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How to Write a Research Proposal on Poverty

is a very interesting and thought-provoking topic for analysis. It is smart to choose it for the detailed research. You can write a research paper on poverty and observe its cause and effect on the definite person and the entire society. Doubtless, you should find your own research approach towards the analysis of poverty.

You can take advantage of these writing tips, which can show you how to build your research proposal effectively.

  1. Collect Information about Poverty: It is impossible to research a problem if you do not possess deep knowledge about it. You ought to go to the library and read various encyclopedias and articles about poverty in general. It is smart to get to know about the cause and effect of poverty in different countries in order to observe the problem efficiently. When you are an expert in the definite topic, you can prepare a worthy research paper. Academic advisors notice such students and let them develop their topics further.
  2. Define the Main Idea of Your Proposal and Plan It Logically: Bear in mind that the main duty of every student is to demonstrate his interest in the chosen topic. You should show that you want to research the problem of poverty in general or in the definite country. You can say that you want to understand the roots of poverty and find the best solution to this relevant problem. Next, you ought to prepare an outline of your actions. You should read the articles and monographs about poverty and establish the main idea of your research. You are ready to select any subsections and categories, which are important for this analysis. Insert them into the outline. It is reasonable to compose a detailed outline, which will include every important idea and concept. In this case, you will not miss any important thing.
  3. Invent a Thesis Statement and Think about Your Findings: Every research proposal should have a captive thesis statement. This statement is the sentence, which reflects the main idea of the entire research paper. When you write about poverty, you ought to brainstorm the very thesis statement, which points out at the harmful and dramatic effect of poverty on the human society. In this case, you can apply statistics and facts that clarify the destructive effect of poverty on the human fate. For example, ‘A boy from Pakistan could have become a famous musician if he had not been born in an unpromising and shabby district of his city’. Obviously, it is unwise just to write about the cause and effect of poverty on people. You ought to think about any solutions. You can say that your research will have the most revolutionary idea, which will help people defeat poverty all over the world. Consequently, you ought to share your predictions and expectations.
  4. Write about the Methods of Your Research: This information is very important, because academic advisors evaluate the quality of a poverty research proposal regarding its methodology. If you select the right methods for your investigation, you will be able to compose the best research proposal, which touches upon the core elements of the problem of poverty.
  5. Prepare a Literature Review: When you suggest a topic for research, you should provide your academic advisor with the list of the books and journals, which will be used in the process of writing. Bear in mind that you should mention the title and the author of your source and prepare a short annotation about its content and its usefulness for your research.

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