Essay about My Personal Beliefs

My personal motto is a citation from one of the greatest men in history, Albert Einstein, and it sounds as following, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

I strongly deem that in the modern world with its globalization and vanishing traditional vales it’s increasingly important not to lose human touch and connection. While living in Singapore I was exposed to both Western business community and local community. It was a pity to witness that the thirst for profit was the only human emotion available for some Westerners. I dare not argue that success is measured by money a person makes, yet it often doesn’t have anything to do with life satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Today the race is on to become the top of all, but in this busy world people often forget about the things that truly matter, like giving back to your community, or talking to a friend, or hitting a golf ball, or taking pictures for the family album…The examples are multiple and varied.
It took me enough time to understand that a person should strike a right work and life balance. For me, it’s an indicator of maturity. In my teenage years, I believed that becoming a leading researcher in major think tank is the best career possible. I was determined to sacrifice anything to get to the top. However, presently I perceive career as a far broader concept. “Career” is a term I use to refer to the general progression of my life. I’ve been always active in non-profit sector and therefore I know that a person can make a difference without being a president of a country or CEO of a major TNC. Every person’s contribution is valuable, and it’s up to everybody to choose what kind of life career to pursue.

Not everything that can be counted counts. Money and status are all right, but if they were acquired in dishonest way they bring neither happiness nor respect from the others. Moreover, few people understand that money is only a way to pleasure, not pleasure itself. “Money for money’s sake” has always been a wrongful formula for me. I’m especially happy to know that my future academic and professional career will be related to a field of science that has always challenged me. Hobby and profession united is one of the most efficient ways to reach good work and life balance.

Not everything that counts can be counted. Indeed, you can count how much hours you sleep per day, but there’s a considerable difference between the sleep you get if you go to bed with guilty conscience or a feeling of deep and ultimate satisfaction with the passing day. You can count the number of weeks you can afford to spend on Maldives, but some moments are worth a lifetime. The one should have enough intra-personal intelligence to know true wishes and dreams of his or her heart. I’m lucky to have understood the value of keystone things in my life, like family, friends, and community. In the business world, being cynical and pragmatic can be sometimes rewarded, but you have to be always frank to yourself.
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