Argumentative Essay on American Democracy

Democracy in America was fought for by renowned activists who were against the oppression of the people of color. Due to various atrocities that people of African American origin faced, revolutionists and human activists like the likes of Martin Luther King, stood on their grounds to defend the rights of the people. Slowly by slowly, democracy was seen to pave its way into the society. People could enjoy their freedom and exercise equal rights within the society. However, to some extent, full democracy lacked within the American societies. There are still issues of racism and discrimination that raises question whether there is full democracy in America? This is a debatable topic that renowned historians like Henry Kissinger, John Quincy Adams and his counterparts Woodrow Wilson have focused on to elaborate and argue about the American dream of democracy. Therefore, in this paper, discussion will be based on various thoughts of these renowned historians and find out the idea behind their thoughts on America’s liberal democratic system.

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Based on the sentiments of Wilson, I do concur that his utterances were right concerning the democracy. The American old governing system failed to instill equality among the American. The politics within their nation was seen to undermine the immigrants in the American society. Oppressive ruling system was evident and contributed to the atrocities that were faced by the minority groups in America. Wilson is seen to have liberal thoughts which should be supported at any costs. The rotten ruling power subjected people into hardship and the whites were seen to get favored in most of the places as compared to other communities living in America. However, Kissinger was seen to blame Wilson for his thought. A debatable scene around the two defines Kissinger an enemy of democracy. He less thinks the positivity of democracy within the society. His sentiments clearly defines the oppressive ruling of the government system during the napoleon war. Politics during this era failed to honor democracy within the society. However, there were people who rose into power to fight for a liberal democratic system.

Adams argues about the American perception on the order of the world. According to this renowned historian, the United States does not influence democracy in the world and that why America needs to unite with other nations in establishing democracy. The rule of law employed in US had an impact on the definition of democracy as argued by Adams. The world needs nations to come together and implement democracy that would create equality and justice to everyone. The sentiments of this renowned author have been backed by various historians as his thoughts were seen to have a massive impact on the American democratic system.

According to the quotes of Wilson, it is true that he is an author who clearly understands the affairs of the world. American alone cannot dictate the diplomacy of the world. There is a need of nations coming together to implement a liberal democratic system that has the capability of recognizing the societal matters. It was during the era when Americans were fighting for democracy, the American values were seen to have failed to address the issues faced by the American society. Waltz (622) discusses about the politics of balance-of-power and how they limited decision making. Wilson through his work shows how shaping the world could be a matter of implementing democracy strings in the society. However, the doctrine of Wilson was seen to be criticized by Cabot lodge. In his speech, he clearly undermines the thoughts of Wilson as terms then as weak and could not liberate the American people from the oppressive political system. Based on the arguments that were made by various authors including Kissinger, Wilson emerges to be a leader who is concerned about the liberal life of the people.

The speech that was delivered by Wilson about a world league of peace, it is clear that every nation needs to be allowed to have its governing political system that will allow its people to exercise their democracy. This was to mean that America could not shape the politics of other nations. It would therefore be imperative for America to indulge with other nation in ending the ongoing war that was seen to affect the lives of most nations. Smith (299) argues about the liberal democracies and how America has been able to strive to achieve it within its electoral system. The same idea was seen to be shared by Wilson within during the delivery of various speeches about democracy. Therefore, though Wilson was seen to be accused of his politics and thought concerning the diplomacy of the world, he emerges as an individual who is concerned at bringing light to the world. He focuses on establishing a liberal democratic system that can be used by the world. He faces criticism for recognizing the affairs of the world rather than focusing on liberating the people of America who were facing discrimination as the traces of racism tore the communities apart.

In conclusion, it can be argued that though the authors have argued and presented their opinions, their perspectives about the American policies and values have guided them in criticizing the thoughts of various leaders. Adams was seen to argue about the norms of world while Wilson discusses about democracy and a system that over sea nation could implement in addressing the issues of diplomacy. Nations need to be allowed to exercise their free will of create justice and implement democracy.

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