Advertising Evolution Essay

Advertising has become a powerful tool in marketing and selling products and services all over the world. Today, the Internet has become the major foundation for millions of advertisements from various companies. However, during the pre-Internet times, advertisements were carried out through radio, television, and print. Back in the days, marketing and advertising strategies differed from what one can see today. Ads in the mid of 20th century were image-based – an average advertisement had a large image of the product, usually from different perspectives, and some text, which was often in the form of a slogan for better memorizing.

The postwar era also influenced the advertisement, as Americanism was promoted through radio, TV, and print advertisement. Characters were built around products to create a semblance of connection between viewers and brands. For instance, ads of Marlboro cigarettes portrayed a masculine cowboy smoking the product to appeal to male customers and show that smoking cigarettes with the filter was not feminine (Gallego, 2016). Products for women were advertised with the help of female actresses – the style of clothing, make-up, and hairdo reflected the trends in fashion that prevailed during the 1950s and 1960s. It is possible to say that advertisers have been using attractive female actresses and handsome male actors for advertisements to appeal to the audience.

Such a marketing strategy has not changed as today we can see that the majority of advertisements, in particular, clothing and beauty products, are advertised by perfect models. Unfortunately, such a statement allows one to say that advertisements usually depicted unrealistic body shapes and types. It has been found that “problems with eating disorders have increased over 400 percent since the year 1970” (Sugget, 2018). Today, one can say that creativity has become one of the leading factors of a good advertisement. With the increasing competition, companies have to come up with fascinating and appealing ideas on how to gain the attention of customers. Advertising has turned into a complex concept – it contains psychology, art, and marketing. Indeed, advertising has developed dramatically and has made significant impact on the societies all over the world.

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