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Effective communication is argued to be the prerequisite for good employee relationships and high performance within an organization. Communication allows employees to understand each other and as a result allay negative attitudes and perceptions towards each other. The processes of communication are more significant in organizations that are characterized by a diverse workforce. This is as a result of differences in values and beliefs among diverse cultures that would create differences among workers. It is the role of communication that removes these differences. Employees of an organization also use the communication processes to share information and ideas which leads to creativity and innovativeness. As a result the productivity of employees is improved and the general performance of the organization enhanced. Motivation of employees is also improved through the process of communication with the management team during which they present their problems and concerns. The implementation of employee needs in managerial decisions motivates them to be more productive.

Question 1: Writing a Good Thesis Statement
I agree that a thesis statement should be presented in writing with fewer than 25 words. This is because a thesis statement acts to give the audience the main argument that is contained in the essay and as a result it must be brief to ensure that readers understand this argument. Long thesis statement may lead to inability of the reader to comprehend what is being argued within the essay and in return cause inability to understand the rest of the essay. A well written thesis statement, as a major requirement for effective writing, must be concise for the reader to immediately capture the main point that is to be discussed. This will form the first step in eliciting the interest of the reader. A thesis statement should also convey in brief the reasons why the argument that the writer is presenting is considered to be the most persuasive.

Since essays target a wide range of audience including lay men, it is important that it declares the objective of the essay in the most concise manner to enhance understanding. At this point, the writer will be able to decide whether he or she is in support or against the argument within the essay which is the prerequisite to winning the interest of the reader. Guidelines for effective writing reflect that a good thesis statement should be written in a clear manner and to the point. It is because of this that I agree that a thesis statement should be presented as a single declarative sentence as long as it contains what is to be argued, the reason why the argument is convincing and the objectives of the essay. Long thesis statements are likely to contain errors. The writer may in addition conflict with his or her argument if the thesis statement is presented as a long paragraph. The attitude of the reader towards the argument would be enhanced if he or she is able to understand why the argument of the writer is more significant as compared to alternative arguments. It is therefore through a concise and clear thesis statement that a writer gets to be convincing or persuading to the readers.

Question 2: Proper Use of Pronouns
To ascertain that I use pronouns in the correct manner, I must stick to the grammar rules and guidelines for writing pronouns. This includes ensuring that the pronouns that I use are in agreement with the gender that is intended to be communicated. This means that the pronouns that I use must refer to the correct gender whether feminine or masculine. If I am referring to an object, I should be able to use the correct pronoun such as its or it instead of using pronouns that refer to gender such as her or his. I would achieve proper use of pronouns if I ensure that the pronouns that I use are in the intended number which would be singular or plural. I can illustrate these points through the sentences below.

A good writer must present his argument concisely and clearly. A good writer must present his or her argument concisely and clearly. Even though the first sentence is grammatically correct, the second sentence is more inclusive of both gender and as a result is considered to be more correct than the first. This illustrates that proper use of pronouns must ensure that both gender identities are presented as appropriate. If I consider the use of pronouns of both gender identities to be cumbersome, them I would use the plural pronoun. For example the second sentence would be written as follows: Good writers must present their arguments concisely and clearly.

I must also ensure that the pronouns that I use are correct in terms of the number of people or objects that are being described. The following sentences illustrate this point. The jury has not made its final decision. The members of the jury have not made their final decision. In the first sentence, the jury is presented as a group of people and as a result a singular pronoun is used while in the second sentence a plural pronoun is used because the jury is described in terms of individual members. Proper usage of pronouns will allow me to be an effective writer in the future. I will also be able to identify and correct mistakes in other people’s writing in my envisioned capacity as an editor.

Question 3: Sentences with Ambiguous Pronouns
The following sentences have ambiguous pronouns. Each of the sentences has been written to make it clear by removing ambiguity.
1. He likes her very much.
McGregor thinks Susan has a good attitude. He likes her very much.
2. My parents grow maize in his firm
My parents grow maize in their firm
3. After I have done my home work, I will play with her
Linda wants to play with me. After I have done my homework, I will play with her.
4. The virus that causes flu evolves constantly, this is why they have been unable to discover an effective medication to combat it.
The virus that causes flu evolves constantly, this is why scientists have been unable to discover an effective medication to combat it
5. Benson is in love with her
Benson is in love with Faith
6. Charles drove away in his car
Charles drove away in Jane’s car
7. I want to give him my assignment before the deadline
I want to give the teacher my chemistry assignment before the deadline for handing it in
8. Duncan is the driver who lost control and hit her car
Duncan is the driver who lost control and hit Mary’s car
9. They are investigating the crime
The police are investigating the death of Greg
10. Everyone was present
All students were present in class today morning

Question 4: Response
Your argument is well illustrated but you would have become more convincing by not using the phrase “I think” at the beginning of your argument. The explanations that you give in backing up your points are clear and understandable. The fact that you gave two sides of your argument shows that you are objective in communicating ideas and arguments. There is however some phrases that you used such as “juicy details” which are less professional. In this case you would have simply used the phrase main details or important details. Your writing is generally factual and easy to understand. This illustrates that you have mastered the major concepts of communication in writing. The content that you have presented is logically arranged and you have not repeated yourself. It is therefore notable that you are on the right track in becoming an excellent writer.

Question 5: Response.
It is notable that your first sentence is ambiguous because instead of saying “to me”, you could have said “according to me”. The content that you have presented in your answer is however very comprehensive and adequately illustrated. The explanations which you give after every argument are also relevant and convincing. Your writing therefore shows that you are able to support your arguments in a manner that is convincing to the reader. From your writing, it is also evident that you are proficiency in the use of pronouns. Your arguments further illustrate that you are aware of the issues that you are writing about. I would however want to point out that you would have presented your points logically, starting from the most persuasive to less significant explanations to draw the attention of the reader to the content. Additionally, your answer would have been more precise if you went direct to the answer instead of giving definitions and descriptions of a thesis statement.

Question 6: Who versus Whom
The pronoun, “whom” is less occasionally used in modern speech and writing. The English however commonly use “whom” in their conversations which reflect in their writing. It is therefore a challenge to teach an English student on the use of “whom” versus “who”. The rules of using these two pronouns should however act as the most appropriate approach and guideline through which this teaching can be achieved. The student will be taught on how to use the he versus him method to determine when to use whom versus who. He should be used in conjunction with who while him with whom. This will allow the student to be able to decide correctly when each of these pronouns should be used. The student should also be notified that the pronoun who is used within a sentence as a replacement of a subject. This is illustrated by the sentence: Who is ready to go for the science test? On the other hand, whom is used within a sentence as a replacement of an object. For example the aforementioned sentence would be written as follows: With whom will you do the science test? These rules will therefore be appropriate in educating an English student on the use of the aforementioned pronouns in speech and writing.

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