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What do you know about Environment Week? How can people solve the most urgent environmental issues? Is Environment Week a good idea? Environment Week is a well-known Canadian event, which is aimed at the solution of such relevant problems as pollution and deforestation. People are able to contribute into the restoration of the quality of the natural environment taking part in this annual event. I suppose Environment Week is a very good idea, because people combine their efforts to improve the condition of the natural environment. I want to write about the peculiarities of this event in detail.

Canadian Environment Week is the annual event, which takes place in the first week of June. You should know that this event coincides with World Environment Day, which was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. In my opinion, it is not enough to devote only one day to such an important problem.

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Canada is known to be one of the cleanest countries. Ecological standards are extremely high there. This country is concerned about the environmental issues; therefore, its former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker decided to establish Environment Week as a national event in 1970. He noticed that many young people, especially students, bothered about the quality of the natural environment. Prime Minister decided to encourage all people to contribute into the solution of the relevant ecological problems. Consequently, I should say that Canada is the initiator of Environment Weeks and Days, which take place all over the world every year.

Environment Week is a very popular event in Canada. It unites people of all age groups, political views and confessions. People work together for the good of the surrounding world. The choice of activities is very broad.

To begin with, people collect litter in the surrounding areas, in the street, forests, valleys, banks of the rivers and lakes. Moreover, they move far from their cities and villages and collect litter on the roadsides. In my opinion, this action is very important and noble, because volunteers collect tons of litter in every park, forest and field. This litter spoils the image of the local area and the entire country. This litter can be sorted and recycled in future. As you see, people clean the environment and promote the policy of recycling.

Secondly, people plant trees in order to cope with the problem of deforestation. When everyone plants a tree in the peculiar area, there will be a thick forest in ten years. I guess this activity helps people cope with such problems as deforestation, air pollution and extinction of biological species. When people plant trees, they provide insects, animals and birds with a new home. As you see, this simple action can solve so many urgent problems.

Next, Environment Week is characterized with the promotion of public transport.

Volunteers communicate with the common people and inform them about the advantages of buses, trolleybuses, trains, trams, etc. They encourage people to use their private automobiles in the most urgent situations. It is better to use a bicycle or one of the means of public transport.

Then, many volunteers produce advertisements and upload their videos on YouTube in order to promote the idea of being environmentally friendly. They inform people about ecologically safe utensils, soap, shampoo, etc. Moreover, they encourage people to spend more time outdoors in order to improve their physical and psychological health. They say about picnics and barbeques, which can amuse your children and make them closer to the natural environment.

To sum it all up, Environment Week is a very important and broad event. It touches upon many environmental issues, such as littering, air pollution, deforestation and extinction of biological species. People plant trees, collect litter, help homeless and wild animals and encourage everyone to be environmentally friendly. This event unites millions of Canadians in the first week of June every year.

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