
This segment describes in brief the phases of the quantitative and qualitative data analysis employed in the research. The qualitative data analysis places emphasis on data gathering, reduction, as well as, presentation while the quantitative data analysis focuses on the data coding and the different tests employed (Denzin, 2009). In the interviews, information was recorded immediately after every interview. In addition, primary interpretations of the response were done following the interviews. In analyzing the successful interviews, the data was controlled and structured in accordance with the research questions, reducing the quantity of data to the most useful quotations. Verbatim quotations were utilized in the presentation of the findings of the interviews, consequently, enhancing the study’s reliability.

It is essential to note that the care applied in the data preparation stage has an express influence on the eminence of statistical outcome (Malhotra & Birks, 2008). Consequently, the data was vigilantly reviewed in an excel spreadsheet and subsequently coded in order to realize a better basis for computing certain statistics. In addition, some demographic data from of respondents, such nationality or age, required to be grouped in order to have a better comparison of the responses. Afterward, means and correlations were computed to evaluate bivariate relationships, since they are the most suitable means of summarizing the strength of linkages connecting two metric variables (Nardi, 2009).

Sales Strategies of Internet Marketing Using Porter’s Five Forces
The research seeks to employ porter’s five forces method in analyzing the industry, as well as, the competitive atmosphere where firms that trade in digital info-products operate.

When developed in the approved manner, the structure presents a representation of the existing environment where the organization competes (Miletsky, 2009). Facilitating the organization to perceive the broad picture and, consecutively, grow lasting strategies for the firm that will result in efficient decision making, as well as sustainability (Armstrong & Kotler, 2006). The model posits that an industry’s prospective profitability can be demonstrated as a function of the porter five forces. Consequently, it would be possible to establish the prospective success of an organization in the digital info-products industry.

The porter’s five forces present a model for appraising the external environment segment of the strategy link and for establishing the attractiveness of a distinctive activity at a precise time. This model may be employed on any organization or industry and may be employed recurrently in keeping abreast with the market trends. The fundamental rudiments of Porter’s analytical structure include obstacles to entry, threats of alternative commodities, suppliers’ bargaining power, clientele’s bargaining power, and competition among rivals (Zeithaml, 2007).

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