Social Responsibility Policies Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business self-regulating policy that allows companies to be socially accountable while promoting their brand. Depending on the organization CSR can be any form of philanthropic or volunteer activity. Walmart is among the top five Fortune 500 companies and it began a sustainability journey over 10 years ago. The retails store is focused on providing consumers with a retail experience that is satisfying, affordable, and one-stop shopping. Walmart began as a discount store selling more for less; this concept has grown to a CSR initiative that is focused on the globe not a community. Walmart’s global responsibility covers the Environment, Social, and Government (ESG) issues with the initiatives aiming at addressing climate change. The retails main focus is on job opportunity creation, sustainability by reducing waste, and community strengthening.

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Walmart’s main mission is to help families save money by buying more for less; in the same respect, it empowers its employees by providing them every opportunity to earn more, grow professionally, and fostering inclusion. The retailer store has an hourly performance bonus that enable’s employees to earn more while working. Similarly, appraisals are often used to promote hardworking workers to better paying positions. Consequently, Walmart employees treat each shopper with respect and equal attention. Moreover, 30% of its workforce is female with equal promotion opportunities as their male counterparts and salaries. Walmart provides chances to all personnel equally beginning their societal responsibilities in their own organization. They offer training to all their associates and challenge them to look for opportunities else where when they reach the highest position in the company.

Additionally, by honoring their ethical responsibility internally Walmart then uses its large presence to make an environmental impact. By incorporating its stakeholders and campaigning for sustainability and waste reduction it involves the community in living in an environmentally conscious society (Testarmata, Fortuna, & Ciaburri, 2018). By using social media to create awareness on waste reduction and diversion from landfills, using renewable energy, supporting organic farming, and investing in food safety projects. The focus on sustainability of various global projects ensures that the operations are smooth and the value chains are consistent. Walmart’s performance and investment in global sustainability is worth over $30 million dollars for a five-year period (Walmart, 2018). This shows commitment and intention to ensure the goal is achieved.

Similarly, Walmart is involved in disaster relief where it contributes money, volunteers’ staff, and donates food and other supplies. According to their CSR report of the 2018 financial year, they donated over $38 million for the hurricane victims’ fund. The retail also volunteered over 850,000 hours by giving their employees time to go to the relief cite and helping as much as possible. Not only does it promote their brand and mission, but it also gives the workers a chance to give back to the community with time and commitment. Since 2015, Walmart has donated foodstuff and sanitary amounting to 2.5 billion pounds. The donations are not just a way to promote their brand but they give organically produced food that will sustain the victims for a period of time. The store chooses the causes it will support each year with provision for unexpected disasters.

Nevertheless, with the commitment Walmart has to the USA it has made pledges to address Environmental, Social, and Governmental (ESG) issues that will resolve climate change. The retailer’s waste reduction initiative especially on plastics is on a global scale to protect oceans and the environment. Additionally, it has created a system that monitors all the food products it sells to ensure it is organically farmed and even gone further to provide land for fertilizer compilation. This shows a sense of responsibility to the community they serve and the globe as a whole.

Unfortunately, this level of commitment and giving does not lack disadvantages. Over the years, Walmart’s contributions and donations have become an expectation in any relief center. This leads to the organization being answerable to the citizens when it does not donate to a particular cause. The expectation is burdensome to the company, as it has to ensure it expends all the allocated resources while retaining some for any unexpected occurrences. It is a delicate balance and in some instances it affects the company’s profit and stocks. On the other hand, it makes the retail mega shop reliable in time of disaster to support any victims and relief projects.

All in all Walmart is a single institution that honors its ethical responsibility to the society. By creating job opportunities open to all people it improves the economy. In creating a sustainable value chain and operations system it makes the communities gain a reliable arrangement.

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