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Storytelling Analysis Project

The Role of Storytelling
One of the things that have been fundamental in preserving the culture and values of humanity is storytelling. It is influential in the social realm of communities because it offers a direct link to the past, as well as offers a glimpse into the future. Ever since human beings placed their foot on the earth’s surface, storytelling has been part and parcel of their lifestyles. Stories have been told from one generation to another, even before literary experts started to put down in black and white what was formerly told orally. This analysis aims to compose a script for a podcast that explores and reflects upon the role of storytelling in both the Merchant of Venice and Noel Pearson’s. The underlying role is to investigate the specific ways that storytelling impacts on the socioeconomic and political spheres of human beings as they exist in their respective communities. Over fires and through drawings on the walls of caves, human beings have used stories as fundamental tools for shaping their existence.Topic 1:

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Topic 1: Merchant of Venice
William’s Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice explores various aspects of humanity, for instance, marriage, love, race, wealth, justice, individual choice, and others. Despite the fact that these underlying themes reflect Shakespeare’s perspectives, there is no single narrator who seems to have filtered them in the course of history. Through the efforts of a narrator, the story of Merchant of Venice is told to the target audience who are able to follow through the storyline and understand what the author intended to pass with respect to his main message, as well as associated lessons. From the Merchant of Venice, it is clear that storytelling is an important tool that is used to preserve the culture and societal norms of communities in the course of is a vital part of the survival of humanity, and it ensures that it becomes possible to pass over critical information from one generation to the next. In the short term, the art of storytelling aids in recalling vital information more easily. Storytelling is vital in the Merchant of Venice because it tosses an eclectic collection of characters, thereby presenting a diverse range of perceptions. These include Shylock, the play’s villain, the Jewish loaner with endless enemies, and his unruly daughter called Jessica, who elopes with Lorenzo without the knowledge of his father. From the narration of a storyteller, the audience is able to connect with the author, who is Shakespeare. They are able to comprehend the intentions of the author, including what was going through his mind in the course of liking the different characters with their respective motivations.

Topic 2: Noel Pearson’s Eulogy for Gough Whitlam
In Noel Pearson’s, the works of a storyteller ensure that the audience appreciates the literary works of the author and grasp the underlying message. Through narration, they are able to understand the motivations of the author and the characters, thus determine for themselves why things are the way they are. Storytelling plays almost the same role in Noel Pearson’s, just like any other story. In Noel Pearson’s eulogy for Gough Whitlam, during his memorial service, was hailed as one of the most influential political speeches in this lifetime. He embarked on a quest to heap a pile of praises to Whitlam, an old man who realized significant contributions in the community. He was intrigued by the “life well lived” of the old man, thus appreciated his moral vision and foresight in agitating for universal opportunities for everybody. His speech was presented in form of a narration, and it contained all the characteristics of storytelling, including high and low sound pitches, hand and body gestures, facial expressions, body movements, and sundry in the wake of making the Australian people identify with a state personality who sacrificed his pleasure for the entire country.

From the two stories in this analysis, the audience is able to appreciate the role of storytelling in taking the audience through different levels of the play. This is made possible by the use of different tones and varied sound pitches that demonstrate different episodes, events, circumstances, outcomes, predicaments, character attitudes, and sundry. This art offers a personal connection between the author and the audience-the storyteller represents the author, thus the audience assumes his techniques, attitudes, perspectives, and others, like those of the author himself. In this way, they maximize their attention and direct their fascination towards knowing how events will unfold.

Over fires and through drawings on the walls of caves, human beings have used stories as fundamental tools for shaping their existence. This analysis has used two stories, Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, and Noel Pearson’s Eulogy for Gough Whitlam, to explore the role that storytelling fulfills in humanity. The works of a storyteller connect the audience with the author, thereby enabling the former to understand the motivations and reasons for writing the story. They also use different elements, such as body gestures, facial expressions, different sound pitches, and others to enhance the fascination of the audience, thus ensures that they follow the events as they unfold up to the end.

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